How Many Pregnant Men Do You Know?
By Bob Weir

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.” Photo by and courtesy of Netsky Rodriguez.

FLOWER MOUND, TX — March 16, 2022 —   When I was growing up during the late fifties and early sixties there were lots of news stories about politics, war, crime, even an occasional article about a new dance craze. Juvenile delinquency was in its embryonic stage with crime stories about teenagers with switchblade knives and membership in small neighborhood groups that wore apparel signifying what gangs they belonged to. There weren’t any semi-automatic weapons available, so gang members might construct homemade pistols, known as “zip guns,” which were made with rubber bands wrapped around a wooden frame, with a coat hanger or a car aerial attached. The rubber bands provided the tensile strength to push the improvised hammer against a single pellet, sending it, very inaccurately, toward an intended target. Possession of one of those primitive devices could get the youthful offender a year in a detention facility.

However, now that we live in the enlightened age of liberal policies toward criminals, and contempt for their victims, modern day teens are equipped with high-velocity guns containing 12 or more cartridges in a clip. Cops aren’t allowed to use stop and frisk techniques to disarm them because it might injure the sensibility of the little hoodlums. Illegal guns are used thousands of times in cities across the country, and those arrested for using, or carrying, are often released before the smoke stops emitting from the barrel of the weapon.

When there were more reasonable people in charge there was something called a “3-time loser.” That meant if you were found guilty of felonies for a third time you would be imprisoned for enough years to make a point about recidivism. Not anymore! Reading about felons walking the streets after being convicted 10, 20, even 30 times has become commonplace. How many times should someone be convicted of serious crimes before they’re labeled menaces to society? Moreover, when one of those menaces gets killed during a police incident, it’s more than an even bet that the cop will be the one going to prison.

Concomitant with the breakdown in law and order is the complete deterioration of what used to be cultural norms based on biology and other recognized sciences. Nah, we can’t allow thousands of years of knowledge in the fields of human experience to interfere with the most bizarre notions of leftwing orthodoxy. As a result, we have countenanced an era in which every grotesque fantasy must be treated with tolerance, even acceptance, lest the “intolerant” be savaged by those who support those absurd incongruities. Disseminating the idea that men can get pregnant is just one of those absurdities. Attempts at reasonable discourse regarding the subject on social media will open you up to vicious displays of vulgarity and accusations of some sort of “ism.” In Texas, a man running for a seat in the legislature was verbally excoriated in a North Texas classroom for objecting to having his son turned into his daughter by his estranged wife. A room filled with obnoxious, screeching, spitting, middle-finger waving incorrigibles greeted the embattled candidate.

Everything has been turned upside down in this age of cultural decay. This is what happens when an affluent society has become used to having all their basic needs, i.e., food, clothing and shelter, fully satisfied. That’s when they begin to conjure up problems that, during a saner time in our history, would have resulted in psychological counseling for those who believe they were born into the wrong body. Au contraire! We must never use logic and reasoning on issues that the left has determined should be catered to, and even paid for, by those who believe in the natural order of things. Although I’ve been admonished many times, on social platforms, to refrain from declaring that men can’t give birth, I’ve asked my admonishers to contradict me with proof of paternal childbirth. As of this date, I’ve never had anyone disprove my allegation.

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”



Bob WeirHow Many Pregnant Men Do You Know?
By Bob Weir

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  1. The problem with Bob’s writing on this topic is that the arc of liberalism has never been denied…Folks like Bob have opposed all kinds of social progress throughout the history of the nation. In the 1920’s they opposed immigration from southern europe eg no Italians no greeks and no Jews…but alas those groups ultimately came to American and are now the doctors lawyers and corporate leaders that have made America a leader in the world..And then there was FDR’s programs to alleviate the pain felt by most people during the social security they said it was socialism and communism in the 1940’s and yet that program has kept tens of millions out of poverty providing a safety net to the seniors in the nation. And don’t forget Medicare, also opposed by the right wing even though Republican Presidents supported it and increased the medicare drug coverage. The point is that over time liberalism has prevailed. But this is not about left and right afterall, it is about fairness and equity. So the old white guys like bob can protest all they want about the “changes” taking place in the nation. Those changes however will continue well beyond the life span of those in opposition..they always have.

  2. We have 52 genders and American men want to be women and Vice versa. It would be funny if it was restricted to Ru Paul’s Drag Race but the Sunni Ottoman Turks, Communist Chinese and North Koreans, Persian Shiite Armageddon theology Iranians and of course Mother Russia see our wokeness as weakness and are laughing!

  3. Bob, keep preaching…..Unfortunately this is the new normal and it’s getting worse daily. The assistant secretary of health in the Biden administration Rachel Levine formerly Richard Levine was recently recognized by USA Today as “Woman Of The Year.”
    Where is the outrage from the the same women advocacy groups that demand equal pay for women in comparison to men? No big deal that one less legitimate woman was not recognized by the USA Today. Another example of the times we now live in, is the university of Penn swimmer blowing away the field of naturally born women and winning championships. Being the parents of the legitimate women swimmer’s that finish second to this loser in every competition means nothing at all. This is a very embarrassing era we are witnessing and living through

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