NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams’ Statement on the Right to Record Police Activity

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New York City Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams

New York City Public Advocate insignia.

NEW YORK, NY — March 16, 2022 —“In 2020, the city enacted “Right to Record,” legislation I sponsored, to enshrine and protect the ability of New Yorkers to safely document police activity while not interfering. This right is foundational, and critical to public safety. The reason we know names like Eric Garner and George Floyd is the right to record – and that right to public transparency and accountability is critical to preventing others like them from losing their lives. We cannot give into the false notion that communities must choose between accountability and transparency in policing or safer streets.

“The mayor’s comments on recording officers today could be perceived to contradict both the right to record and the importance of community and law enforcement working together to co-produce public safety. I plan to work with the department and the administration to ensure that New Yorkers’ rights are upheld.”

SOURCE: Office of the Public Advocate for the City of New York Jumaane D. Williams

TribuneNYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams’ Statement on the Right to Record Police Activity

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  1. Stay out of the police’s way. I see this clown in Yonkers filming and always getting in the way of emergency responders. He can barely speak English and somehow he thinks he is a credentialed newsman.

    1. Half of Yonkers can “barely speak English”, so what does that have to do with it. He reports what is really happening, unlike snooze 12.

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