Whether Politics or Politricks, the Holier Than Thou Have Something Disingenuously to Say
Hezi Aris

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The Hezitorial

YONKERS, NY — March 6, 2022 — Whether life’s circumstances or the vicissitudes of life, we are each confronted with the challenges in which we find ourselves. Circumstance, decisions, and outcome unravel before us, whether because of our own deficient conduct and/or decision(s), or by the influences that commandeered our capacity to escape its clutches. Such is life. Life is not equal in how and to whom it exacts a cost from which some can eclipse its clutches while others succumb to its stranglehold.

Those that laugh and scoff at the travails of others do not recognize that they are not necessarily immune because the vicissitudes of life have not imprisoned them from their hopes and dreams. Those that ridicule by finger pointing at our individual or familial travail may have lucked out by slithering from the assaults of life to survive another moment, year, decade, generation, perhaps their whole life. Yet there are others who quickly succumb to circumstances and the ridicule of life’s unabated assault(s).

This often happens from those whose vulgarity diminishes those less fortunate, so as to falsely assert their capacity to those they undermine,  by words and deeds. Life is not fair.

Too many of us submit to chastise, admonish and even ridicule those less fortunate because they have neither been taught or know how to contend with the challenges life tempts us to eclipse. It is a learning experience which tests our capacity incrementally. It may be an easy test; it may also be an insurmountable test of a particular time frame in our life.

And yet, our individual and collective ‘success’ does not always foster recognition, instead, it exacts the scorn, even the wrath of others who are challenged by our ‘success’.

Is there a better way to traverse the vicissitudes of life? Perhaps, yes; perhaps not!

Were we willing to recognize the plights of others, we might be more attuned and aware of their plight, and our compassion might cajole us to make a suggestion that would be welcomed rather that thwarted by an insolent response. Yes, people, circumstance, and self respect are often undermined by our lack of understanding of self, and too often marginalized by other responsibilities life demands of us.

Politricks seem to easily capture our attention. After all, we can ridicule others, extolling our own virtue, whether we live it or not. We are after all holier than thou. We are always right and the other seemingly always in the wrong.

Lest we forget, there is right vs. wrong. There is also right, even when it is wrong, because might has smitten what is “right”!

Politricks consumes us during every political season whether once a year, every other year, or every four years. 

Politricks has at times absconded the truths by its vitriol   of lies and deceit. 

Can societal discourse bring about an ethical perspective that exalts disparate solutions among the myriad of challenging circumstances that are respectful of all human kind and other creatures? 

The inhumanity of war rises from millennia to millennia unabated by ethical standards of civility and respect of life.

The politricks of the day, whether today, or a century ago suggest that our politicians can and do sense the opportunity for photo ops despite knowing, evening doing good will rob some from basking in the limelight because they can, while denying those that espouse the same beliefs, but cannot.

This while the judgmental voter scoffs at the photo ops or the vacuous words that cannot or do not change the horrors of the present reality from those that languish from years past, those being borne to similar outcomes today which we cannot or will not yet define, because we cannot, or will not discern, what they are. We are all shamed by the games we play with each other’s sensibilities.

At issue now is when and what catalyst will demand we can no longer be in denial of our collective reality.

What are your thoughts?


eHeziWhether Politics or Politricks, the Holier Than Thou Have Something Disingenuously to Say
Hezi Aris

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    1. Only because he’s so full of hot air. He is a walking convection oven and furnace. We should put him in the middle of Getty Square and hook him up to the lines. So long as he continues to remain politically involved and bloviate nonsense, he’s a reliable renewable energy source. We can meet our renewable energy goals much faster than the Westchester Power Plan.

  1. Check Lesnick became Yonkers Democratic Chairman in’91. He was part of the reform movement along with Zaleski ousting the old guard. He is s force to be reckoned with in a primary regardless the particular office. He has always been they’re for the cities African American community even times when this was unpopular. He has strong support within this community for they remember. The former President of the City Council ran on the 2003 ticket with Councilman Farmer.

    1. Chuck Lesnick reminds me of Donald Trump. They are both egotistical sociopaths only interested in their own self aggrandizement.

          1. Post

            I had an unintended doctor’s appointment in Manhattan and the lowest cost I saw was $4.59 to as much as $5.59. That hurts. Kindly, Hezi

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        If you know the truth write it up. I never imagined there would be any truth to Lesnick’s conduct. This I have got to hear. He actually has a little intern program? Is that for real people? Perhaps little minds maligned by Lesnick’s self-serving B.S.? Who winds this guy up every morning. What has he done for Yonkers lately, or better yet, ever? I’ll get the popcorn ready for this drama … hopefully before the sunshine sinks beyond the horizon. Kindly, Hezi

    2. 1991 was 31 years ago, the average Yonkers resident is 39.

      Whether this is true or not, when you’ve been tangentially involved for over 30 years you don’t get to call yourself a reformer or a scrappy newcomer. The truth about Lesnick is that anyone who has spent enough time around him knows that he isn’t to be trusted, and that undermines any legitimacy he once had. If he’s still got you fooled, that’s on you.

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    2. This article is hilarious I had two people in mind Chuck Lesnick and Ruth Walter. Both are equally weird and equally desperate to stay relevant with their selfies. The other thing they have in common neither one of them will be elected into office again with their liberal mindsets.

    1. Post

      It certainly does apply, but he is not likely to recognize it. I suspect being delusional has its rewards! Kindly, Hezi

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