Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen and His Family Defined by Political Privilege and Quid Pro Quo Benefits
By Hezi Aris

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The Yonkers Tribune Edition

The Yonkers Way – Imagined or Not Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris

Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen (District 5).

YONKERS, NY — March 9, 2022 — Present Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen, representing District 5, and his wife Patricia Breen, began their political engagement with then New York State Assemblyman Mike Spano in the 1990s. In time, the mayor meandered his way from the Republican Party into the Democratic Party. Patty and Mike Breen maintained and nurtured their friendship and political affiliation with present Mayor Mike Spano even while retaining their Republican Party roots. Even though they each became more entrenched in their respective political affiliations, they each maintained and sustained their friendship to the present. 

In time, a promise made to the Breens came to roost. It took place eight years after Yonkers City Councilman John Murtagh had completed serving Yonkers City Council District 5 for two, four-year terms. The drama took place at the Republican Nominating Convention that this reporter attended. It was at that venue, from the back of the room, that Patty Breen shouted, “It’s Mike’s turn! It’s his turn!” And true to their word, the Republican Party abided by their word to the Breens. Lo and behold, Mike Breen was elected to represent Yonkers City Council District 5, succeeding two-term Yonkers City Councilman Murtagh with the caveat of Mike Breen not having to contend with a future challenger even 10-years hence. How sweet it was! Breen was unchallenged again 4-years after his first term in office. Breen would learn that his advancement in politics required he abide and conform to the interests of the administration whether real or imagined. When the administration presented their desire to eclipse the two, 4-years term limit, as was accomplished by the New York City Council referendum with respect to New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Councilman Breen decided to extend term limits for a third, 4-year term. After all, dismissing the will of the people would come to serve Councilman Mike Breen well. He has now served 10 of the 12-years maximum in the office of the Yonkers City Council.  

It has taken the Yonkers Tribune slightly over two decades to better appreciate the complexities and privilege government can bestow upon those who serve the hierarchy of governement. While Yonkers is neither a pariah nor an anomaly, one can objectively say that privilege begets wealth for self, as well as for one’s progeny in some degree or another. Lest anyone believe that Yonkers financial debauchery is specific to one over the other, it is not. It is however measured and exacted in degrees. How much you “earn” is exacted by how much of an ass-wipe you are willing to self-deprecate yourself to a system that may or may not demand one’s subservience, whether real or imagined. 

For some, it is politics as usual, while those in the know, define it as self-deluded subservient “politicos”. The stepladder to success in every hierarchical structure is defined by those who play the game in deference to those at the top of the food chain, and wielded by their subservience to the system that would over time grudgingly, and in piecemeal, offer a crumb or two to those who sold their soul despite whatever ethical standards they portended to hold. 

The opening paragraphs may seem true to some, possibly on target to others, and a conspiracy theory to others. The concepts espoused so far require definitions that will either be recognized or not be believed. We are presently afforded an opportunity to better define “reality” because we are presently immersed at the cusp of the political season. People are vying for political office. Some are intentioned to serve the public interest, others are intentioned to serve themselves, and some will be able to game their electoral win with a little of this, and some of that.

The 2022 political season does reveal the historical perspective that comports to what many have long gleaned. To help define the “Yonkers Way!”, we engage in a retrospective that defines a “do nothing” sycophant that has “served”, perhaps we should say, has “never served” the district he espoused he would. Instead, he has served himself and his family by acquiescing to do all he thought he needed to do to gain favor. He was an astute learner. He became a good “boy”! He kept his mouth shut, voted as he thought he should! Mrs. Breen relayed the fact that her husband was supposed to have been elected rather than John Murtagh. She was “angry”, to say the least. 

She blurted out who the culprit was. I was not able to validate her assertion at that time, nor since, so I let is go. Eventually I forgot about the incident and became engulfed in other issues and concerns. 20 years later, Patty Breen is demanding the “powers that be” support her husband for the Office of New York State Assembly representing New York State’s Assembly District 90. Ask any political wanker in Yonkers how or if Councilman Breen delivered on any issue(s) for the 5th City Council District. I seriously doubt if anyone can name even one thing Councilman Breen did for the benefit of the electorate. What we do know is that Councilman Breen has voted for tax increases ad nauseum. He was blindly serving himself rather than serving his constituents. Perhaps Patty Breen didn’t explain Mike Breen’s responsibilities to her husband, then again, maybe she did. Yonkersites will have to decide! “Ouch!!!”

Besides making sure to get the vote out on behalf of Mike Breen for New York State Assembly challenging present NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, Patty Breen is once again demanding that should her husband fail to get elected he must be given a job! Imagine that, she is telling Mayor Mike Spano what he must do for her husband. So far Patty Breen has done well for herself. Mike Breen has also milked the system for all it was worth, and looking for more. Its time this sort of expectation and/or conduct comes to a close.

Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen is slated to divulge his run for New York State Assembly District 90, challenging the Hon. State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, Esq. this coming Saturday, March 12th.

The Yonkers Tribune has learned that Councilman Breen does not own a car, yet is licensed to drive. He drives a Ford that is part of the City of Yonkers fleet. Councilman Breen has had a city car since 2012, ten-years so far. Gasoline prices for the consumer are presently in the $4.50 per gallon range, and likely will climb to over $5-a-gallon. The City of Yonkers pays for the gas. Based on recent and expected gasoline prices, the Breens are saving about $40 every week they travel to Long Beach, New Jersey, which we have heard is every weekend chance they get. The drive is about 240 miles round-trip, very close to a full tank of gas. On top of that, the City of Yonkers pays for the car insurance. The zinger is that a Yonkers City fleet car is not permitted to be used for travel beyond the city limits. Even so, the City of Yonkers permits this abuse. There have been other documented circumstances that Yonkers City Councilmembers have travelled beyond the Yonkers border. A “no, no!” And let’s face it, the Yonkers Board of Ethics no longer maintains a functioning board and the issue has not been presented and/or undertaken by Yonkers Inspector General Liam McLaughlin, Esq. for a ruling to expunge the “law” or demand “obedience” to its legal construct. Those who abide and adhere to the statute are regarded as having no clout, while those who don’t, have “protection” to do as they please. Did anyone mention Mike Breen and family? 

Mike Breen had a Bronxville Taxi Service which failed … then there was a Hot Dog Stand that also failed. 

Patrick Breen, Jr. started his employment as a Patrol Officer out of Yonkers 2nd Precinct, followed by an effort as a Plains Clothes Patrol Officer in the 2nd Precinct, and presently, after taking a Sergeant’s test, now serves in the 3rd Precinct.

Patrol Officer Megan Breen applied for a position into the YPD Traffic Unit, yet failed the first time, even so, she was afforded a 2nd opportunity which is not a usual circumstance. Patrol Officer Megan Breen became a Sergeant in the Yonkers Police Department Medical Control Unit.  She married a 3rd Precinct Police Officer who thereafter became a YPD Detective. 

Life is good for some as opposed to others in the City of Yonkers!

Yonkers City Councilman Mike Breen and His Family Defined by Political Privilege and Quid Pro Quo Benefits By Hezi Aris

eHeziYonkers City Councilman Mike Breen and His Family Defined by Political Privilege and Quid Pro Quo Benefits
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Does every current Council member have a City car? Did any of them politely decline to take one? Can anyone answer this question?

        1. Johnny boy got 3 of his kids city jobs now you want to make him a hero cause he don`t have a city car? how much more do you want him to milk the city for .

        1. Yes they do, they plow it in the winter and they fix the watermains out there . They (YONKERS) also supply road salt to the trucks that plow the parking lot at stew leonards and YONKERS also plows stew leonard drive in greenburge and cut the grass on stew leonard drive.ALL AT YONKERS TAXPAYERS EXPENSE

  2. Anthony Merante is much more popular than Mike Breen. Anyone who knows Yonkers politics knows this is the case. Councilman Merante was able to win re-election against all odds.(Phil Collins/1980’s.) He mobilized the
    Moral Majority and in the process had only one major line. Quite an accomplishment not often seen in politics.

    1. Against all odds? That district has been Republican for decades and is the only Conservative stronghold left in the city. A ham sandwich with an (R) next to its name could pull it off.
      If you think being Republican makes you “moral” you should take your blinders off. Then again, if you think Merante has accomplished anything, you’re already too far gone.

      1. Tim Hodges ran a very effective campaign as a Conservative/Democrat. Hodges is more likeable than Merante.
        The Administration doesn’t want Merante. That’s why they find guys like Hodges and Pagano to challenge him. Mark my words, Merante will be the next mayor of Yonkers.

        1. Anthony Merante is a do nothing Councilman who puts on Al Pacino improv across the city in the guise of getting something done.

          Anthony Merante supported the UPS site on Tuckahoe Road, went to the grand-opening and rubbed shoulders with their corporate leadership, then he turned around and acted like he opposed the project.

          A feckless liar carried by a Republican wave year. He is neither smart nor effective, he is lucky that he represents the only Republican stronghold left in this City.

        2. Take off the Merante sunglasses for a second and think about how a Republican who barely won his 2 elections (first to a no-name, then to a non-politician) in the most Republican district in the city could possibly win a city-wide election with the enrollment numbers and his personality (and F&F network) working against him.

        3. If the administration didn’t want merante , he would’ve been gone.

          Spano wasn’t behind Hodges, he left on sour terms. Spano could’ve put him over the top if he wanted to.

          1. Today I took my family for a bagel on McLean Ave. so dirty. Thanks breen and John the drunk ………….

          2. Rubbo and Nenry run McLean Ave . Breen’s district is pristine. Come have a bagel on Mike Breen at Highridge Bagel 1805 CPW. Its clean thanks to Breen.

  3. JoePinion is wasting his time and energy running statewide. Mathematically he has no chance of victory . Here’s a guy who was pummeled by Nader Sayegh four years ago.(Get a life your a weak candidate and a joke.)

      1. Nader stood up to Cuomo and restored millions in VLT funding he was going to take away from our schools for his pet projects

        Nader stood up to Hochul and called her out on the shortsighted ADU proposal, and called on her to remove the mask mandate in schools when the numbers indicated it was safe to do so

        Nader stood up to Dem leadership and voted against 50a, and successfully obtained more funding for the YPD to improve community relations

        Nader stood up for Yonkers residents and called for a suspension of metered-parking rules at the height of the first wave when we were encouraging residents to stay home

        Nader was the first state lawmaker to call for a Yonkers vaccination and testing site, and worked with then Governor Cuomo to get Yonkers a location

        Nader stood up to his New York City Colleagues in the legislature when they were angling to remove the subsidies for horse racing which would’ve addled small businesses in Yonkers and in racetrack adjacent communities across the State, and also stood up to them when they tried to prohibit the expedited expansion of full table gaming at Empire City

        Sounds like a leader to me.

  4. Breen compared Sayegh to Jiminy Cricket in his campaign kickoff as an insult. Isn’t Jiminy Cricket supposed to be Pinocchio’s brave moral compass/conscience throughout the film as Pinocchio keeps getting himself into trouble? He couldn’t even get that right. What an idiot. He should watch the movie with his grandkids instead of wasting everyone’s time.

    Mike if you’re reading this, you’re already taking me on my taxes with your double digit increases, I’ll let you watch the remastered movie on my Disney+ subscription for free. You can stream it at the house on Long Beach or in the city car as you wait in traffic on the drive down. You ‘ll know where to find me.

  5. Mike Breen starts out with a campaign of lies to hide his ten-year record of voting for every Yonkers property tax increase, while Nader Sayegh was at the State Capitol voting to cut state income taxes cut for working families.

    Nader fought against the State mandating zoning changes, and fact check Mr. Breen, the proposal was dropped.

    The City of Yonkers has the highest gross receipts tax on utility bills of any community in Westchester, what has the councilman done about that? Nothing.

    You are worried about New York City Subway crime? That’s good, but Nader is doing something about crime in Yonkers, funding programs to stop gun violence, getting $100,000 in State aid to help Yonkers Police Officers to deal with mentally ill individuals, and it is an outright lie that he voted for 50A on sealing police records. He did not.

  6. The Breen are a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. They were first mentioned in “The Loss”, a fourth-season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation which first aired in 1990. References to them were made in several other Next Generation episodes, but they did not appear until the 1996 fourth season Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Indiscretion”. On Deep Space Nine, they played a significant role in the final story arc of the series in 1999, during which much information about them was revealed. The Breen’s true appearance remains unknown to viewers, as they have never been without their helmets.

  7. Didn’t see any Tubiolos at Breen’s announcement today. I guess they know a sinking ship when they see one. Someone tell Orourke that his boy working for Breen isn’t worth the ass kicking Nader will give them all in November.

  8. I don’t agree Mike Breen would be a strong candidate for Yonkers Mayor. There are a few other more popular GOP persons with name recognition .(Merante, Barbato, former Yonkers Chief Justice Michael Martinelli. However, the Councilman from the 5th District would be formidable against Nader Sayegh. The present Assemblyman doesn’t deserve a pass like two years ago.

  9. Mike will do very well for a Republican, but will ultimately lose. 51-48 Nader. Mike will ultimately run for Mayor next year.

  10. A s we move forward to the 2022 NYS Assembly election for the Yonkers seat, I believe Mike Breen would be a formidable candidate to the present incumbent. He represents a district that has many constituents who are Republican and well to do. With Congressman Zelleron top of the GOP ticket this local race may be competitive. Who would have thought Nassau County would elect Republicans for CountyExecutive, District Attorney in 2001. Turn out mobilizing the base will be the key.

    1. This is delusional. Democrats outnumber Republicans 3:1 in this District. There are more independents than Republicans. Breen’s district is less than 20% of the total Assembly District’s population, and even his supposedly “conservative” District voted for Biden and Sayegh in 2020 by over 10 points. Mike Breen is not going to grind it out like the Mangano machine in Long Island, and this isn’t a marquee race. He is lazy, will lose badly, and humiliate himself and his team in the process.

      1. Biden is 12 to 16 points under water. That’s more unpopular than Trump at any point in his administration and it’s only going to get worse as gas prices and interest rates go up. Any republican running across the nation already has a once in a generation shot. By November a likely dem that voted for Biden by ten points is at worst a toss-up. Get ready for a boatload of one term rent-a-seat congressmen.

    1. The bottom line there is not one politician here in Yonkers that does not have a skeleton in their closet-some of the qualifications for a politician right here in Yonkers is that you have to be able to look your people straight in the eye and lie to them without batting an eyelash-they all pass that test with flying colors-the problem is ignorant people keep voting for these POS so shame on Yonkers.

  11. Left unsaid in this column is that Mike Spano coupled with his toady, Tommy Meier, have transformed Yonkers politics. There is no longer a Democratic Party in Yonkers. There is no longer a Republican Party in Yonkers. Yonkers is controlled by the Spano Party with Nick Spano calling all the shots.

    That is why Breen wasn’t challenged.
    That is why the Spano clan supported Burrows.
    That is why the Spano clan supported Nolan and have taken care of him after his victory.
    That is why a Spano veto will never be overruled.

    1. You can keep trying to reach but those straws you are grasping for aren’t there. Someone sounds bitter and jealous, kina sounds like this person is the want to be hacks Carolyn or Jeni from McLean Ave!

  12. The residents in District 5 never had a choice, Spano assured Breen would be unopposed as long as he voted for huge tax increases and extending term limits

  13. Why can`t the city of Yonkers make it accessible for the public to access by computer where the city vehicles are at any given time. Unless they have something to hide after all the tax payers have the right to know

    1. You see more city cars dropping kids at schools…. Even with car seats in them. What does the YCC need cars for ? Ridiculous.

  14. There is a lot more city cars going out of state every day to where not just politicians but city workers live.There supposed to have G.P.S. in every vehicle to prevent such abuse but you know Yonkers there is different rules for different people.

    1. The Yonkers public schools also has cars and trucks that leave the city every day the gas and tolls paid by the Yonkers taxpayers. These people are going to Rockland , New Jersey , upstate and Connecticut the most of these cars and trucks are only used to drive to and from there home to work and back .

      This B.S. must stop now gas is almost 5$ a gallon these people should at least pay for there gas and turn in the ez passes starting NOW !!!

      1. All the City Council and Mayor, along with its support staff, have take home vehicles. They use them for work and personal activities, such as picking up kids from school and vacations. Spano took the vehicles away from DPW Supervisors contractually (with the teamster union help) but continue to give it to friends and family to take home. ???????? Mike keeps giving big boss spots to family members only with these “cars”. Every one else not invited to family BBQ’s in the Hampton’s cant have one….

  15. Its true Hezi I’m no fan of Breen or his Wife. However, l personally believe this is a hit job by you because your a fan of Nader Sayegh and Jereis. Don’t let them manipulate you for they are good at it.( Two selfish people who are low class.) Breen will be a better candidate then Pincus who likes to lose elections.

    1. People keep calling this a hit job but I keep trying to find where the supposed “hit” is. Where is the lie here? Mike Breen’s tenure in office is defined by his proximity to the F&F cabal, and his subservience to them. Mike Breen voted on monstrous increases in property taxes and fees that fed the coffers of this city. In exchange, he has received a career in elected office without a modicum of opposition. When Yonkers residents were struggling during the pandemic, he was nowhere to be found. He has benefitted handsomely from the benefits of public service with none of the scrutiny up to this point, and now he seemingly believes that he will be able to catapult himself into the state legislature-allegedly because he is in need of a job. He is sorely mistaken. If he didn’t want the people to learn who he was, he should not have chosen to run for this position. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  16. Heizi I have no love lost for Mike Breen but then again the rest of the people who sit on the Yonkers City Council are not much better than Mike Breen-the difference here is that you are nothing more than a suck boy for Nader Sayegh – who Mr. Breen has announced or will announce that he is running against-your take on Breen is nothing more than a hit piece on Breen-if you think that Sayegh is a leader then you should talk to your loser friend Max Rose the white privilege former representative from Brooklyn.

    1. The difference is Breen is running and the voters should know that he’s been driving a City car for the last 10 years for personal use

    1. It gets repaired at the service center at 1130 nepperhan ave any ? call TOM Tiderman he runs the service center and what goes on in it .

  17. Breen will continue to bleed taxpayers as he makes a run for the assembly.
    His City Council staff does nothing but his political work ! There time sheets are being foiled.

      1. Post
  18. The Breens have lived off the public dole for the last decade. Send Mike Breen packing. Knowing the way this city works Nick will put him at the Unity Fountain selling Breenies Weenies.

  19. Hezi
    Can we find out what the City of Yonkers car policy is for Council Members ?
    It’s disturbing that it cost me $80 to fill my gas tank and these council members are driving around with free gas and insurance

    1. Post

      My understanding is that Council Members are permitted to have a Yonkers City car for their use within the city limits. There is a caveat, that is if they need to attend a meeting that is pertinent to their responsibility and related to their position in government. If they use a Yonkers City owned vehicle for personal use they must define the date, and mileage they used such a vehicle for personal purpose and report it to the IRS. The person driving such a vehicle for personal purpose must advise Yonkers City Hall when the use of the car and mileage was for personal reasons and must be available to a Freedom of Information Law request. I tried that for years but never received an answer. I no longer waste my time. It will be up to the driver of a city owned car to divulge their use of such a vehicle for person purposes and define it as such so as to separate what the city is responsible for or is not. There have even been councilmembers who have destroyed city owned cars but they never reimbursed CoY for for the cars they crashed. There have even been City Council people who traversed the Queensboror Bridge, did not have an EZ-Pass so when they did not stop and pay the toll, their license plate was photographed and Yonkers City Hall was presented with the bill. The Councilmember did not own up to the circumstance. And so it goes!!!

    2. COY Vehicle Policy “ need to be down with the Spano’s to get one! Doesn’t matter what position you hold, even the many no show jobs!!!!

  20. Hezi, what may be lost on the residents of Yonkers is any employee (Mike Breen)after ten years in the employ is entitled to a lifetime pension of 2% of their annual salary for each year of service In Breen’s case it would be 24% of his current salary in the event that he doesn’t remove term limits all together. In addition, it includes continued health benefits. Not bad for a less than part-time position.
    I don’t have a problem with his children being members of YPD, after all it did require them to take and pass the civil service test and be appointed to their positions.

    1. I heard the City was to hire Mike Breen as Assistant Commissioner under Sam Borrelli, once his council term was completed. Just like Mickie Sabatino.

  21. My husband and I bought our home in Crestwood in 2009 our property taxes have doubled and our water bill has quadrupled. Mr Breen should give up his City Car and stop raising our taxes.

    Melanie DelPorto

  22. A masterful and truthful article which epitomizes everything wrong with Yonkers. The Breens are pigs at the trough. Khaders of a different color.

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