15 Year-Old Arrested in Connection with Fatal Stabbing

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MOUNT VERNON, NY — April 9, 2022 — A 15-year old Mount Vernon resident was placed under arrest late on Friday night, in connection with a fatal stabbing that occurred at approximately 3:55 pm on April 8, 2022 in the vicinity of Gramatan Avenue and East Prospect Avenue.

Detectives from the Mount Vernon Police Department were able to identify the suspect after a thorough review of numerous recovered videos. With the assistance of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and the Westchester County Police Department Detective Division, the suspect was located and placed under arrest. The suspect will be held overnight in the Mount Vernon Police Headquarters and will be arraigned on charges of Manslaughter in the First Degree and Attempted Assault in the First Degree. This matter will be handled in the Youth Part of the Westchester County Criminal Court. At this time no names are being released due to the ages of the persons involved.

A second individual also sustained several stab wounds during the altercation and was treated at Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital. This individual is expected to make a full recovery.

Mount Vernon Police ask that anyone with information regarding this incident contact the MVPD Detective Division at 914-665-2510. All calls will be kept confidential. You can also submit an anonymous tip via our “Text-A-Tip” by texting “MVPD” and your tip to 8474011.

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SOURCE: Office of the Mount Vernon Police Commissioner


Tribune15 Year-Old Arrested in Connection with Fatal Stabbing

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  1. Reading is fundamental. Basic public safety should be intelligence driven and city leadership should plan accordingly. A planned event of this scope should have involved the collaboration of public safety, school officials and the street intel. Feud involving cheer leaders….students on suspension who may attend event. How is this a liberal perspective.
    Again, social media is jumping with retaliation and comments of threats following this incident. Is anyone gathering intel and devising preventative measures or we just wait for the retaliatory homicide and offer thoughts and prayers and non-profit counseling once again.

  2. These unfortunate incidences of violence especially among school children bring into focus the real purpose and the much needed oversight of the funding of many social programs. Sources are saying this feud began weeks ago resulting in the suspension from school for some of the students who have been feuding. What part did these social entities play at that point? Many are reported by the Mayor in her social media address to be available over the weekend for grief counseling etc.

    The Gov just announced in her Budget hundreds of millions more for these programs. Where is the oversight for the spending? How effective are these programs? Did the school offer counseling, conflict resolution-interventions during the suspension period?
    Then on the issue of security, how many police officers, auxiliary police officers etc were working at the time of this event? The homicide happened approximately 70-100 feet from the police station and city hall. If you can’t keep that area safe, how can you keep a city of 4 square miles safe? Again reports are that one police officer was observed actively trying to de-escalate this situation. This was a planned event in a city know to have violence whenever there is a gathering and someone sees their rival in the crowd. Leadership must be proactive.

    1. Typical liberal neurotic self righteous/loathing lunacy. It’s everyone’s fault except the young psychopathic murderer !

      1. Is this alleged suspect a murderer or a manslaughterer(my word)? I heard this was a pretty horrible homicide. Stabbings usually are.
        It is also out there(hearsay at the moment)that there had been substantial social media posts expressing the suspect’s intentions.
        If that is the case, how come manslaughter? Maybe I am just not in the know- is there now an age cut off for someone to be charged with murder? Something doesn’t sound right.

    2. Oh yes, it’s the lack of social programs, and or lack of oversight with regards to funding such programs in Mount Vernon that would have prevented a heinous crime like this from happening or happening again……The NYS and federally funded housing programs, food assistance, and the health insurances most receive in Mount Vernon don’t count here. More programs/money should be allocated for Mount Vernon…… Do you also blame the knife in this particular incident???

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