August Primary Date Is a Form of Voter Suppression
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, Esq.

GREENBURGH, NY — April 30, 2022 — After the Court of Appeals tossed out the redistricting maps for Congressional and State Senate seats, the new date of the primary has been scheduled for August 23rd.  I think this is a form of voter suppression.

The date of the primary should be held in September, not in August. Primaries in NYS used to be held in September.  August is a holiday month, many voters will be away on vacation or not paying attention to politics. They certainly will be less likely to watch a debate. An August Primary date will result in reduced turnouts.

Delaying the primary to mid or late September will provide candidates with an opportunity to have a better appreciation of the issues facing voters in their new district lines. There is not enough time between now and August for candidates to familiarize themselves with the leaders and issues in districts they have no familiarity. Aren’t our elected officials supposed to be representatives of the people? How can they represent when they don’t know much about the district they want to represent?

Greenburgh NY Town Supervisor

eHeziAugust Primary Date Is a Form of Voter Suppression
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

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  1. Feiner is another reason we need term limits for all politicos. No more than 2 terms or 8 years in office. No cars, no pension……..And go get a job in the real world unlike a lot of them who feed at the trough forever. Also no more double and triple dippers…..

  2. Paul, people disserve the leaders they get. Why? Because they do not vote anyway. I don’t care where you put this primary, the voters won’t com out. Mike Khader lost in a rigged election. No one came out to vote, so it was easy to stack the deck against an impaired candidate.

  3. Paulie, suppression was committed by your Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins who approved lines that disenfranchised voters to keep her super majority and to do help pelosi steal a few seats in NY Congress

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