Lisa Hofflich Releases Environmental Justice Blueprint for Fairer, Stronger Future

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Lisa Hofflich, New York State Senate District 36 Democratic candidate

THE BRONX, NY — April 30, 2022 — Lisa Hofflich, Democratic candidate for State Senate, announced her environmental justice plan for The Bronx, Westchester, and all of New York State. Hofflich’s plan reflects her belief that a greener future is only possible if we invest in and empower communities that continue to bear the brunt of damaging environmental policies.

“I’m running for State Senate because I’m worried about the world we are leaving my children and all our children. Unless we take dramatic action now, the air they breathe, the water they drink and the land they live on are at risk, and this is especially true in communities of color. The long-term consequences to their health and ability to learn could alter the course of their lives. We cannot waste another moment,” said Lisa Hofflich.

Hofflich’s plan would build on her robust experience fighting climate change and promoting environmental protections at the state and federal levels. That work included pushing for federal funding to strengthen coastal resiliency to protect communities vulnerable to destructive storms, fighting to ensure that large corporations and even government entities, like the Department of Defense, who pollute land and water remain accountable and take responsibility to clean up harmful materials, as well as collaborating with local municipalities to remediate toxic chemicals like lead and PFAS from drinking water. While working for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Hofflich also played a key role in the oversight of the decommissioning of the Indian Point Energy Center.

She also brought together federal, state, and local stakeholders for New York State’s first-ever water infrastructure funding workshop. This laid the foundation for recently announced $150 million in funding for Mt. Vernon’s water infrastructure – the largest environmental justice investment in state history.

The Hofflich Family

As State Senator, Hofflich will:

  • Implement the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act: While New York State passed a historic commitment to a fully clean energy grid by 2040, Hofflich is dedicated to  funding this endeavor. She will support responsible renewable energy projects that don’t shift the climate burden onto low-income and predominantly Black and Brown communities to realize this goal. The priority of this work should be to convert the notoriously dirty “peaker plants” in The Bronx that kick on when energy demands are high with clean energy sources like green hydrogen.
  • Push NYS for Clean Transit Options: As State Senator, Hofflich will ensure that District 36 benefits from the recently announced expansion to the MTA’s emissions-free bus fleet. She will also work with key agencies such as NYSERDA, DEC, and NYPA to use federal funds set aside in the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act to build out electric vehicle charging stations in low-income communities to incentivize the market for cleaner transportation.
  • Expand Green Job Opportunities: A greener, resilient future must be led by those who have shouldered the worst of past pollution. Hofflich will use the state’s budgetary powers and partner with labor unions to expand career and technical education for renewable energy programs at schools in environmental justice communities. This will give students hands-on training with new opportunities while creating the workforce pipeline for the state to meet its energy goals.
  • Embolden Resilient Infrastructure: The effects of climate change are already a reality, which calls upon us to make our infrastructure more resilient. Hofflich will build upon her experience bringing together stakeholders from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to municipal officials to find solutions, as well as secure the necessary funding to ensure our public works can withstand increasingly violent weather, extreme heat, storm surges and sea level rise. She will incorporate sea-level rise, resiliency, and – most importantly – the concerns of the local community into the long-term planning process to ensure that New York is building to the standards that take into account the effects of climate change.
  • Incentivize Energy Efficient, Healthier Appliances: Fighting climate change starts at home, where appliances can drive up energy consumption and emit pollutants. Hofflich will reform energy standards that reflect this unprecedented challenge and encourage cleaner, efficient appliances.

“We just wrapped up another great Earth Week, but for The Bronx and Westchester residents who live with constant environmental challenges, this is an issue that we must tackle every single day. As State Senator, I’ll ensure every resident has access to healthy air, clean water, and opportunities in the green-energy future,” said Hofflich.

About Lisa Hofflich 

Hofflich, 49, has had a life-long career in public service. She recently served as Lower Hudson Valley Regional Director and Special Advisor for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on issues related to the Asian American Pacific Islander community and human trafficking. She’s Chair of the Westchester Asian American Democratic committee.

Prior to her role in the U.S. Senate, Hofflich served as Legislative Advisor to New York State Assembly members Amy Paulin and Sandy Galef where she was instrumental in writing and pushing key legislation that led to the passage of “Walking While Trans,” “End Child Sex Trafficking,” banning salary history questions in job interviews, strengthening New York’s response to human trafficking, and ending child marriage, among overtwo dozen other laws.

A fellow of the United Nations Association of New York’s Worldview Institute, Hofflich was a founding coalitions member spearheading the passage of landmark state laws, including the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act, the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act, and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act. She also reactivated and led the Westchester Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), served on the Executive Committee for NOW New York State and chaired the NOW New York State LGBTQ Task Force. Lisa is also a former board member and co-chaired the New York State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues.

Hofflich was three years old when she and her parents made a harrowing escape from Vietnam to the United States during the fall of Saigon. Her father was a lieutenant in the South Vietnamese Air Force before his helicopter was shot down by enemy fire. As refugees, the Do family were resettled in North Dakota where Hofflich’s father worked as a supermarket stocker, restaurant cook and diesel mechanic. The family moved across the country out West where Hofflich spent the rest of her childhood before leaving home at age 17 to attend New York University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and worked as an investigative television news producer for CNBC, WNBC, and Consumer Reports, and an assignment editor for the nationally syndicated show EXTRA.

Hofflich resides in the Fleetwood neighborhood of Mount Vernon where she has lived 22 years with her husband and their five children who have attended Jewish day schools in Riverdale. The family belongs to CSAIR Synagogue.

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TribuneLisa Hofflich Releases Environmental Justice Blueprint for Fairer, Stronger Future

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  1. Hey Lisa , I’m not sure if you know but the senate district your running in has been rejected by the highest court in NYS , there’s a chance you might not be living in the district and Biaggi is likely to run for her seat.

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