LMC Media Announces New Board Officers

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MAMARONECK, NY — April 26, 2022 – LMC Media is pleased to announce the election of the new officers who will serve as the leadership of the organization’s Board of Directors for the next year.  

Mark Litvin will assume the duties of President from Jeff Meighan who remains on the Board as a Member at Large.  Said Meighan, “After 7 years it was time for me to relinquish the Presidency to someone to assume the helm with a fresh look. I am extremely excited by the election of Mark Litvin as our new President. His operational and visionary skills honed by his many successful years at New York City Center will be a huge asset to LMC Media and the tri-community of Larchmont, Mamaroneck, and Rye Neck. We are very lucky to have Mark leading us into the future.”

Peggy Jackson will continue to serve as Vice President, Mike Witsch as Secretary, and Craig Ettinger will assume the role of Treasurer.  Steve Israelsky, Alex Kreinces, Kevin Lawner, and Louis Simons will be Board Members at Large along with Meighan.

Mark is the former Managing Director of New York City Center. Litvin joined the executive staff of New York City Center in 2001, but his connection to the theater dated back to the mid-’70s when he was production stage manager for Paul Taylor Dance Company during their annual City Center season. In addition to overseeing operations for City Center’s three venues and 12-story office tower that houses tenants and rehearsal studios, Litvin negotiated labor agreements for the theater’s 13 unions and, along with the vice president of finance, developed and maintained an annual operating budget which grew from $9 million to over $25 million during his tenure. One of his greatest accomplishments was the supervision of City Center’s $56 million award-winning renovation, completed in 2011.  After leaving City Center, Litvin began consulting in theater construction and non-profit management.  

About LMC Media

LMC Media is a non-profit corporation that offers residents – regardless of age, gender, financial status, physical or other challenges, and previous experience –  the opportunity to create media content.  Staff and volunteers produce nearly a thousand hours of local programs each year, including many productions for the Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck as well as the Town of Mamaroneck, Rye Neck, two school districts, and live community event coverage of parades, grand openings, and celebrations. 

We foster relationships that strengthen the social fabric of the community by sharing the talents, experiences, and creativity of our friends and neighbors and by keeping the entire community informed about the work of local government, schools, and volunteer organizations.  We also provide local businesses unique opportunities to introduce themselves to residents.

For more information:  www.lmcmedia.org

eHeziLMC Media Announces New Board Officers

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