Yonkers Mayor Spano Appoints Deputy Police Chief Chris Sapienza to Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner

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27-Year Veteran of the Yonkers Police and Former United States Marine to Lead Yonkers Police Department

Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner Chris Sapienza.
Photo Credit / Courtesy: Maurice Mercado / City of Yonkers, NY.

YONKERS, NY – April 29, 2022 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced his appointment of Yonkers Police Deputy Chief Chris Sapienza as the City’s new Police Commissioner. Sapienza will serve as acting commissioner, pending Yonkers City Council confirmation. Sapienza will replace outgoing Commissioner John Mueller, who retired earlier this week. 

“Police Commissioner Chris Sapienza has the temperament and keen ability to cultivate relationships with the community and our officers to ensure they can all be the best versions of themselves,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “Chris has been a shining star in the Department for years, and epitomizes the meaning of true leadership, demonstrating his in-depth knowledge, training, and dedication to the men and women of our police force. We look forward to advancing the progress we have made thus far to foster stronger community relationships and continuing to keep our residents safe.”

Sapienza’s commitment to public service began in 1987 when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, proudly serving for over eight years. He is a Gulf War veteran and recipient of numerous awards, including the Combat Action Ribbon. After receiving an honorable discharge, Sapienza sustained that commitment to public service with a career in law enforcement in his hometown. A dedicated police professional with over twenty-seven years of service to the City of Yonkers, Sapienza recognizes the special relationship between the Yonkers Police Department and the communities it serves and will continue working together to drive down crime and enhance the quality of life for Yonkers residents.

Acting Police Commissioner Sapienza said, “I am deeply honored with the responsibility and privilege the Mayor has entrusted to me to guide the Yonkers Police Department. Our police officers and supervisors have done incredible work during the Spano Administration to drive crime down to historic lows while enhancing community relations and improving our residents’ quality-of-life. I look forward to building on that progress by working together with the community, administration, and City Council.”

Sapienza began his career with the Yonkers Police Department in 1995 as a Police Officer in the 3rd Precinct and then the Emergency Service Unit. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2006, Lieutenant in 2015, and Captain in 2019; he served as the President of the Captain’s, Lieutenant’s, and Sergeant’s Association from 2015 – 2019. In 2019, he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Support Services Bureau, overseeing multiple divisions and units responsible for the logistic operation of the Department.

Sapienza holds a Masters from Mercy College and is a graduate of the 245th session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He and his wife Kat have been married for over 15 years and enjoy traveling together.

Mayor Spano added, “I want to thank Commissioner Mueller for his service to the residents of the city and to our police department. Under his leadership, Yonkers has achieved unprecedented successes, including a reduction in overall crime, a more diverse police force, and the introduction of various community policing initiatives that have transformed our police department. I congratulate him on a stellar career and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Sapienza will serve as the City of Yonkers’ 23rd police commissioner.

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SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of Mayor Mike Spano

eHeziYonkers Mayor Spano Appoints Deputy Police Chief Chris Sapienza to Acting Yonkers Police Commissioner

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  1. It has been confirmed by people in the know that Saint Ann’s Pastor Norton has rejected the proposal for Rising Ground as a tenant. Bye bye Johnny Rubbo.

    1. Imagine being John Rubbo. You wake up every day and think “what can I do to get the Spano’s to like me enough to give me the nod to run for mayor?” Show up to functions. Follow Mikey around and hold his drinks for him. Then the task finally comes. They sit you down and tell you that they need you to champion Rising Ground to take over the Saint Ann’s School building. It’s basically a done deal. How hard could it be. Plus you grew up in this neighborhood. This is your shining moment. When you do this they’re gonna know you’re not just some errand boy like Freddy Corleone. Fast forward a month later. John Rubbo wakes up in a cold sweat the day after hearing that the DUNWOODIE COMMUNITY rejected him and now know the sell out he truly is. And the Spano’s now know he’ll never be “that guy”. Bye bye Johnny. You will never win a district election again let alone a city wide one. Looking forward to the new Seven Hills Beer Series though 😂😂😂

    1. It’s not unusual for a Big City Mayor to run for a 4th term, the residents of Yonkers are happy with Spano. He’s doing a great job ! He’s cleaned up City Hall by getting rid of the Khader’s.
      Economic growth is at highest, there are cranes everywhere. Businesses are opening up everyday.

      1. Really, dude? Isn’t it a bit unethical when the electorate has not once, but TWICE voted to keep term limits in place? This group of thugs has already voted themselves, to overturn the people’s wishes once, now you want to see it done a second time. On another note, please don’t insult me by stating that this mayor has a ‘mandate’ whenever he is reelected. NOBODY VOTES ANYMORE. To call a less than 20% voter turnout a mandate is a joke. And, when you consider that included in that 20% is his cast-of-thousands family and their friends and family who have jobs. Really?

  2. John Rubbo has lost the respect of his entire district by standing against the will of the people and for rising ground under Spano’s orders. Political career is over John. Hopefully you start to make better beer.

    1. Rising Ground does great work. It will be great to see the St. Ann’s school building used again. Merante and Nolan should be ashamed of themselves for ginning up the crowd.

      1. Rubbo would love to believe he’s the next mayor- unfortunately when reality kicks in he’s well aware that he can not be.

        He just won his race by the SKIN of his teeth. JUST WON. It’s over Johnny.

    2. A very vocal minority of people in the district whose anxieties are being weaponized for political gain by low-brow elected officials like Merante, Breen, and Nolan. Galvanizing people to hate children and stoking the flames of hatred and division in a church of all places. When Jesus said love thy neighbor I’m certain he didn’t mean the NIMBY Fox News watching residents of Lawrence Park and and Bryn Mawr.

      Merante, Breen, and Nolan seem to believe it’s still 1987. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    3. He almost lost his election prior to this, could you imagine if was to be running this year.

      Those 100 votes would disappear fast

    1. We don’t need the fake Latina to comment, anyone who’s worked with Sapienza can tell you it’s a bad choice
      Thank god it’s only for 18 months

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