3 of the Best Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — May 30, 2022 —There is a lot to celebrate as the warm season strolls around — the adventures, vacations, and time spent with friends and family. But, the truth is that the sunshine months are a time to re-evaluate your wardrobe. Spring cleaning after the winter months gives you a great idea of what you need to throw away and what you need to buy. 

If you need to update your wardrobe for the summer, you have many great options to consider. If you are wondering about the best way to update your wardrobe to get the most out of your summer, these tips are an excellent starting point.

1. What Do You Need?

The first and best way to properly update your wardrobe in a way that makes sense and benefits you the most is to take inventory. Whether you are spring cleaning your closet or in the middle of your summer and realize you just need more clothes, figure out what you have and what you don’t. 

This is important because it can help you focus on getting items that can actually improve your wardrobe and won’t just clutter up your life more. But, of course, to get this done, you need to make sure that you have your core items and then move out. This process might seem intimidating, but it will pay off and help you make the right kinds of purchases that you need to make.

A core wardrobe for the summer doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You want to make sure you have at least two or three pairs of pants, shorts, t-shirts, and shoes. That makes up the majority of what your core wardrobe should be. 

When updating your wardrobe for the warmer months, an important thing to distinguish is what is part of your normal wardrobe and what is part of your gym wear. It is important to differentiate because gym wear has become so advanced, functional, and comfortable that it can double as everyday wear. For example, you may have six high-quality gym shorts, but you still need a couple of shorts you can wear to a nice cookout with friends or a dinner out on a restaurant patio. 

Another aspect of your core wardrobe should involve an essential ability to be formal and informal. Again, this doesn’t have to be extensive and can look like one pair of nice jeans and one pair of slacks with a nice button-up. But it’s a part of your core wardrobe you need to have.

2. Expand Your Core Wardrobe: Go Causal

Once you have the proper core items in place, you can expand your wardrobe and get creative. This is one of the best parts of putting together your new looks, and even though you may hate shopping or creating outfits, it will pay off in the long haul. Again, this doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Some men love to shop and don’t mind doing this kind of work, while others hate it with a passion. Regardless of who you are, this doesn’t have to be complicated.

Finding everyday items like men’s graphic t-shirts or cool tank tops is easy to find and love. When it comes to men’s tank tops, these are the ultimate casual, summer fun item. If the sun is out, your guns should be out, and there is quite a variety to choose from. Of course, you should have some solid-colored tank tops that can work well as an undershirt for a hot, outdoor event, but there are expressive graphic tanks to choose from. 

Not only that, but a tank top allows you to work on your layer game and mix and match a lot more freely. Pair your favorite graphic tank top with your favorite lightweight flannel. Light, breathable, and great to look at, simple combinations like this can create variety in your wardrobe. 

3. Be Yourself

The most important part of updating your wardrobe is to be yourself. Whether you are getting some new fits for more formal events or some everyday items for hitting up the town and hanging out with friends. The summer is a great time to change your wardrobe and add new pieces that you will love and make your summer even better.


Updating your wardrobe can be more accessible than ever this year. Keeping these three simple tips in mind, you can find the right clothes to have the best summer yet!

eHezi3 of the Best Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

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