4 Advantages of Transit Advertising

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — May 18, 2022 — As a marketer and advertiser, you will want to be strategic when it comes to where you decide to spend your money for advertising placements.

As an advertiser, you will want to reach as many people in your intended audience as possible. So, where is one of the busiest places where you have time to resonate with people? Transit stations!

Transit advertising is one of the best ways to reach the maximum number of people for long periods because those hubs are always busy.

YONKERS, NEW YORK: Metro-North commuter railroad train stopped on Platform 1 at the Yonkers train station

Transit advertising is basically where you can place your ads on actual moving transit vehicles like buses or trains or at the stations themselves where people wait. The brilliant thing about transit stations is that people from all walks of life use it—families, students, or businessmen. So you will have a much more sure time reaching the right intended audiences for your campaigns.

There are many benefits to including transit advertising in your marketing campaign plans. This ranges from the fact that it can not be ignored or turned off, and you have unique large spaces to get all your key messages out there. Plus, you have a wide range of flexibility when it comes to the spaces you want to utilize, meaning that you can always find a way to make it work within your budget. 

But before we go into the real advantages of transit advertising, let us first cover the types of transit advertising that you can choose from.

Types of Transit Advertising

When it comes to the types of advertising that you can select for transit opportunities, there are simply a wide variety of options out there for you.


While some advertisers used to stereotype people who rode a bus as one type of person, nowadays, those who choose to ride buses are varied. You have budget-friendly people riding the bus, but you also have environmentalists. This category ranges from the average working professional to students passionate about saving the world. They have time to absorb advertisements within the bus that you place.

Don’t forget you also have the option for the external parts of the bus too and within the bus stations where people wait for their ride.


Like buses, trains also offer a significant amount of space to advertise. On the actual train itself, you can take advantage of the card placements available on the train’s interior up near the top of the train and the wall space.

You will then also have the people waiting at the train station themselves. These options are a bit broader, with both print and digital screen advertising spaces available for you to choose from.

Advantages of Transit Advertising

So let’s get to the good stuff—what is in it for you. Here are the top advantages to consider when determining if transit advertising should go in your campaign plan.

1. It Is Hard to Ignore

Let’s face it; it is tough to ignore an advertisement on a moving bus sitting right in front of you or one you are standing within. However, people will not be able to ignore it as they can in the online world, meaning you have more time to let your key messages resonate with them.

2. Target Who You Want

One of the critical components of building out an advertising strategy is making sure you can get in front of the people you want to. With transit advertising, you will get in front of every type of person out there, meaning the people you want to speak to as well! For example, tourists, business professionals, families, and students take public transportation.

3. Make Your Advertisements Last

You will get a big bang for your buck when it comes to how long your advertisements last. It may be one of the biggest. You will be in front of your audience for at least thirty minutes during the commute, meaning they will have time to absorb your messaging. And it is not just one ride—your advertisement will get exposure all day long!

4. Be Remembered

One of the keys to great marketing campaigns is making sure that your audience remembers you. And you accomplish that through frequency and repetition. Those who take transit likely do every day, so they will also be coming into contact with your advertisement every day!

Advertisers have known for a long time that transit advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. The average person spends about 30 minutes commuting to and from work, and during that time, they are likely to see your ad multiple times. Transit hubs are also some of the busiest places in any city, so your ad has a good chance of being seen by many people. If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to reach more consumers, transit advertising should be at the top of your list.



eHezi4 Advantages of Transit Advertising

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