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Dear Supporters,

Recently the New York State Court of Appeals ruled to appoint a ‘special master’ to redraw all New York congressional district lines. This means that we won’t know the precise composition of the 16th congressional district for another few weeks.

District lines may well change, but our reason for running for Congress will not change; our commitment to the voters of this district will not change.

From the start of this campaign, we have been focused on bringing our country together to deliver actual progress for every day New Yorkers, and we will continue to be, regardless of whether we’ll have new lines, old lines, or different lines. I am fully committed to staying in this race and will not waiver in this commitment.

Thank you all for your support!




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  1. Wishing you luck in this race for Congress. I hope that we can count on you to represent the moderate Democrats and Republicans in the Congressional District. Bowman is way too woke for this district.

  2. Congress members do not need to live in the district they represent. Good luck. Bill Faulkner is also remaining in the race to take out Bowman.

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