All You Need to Know About the 147th Preakness Stakes Race

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — May 12, 2022 — With a distance of 1 3/16 miles, we’ll be able to see the best of the best horses race this May 21, 2022, at Pimlico Race Course. The winning horses of the Kentucky Derby will most likely show in the Preakness Stakes race. 

Are you excited to watch the Triple Crown races? Well, you’re not alone! Read this article before placing any bets or watching any races. It covers the history of the Preakness Stakes, the locations and types of wagers you can place, and how to pick a winner amongst the crowds.

How Can I Bet?

You can place numerous bets for the 147th Preakness Stakes race, from the most straightforward wagers to the exotic bets. Let’s talk about it!

Simple Preakness Stakes Bets 

  1. Win – are one of the common bets in horse racing. It’s when you wager on a horse that you think will win the 147th Preakness.
  2. Place – is another common bet since it’s pretty standard in every country. These are when you bet that a horse places either first or second. It’s perfect if you’re unsure of your bet, but you still have a good idea that a horse will win either of the two places.
  3. Show – pays the least, but it’s a more secure way to get paid and win. You can get your payoffs when the horse you choose places first, second, or third.

Exotic Preakness Stakes Bets

  1. Exacta – You’ll name which horse will place first and second in the Preakness Stakes in the correct order. For example, 1st is Justify, and 2nd is Rombauer. 
  2. Trifecta – It’s the same as exacta, but you would also be naming the third horse. Again, your guesses should be in the correct finishing order. 
  3. Superfecta – The bettor will correctly name the first, second, third, and fourth place in the 147th Preakness Stakes. It’s a hard bet to earn payoffs, but the winnings are promising!
  4. Super High Five – Like the three bets above, you would predict the exact finishing order of the horses. However, in this type of bet, you indicate five horses.

When Can I Place my Preakness Stakes Bets?

After reading the preakness betting preview and deciding what type of bets you’re going to place, you might ask where and how you can wager it. The following are your options: the venue itself or online websites.

Pimlico Race Course

Do you have tickets for this upcoming race? Then, you can get the traditional feel of betting and place your wagers in the venue itself! Usually, these racecourses have booths, windows, or stands that make betting easy and accessible to everyone.

Online Betting Websites

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started, there were already numerous legal betting websites on the Internet. Placing your bets is now easier, thanks to these websites. Most of these are pretty straightforward to use. It even includes footage of past performances, free articles you can use to study, and other inclusions.

How Can I Pick a Preakness Stakes Winner? 

One beneficial thing you can do to pick a winner is research. Research about the following factors of the horses:

  • Speed – Whether it is a race between dogs, humans, or horses, a race is all about speed. When looking at past performances, you should always find the fastest horses in a race. 
  • Form – The next thing you should observe is their form. Look at your top horses; are they in the right shape and fit to secure a win today? You can evaluate and compare this by looking at their recent races. 
  • Pace – Look at their running style and pacing. It would help if you studied a basic understanding of this. 
  • Distance – Preakness Stakes is a one and 3/16-mile race. So, look at the horses’ recent races. Did they recently compete in a race with the same or similar distance as the Preakness Stakes? If so, what place did they win? Did they perform well? These are the questions you should answer when watching past performances.

Preakness Stakes’ History

Preakness Stakes, or “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans,” was inaugurated on May 27, 1873. Yes, this second leg of the Triple Crown is 148 years old! It’s even older than our grandparents. The horses’ race at Pimlico Race Course in the United States. Maryland holds such a high esteemed race and opens its borders to any Preakness fans. 

Have you ever heard of the name “Secretariat”? Well, it’s because this horse is the fastest horse that raced on the Pimlico race course! Secretariat won back in 1973 in the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. He has a time of 1:53.40; however, there was a debate on Secretariat’s time only recently. Nonetheless, he is still the fastest horse to date.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve read the information above, doesn’t the upcoming Preakness Stakes race make more sense? Horse races are fun and exciting to watch and wager on the horses. Though, it can be pretty nerve-wracking at times. Thankfully, articles like this can help you understand the basics of betting and the Preakness Stakes. 

eHeziAll You Need to Know About the 147th Preakness Stakes Race

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