Extell Development Joins Yonkers Mayor Spano for Groundbreaking of Hudson Piers, a $585 Million Mixed-Use Community on the Hudson River

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Multi-Phase Project to Bring Approximately 1,400 Apartments and

Waterfront Amenities with Spectacular River Views on Former Industrial Site   

YONKERS, NY (May 2022) – In what will be one of the largest mixed-use communities in the Westchester Area, executives from Extell Development Company joined Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and other city, county and state officials on May 5 for a groundbreaking ceremony for Hudson Piers, signifying the official start of construction. When completed, the $585 million, multi-phase complex will include approximately 1,400 luxury and affordable apartments, exciting retail, and a new riverfront esplanade along a prime waterfront location with beautiful views of the Hudson River across to the Palisades.

(L-R): Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Tasha Diaz; Westchester Deputy County Executive Ken Jenkins; Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano; Extell Development Company Founder and Chairman Gary Barnett; Yonkers IDA Executive Director Jaime McGill, and Extell Development Company Vice President of Development Moshe Botnick.

“Extell’s Hudson Piers will be one of the most transformative developments along the Yonkers waterfront,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “It will cap off the extraordinary momentum seen in recent years that’s spurred unprecedented investment in our city. I look forward to welcoming more families, businesses and jobs to Yonkers on the River and fulfilling our truest potential.”

“We are proud to be a part of the incredible redevelopment which has turned Yonkers into the fastest growing big city in New York State under Mayor Mike Spano,” said Gary Barnett, Founder & Chairman of Extell Development Company. “Hudson Piers will introduce a significant supply of new luxury and affordable housing to Yonkers and will bring the Extell quality of construction complemented by an unmatched array of lifestyle amenities to the City’s waterfront.”

Hudson Piers is the city’s final waterfront development and will complete the transformation of an expansive former industrial site into a highly desirable, heavily-amenitized, residential enclave. The project, which will be developed in three phases over a 6-year period, is expected to create 200 permanent jobs and 450-500 construction jobs.

The 17.4-acre property sits as an unused piece of the Yonkers Hudson riverfront along Alexander Street, Water Grant Street and Babcock Place. Hudson Piers will activate the surrounding area by adding additional greenspaces, ease of access, and a riverfront promenade providing a connection to the surrounding neighborhoods.

The development consists of approximately 870,000 rentable square feet of residential space across six, seven-story buildings, with over 37,000 rentable square feet of ground floor retail space. Hudson Piers will offer a mix of studio- to-three-bedroom residences. Interiors will feature fully tiled bathrooms, in-unit washer/dryers, premium stainless-steel appliances, Kohler fixtures, separate zones for heating and cooling, and private terraces.

In true Extell style, an array of both indoor and outdoor amenities will complement the property. Outdoor amenities include spacious waterfront recreation terraces with hammocks, fire pits, grilling stations, sundecks, billiards, putting greens, bocce courts, an outdoor swimming pool, and fresh retail. Indoor amenities will include multiple fitness centers, lounges, playrooms, a catering kitchen, basketball gym, screening room, game room, teen rooms, business and conference center and a 24-hour attended lobby. A total of 1,028 covered parking spaces will be provided on the first two floors of the buildings, with an additional 212 on-grade spaces, for a total of 1,240 parking spaces. Each of the buildings will have their own package, storage and bicycle rooms. As an additional convenience, shuttle services will be provided for residents to and from the Yonkers Metro-North train station.

As part of the Hudson Piers project, 1.5 acres of new public parkland will be created as well as a 1.5-mile-long esplanade extension that will adjoin to the existing public waterfront promenade seamlessly integrating the property into the greater Yonkers community. Upon completion, the esplanade will take residents and visitors on a short walk along the river to the train station and further to downtown Yonkers. The project plans also call for the construction of a new elevated roadway to be named Riverside Drive, which will be deeded back to the city.

Hudson Piers is conveniently located near the Yonkers Metro-North station, which provides a direct 28-minute ride to Grand Central Terminal on the Hudson Line. Additionally, five major highways easily connect the site with the rest of Westchester County, Fairfield County, and New York City.

Designed by renowned architectural firm Perkins Eastman, Hudson Piers builds on the remarkable renaissance under way in Yonkers under the administration of Mayor Spano which has seen more than $4 billion in private investment in new projects with over 9,100 multifamily units planned, completed, under construction and approved for development.

Extell worked closely with the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Industrial Development Agency to provide the Hudson Piers project with a 20-year PILOT and a 100% abatement on taxes for improvements. It is the largest residential project to receive financial incentives from the Yonkers IDA.

About Extell Development Company

Extell Development Company is a nationally acclaimed real estate developer of residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and mixed-use properties, operating primarily in Manhattan and other premier cities across the nation. In collaboration with world-class architects and design professionals, Extell creates properties distinguished by sophisticated design, gracious floor plans and first-class amenities.

Current projects include Central Park Tower, the tallest residential tower in the world located on Billionaire’s Row; the largest condominium in Lower Manhattan, One Manhattan Square located on the edge of the New York Harbor; Brooklyn Point, a skyline defining tower in Downtown Brooklyn; The Kent at 200 East 95th Street, an Art Deco inspired building; 1010 Park, a bespoke collection of 11 full-floor and duplex luxury condominiums; and 70 Charlton, the first luxury residential development in Hudson Square, an enclave within West SoHo. Extell has also restored and updated a number of classics in landmark neighborhoods, including the former Stanhope Hotel at 995 Fifth Avenue and The Belnord, a landmark building on the Upper West Side. For more information about Extell, please visit the company’s website at www.extell.com.

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TribuneExtell Development Joins Yonkers Mayor Spano for Groundbreaking of Hudson Piers, a $585 Million Mixed-Use Community on the Hudson River

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  1. What’s the Mayor doing about Council Members abusing there City Cars with gas being $5 a gallon ?????
    Vote Them Out

  2. The Yonkers City Council looks like shit
    I really hope the Democratic Party nominates strong educated candidates against the embarrassment that exist

    Nancy Bermudez

    1. Let’s abolish the City Council all they do is resolutions, proclamations,eating and drinking on the taxpayers dime

  3. Hezi
    There needs to be an investigation of Lakisha Collins Bellamy’s arrangement at MHA Every other week she’s on vacation and she’s never in the office
    Is Wilson Kimball covering up for her ???? We know Kimball wants to be Mayor we won’t let her cheat taxpayers again like she did at Battery Park

  4. You cants stop Tasha. She owns this town. By voting against affordable housing, she is keeping the campaign donations flowing. Tasha fundraising has eclipsed Rubbo’s.
    Do the Diaz boogie to the second floor of City Hall. First she stepped over Mike Khader . Now she’s stepping over John “A Perfect Solution” Rubbo.

    1. Why is that a story? McGoey does not decide how much he earns. He is afforded a salary. Different places, different salaries. This is not an issue I have any interest in wasting my time over. — Kindly, Hezi

  5. I think Mike Spano is a nice enough person but nice is not enough. He doesn’t seem to have any core belief. He goes with the tide whatever is popular at the moment. Yonkers does not need any more high rise apartments. As someone who remembers them taking down all those beautiful estates on North Broadway so they could put in so call luxury apartments look at them now the same thing happened on Warburton Ave. I use to go Getty Square all the time now I meet more people I know in Hastings please Mr Mayor stop putting shovels in the ground.

  6. I plan on putting my house on the market , seeing what we have elected in our City Council is a disgrace. What happen to our Great City !
    Our Majority Leader can’t even read or write a sentence. I watched her during the budget meaning and literally laughed How our government has become a mockery. Mayor Spano clean the mess in City Hall.

  7. Tasha was elected to attend every ribbon cutting while she freeloads
    Just please do us a favor and don’t speak

  8. Was the Yonkers City transfer tax waived on the recent sale of Ridge Hill complex? Why do the citizens keep having to pay but developers skate by for free?

  9. $585 million dollars! I wonder if these developers drove up Warburton Ave to see the condition of the neighborhood that they are investing in? Nothing to be proud of Spano. It looks worse than a third world country.

  10. And this my friends is all you need to know ” 20-year PILOT and a 100% abatement on taxes for improvements”

  11. Only one question in the City of Hills and SopSpaNO land, how much tax breaks are they getting and how much taxes will they pay…if any????

  12. What is Tasha Diaz wearing. Someone should teach her what is appropriate. She would do well to consult Shanae Williams who is always perfect.

  13. It took 50-60 years for this to happen in the “Democratic People’s Republic of Yonkers?”
    Kudos to Mike Spano because if Yonkers had real gangsters it would have looked like Hoboken and not the punch line it became.
    I recall my grandmother recalling how Yonkers was the San Francisco of the East coast with trolleys winding up and down its beautiful hills until it became “The city of hills where nothing is on the level!” As my former NYPD coworker Eric Adams helps put the final mail in NYC’s coffin Mike Spano at least appears to be doing the opposite. I went to sacred heart high school with mike and he is and was a consummate gentleman. I worked with Eric Adams and had a front row seat for his racial antics that would have sent someone who “looks like me” to federal prison. It’s an absolute tragedy that Adams is the NYC mayor because I can count the REAL racists I’ve worked with during the course of 35 years of law enforcement on one maybe two hands and he was one of them.

    1. I totally agree with you about Mike Spano. This guy has done a spectacular job as Mayor…and he is a true gentleman.

      I hope the next Mayor is half as good. he will be a tough act to follow.

      1. I see the SpaNO propagandists are out tonight. They are out of their minds if they think
        he’s has been great. Have they driven on any of the Yonkers roads recently? And I don’t just mean driving on SpaNO Row.

        Let’s not even start on the taxbreaks for the friends and family developers.

    2. Someone should ask Eric Adams to produce his arrest record-they became computerized in 1982-you will find out he never made a gun collar.

    3. Mr. NYPD out left out the other two clowns-Anthony Miranda & Hiram Monserrate-who filed more than 50 lawsuits against the job.

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