Hero Yonkers Police Officer Harold Woods Honored with Street Naming After 48 Years

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Yonkers Police Hero’s are Never Forgotten! 

Photo of Yonkers Police Officer Harold Woods. Image by The Herald Statesman: September 18, 1974.

YONKERS, NY — May 17, 2022– On September 18. 1974 Police Officer Harold Woods, a Yonkers native, and eleven (11) year veteran of the Yonkers Police Department was killed in the line of duty while he bravely intervened to stop an armed robbery in progress at the former A&P Supermarket at the corner of Nepperhan Avenue and Odell Avenue. Officer Woods’ selfless and courageous actions cost him his life as he made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and serve the people and City that he loved. Officer Woods left behind his wife Dorothy and three (3) young boys. He received a full Inspectors funeral service and is listed on city, state, and federal monuments to fallen officers.

Fast forward 48 years later Officer Woods widow Dorothy returns to Yonkers for a visit. To further memorialize his bravery, the Yonkers Police Department reached out to Councilman Anthony Merante. Councilman Merante took swift action by sponsoring a City Council resolution to honorarily dedicate the portion of Nepperhan Avenue between Odell Avenue and Cross Hill Avenue as “Police Officer Harold Woods Way” with an unveiling ceremony that took place today at 12:30 P.M., at the Corner of Nepperhan Avenue and Odell Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701.

Councilman Merante stated, “The honorary naming of Police Officer Harold Woods Way in the City of Yonkers is a fitting and well-deserved tribute to a true hometown hero.”

This event was open to the Yonkers community. Residents were invited to attend the ceremony along with Officer Woods’ family and friends.

eHeziHero Yonkers Police Officer Harold Woods Honored with Street Naming After 48 Years

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  1. Here we have a hero who gave his life in service to the city. Jimmy Nolan is a self serving parasite whose only claim to fame is Facebook. Nolan doesn’t deserve to share the same ink as Office Harold Woods. Nolan is a one termer. If not for the Yonkers Tribune, Nolan would be a footnote in election history.


  2. I watched the ceremony and couldn’t help but to think of his widow left to raise three children the lost she endured. It is really important that people be reminded that these men and women in blue want the same thing as we do to raise their families in a safe community. Let us all be thankful that there are people like police officer Harold Woods was. Thank you for your service, Police Officer Harold Woods may you rest in peace.

  3. Although numerous Yonkers individuals have had streets named after them over the years for their service to Yonkers, some politicians, political activists, highly regarded residents, etc. However, none gave their lives for that honor. Makes me wonder,…. what took 48 years to recommend this honor for my friend and coworker Harry Woods? Never occurred to anyone? Shame on you. This was long overdue and I’m grateful to see it. By the way, Harry wasn’t killed on Sept 18, 1974……he was shot on that day and suffered horribly for 4 days when, on Sept 22, 1974 he died from his wounds. Lest We Forget.

    1. Yes Harry was a Great Police Officer That Honor should have been Many Many years ago. The people who have gotten the Street Naming Honor did not give their life for the City of Yonkers

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