Quality Control for Ballots
By Kate Ray

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OSSINING, NY — May 1, 2022 — A top quality ballot is a ballot that is counted and saved exactly as the voter marked and cast it.

Make sure your ballot is top quality. Ask your NY Senator and your Assembly Member to protect the quality of your ballot with the Hybrid Ban Bill, A1115C/309B.

When I vote, I expect my ballot to be saved. Ballots must be saved so they can be counted again in case there is any question about who won the election. But what if the ballot could have been changed after being cast? The very possibility destroys faith in an honest recount. Who can trust an outcome that cannot be checked?

Most of our ballots are counted by a computer. I expect this computer to count only the marks I made. But some machines, known as hybrid or all-in-one voting machines, if they are misconfigured or hacked, could add marks to ballots. I worry that my ballot will not retain its high quality when it is counted and saved in a hybrid. We need to limit the spread of these hybrid machines in NY. (The law does make allowance for use of those machines already owned.)

To maintain our democracy, we must rebuild trust in our elections. In NY, passing the Hybrid Ban/Protect Our Ballots bill is a necessary step to take now.

TribuneQuality Control for Ballots
By Kate Ray

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  1. Let’s respect the voters who reject by mail voting. Let’s protect against ballot harvesting by require voters to show up at the polls.

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