The Key to Effective Feedback Meetings
By Dr. Louis Perron

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Dr. Louis Perron

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — May 30, 2022 —  I have learned a general rule about the effectiveness of feedback meetings whenever I present results of a survey or focus group to a client: the fewer people in the room, the more productive the meeting will be. The higher up in the hierarchy the client is positioned (when dealing with high-level politicians, leaders of associations, or CEOs for example), the more this is true. At least for the first feedback meeting the correlation is -1.0. After that, it is sometimes useful to have subsequent feedback meetings with a larger audience. And the reason for it is quite obvious: The results of the research and my recommendations based on them might affect egos, budget, or turf wars. Worse, I may have to talk about vulnerabilities of the top candidate. With new clients, I often run into resistance against my request to limit the number of participants, but I try to convince them with the following line: Do you bring your entire family along when you go to see a urologist?

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Dr. Louis PerronThe Key to Effective Feedback Meetings
By Dr. Louis Perron

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