Yonkers Police Department Promotes and Appoints Five Members During Police Week

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YONKERS, NY – May 20, 2022 — Mayor Mike Spano and Police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza presided over the Wednesday, May 18 2022 promotion and appointment ceremony which was held in the historic Ceremonial Courtroom in Yonkers City Hall. The Mayor and Commissioner were proud to elevate five members to positions of higher authority and assignments within the Department, and recognize nine prior promotions and appointments. The ceremony was held in the presence of family and friends. Congratulations to all and best wishes on your new assignments!

Promoted to Captain:
Lieutenant Glen Caserta

Promoted to Detective Lieutenant:
Detective Sergeant David Fraszka #20

Promoted to Lieutenant:
Sergeant Jonathan Flood #129

Promoted to Sergeant:
Police Officer Stephen Brown #1138

Appointed Detective:
Police Officer Anthony Cognatello #1055

Recognized for prior promotions and appointments:
First Deputy Chief Joseph Monaco
Deputy Chief Paul Rice
Lieutenant Michael Marello
Detective Sergeant Danny Valentin #103
Detective Sergeant John Viviano #24
Sergeant Thomas Braig #58
Detective Anthony Fico #682
Detective Brian Regan #605
Detective Specialist Jessica Day #678


SOURCE: Detective Lieutenant Dean Politopoulos

TribuneYonkers Police Department Promotes and Appoints Five Members During Police Week

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  1. The mayor doesn’t want a real police commissioner. His brothers Johnny and Lenny run the department, through whatever Spano crime family loyalist is willing to take the commissioner seat with that understanding. Sapienza’s work record, especially as a supervisor, is a litany of clumsiness at best, and utter nonfeasance at worst, but for as long as he sits at the bar sipping grapes with Johnny down at Zuppa and remains mindless he will stay a favored son. Most urban mayors these days are scouring the land, the entire nation sometimes, to find the most qualified top cops for their police departments. Not in Yonkers. For the remainder of Nicky Boy’s tenure running City Hall through Mayor Flintstone, the top ranks of the YPD will stay in control of the boys club.

    Hey Hezi, it’s about time you got back to writing your Blue Truth articles. And once you do, enjoy the show…

    I’m just getting warmed up.

    -Ant DiMagg

  2. The current mayor should do a national search for Yonkers Police Commissioner. The acting top cop doesn’t have the expertise to be in that position. There has been too much politics in the selection process going back to one of Spanos predecessors John Spencer. It unfortunately, will likely be a long, hot summer and you need an experience individual in that sensitive leadership position.

  3. To those promoted congratulations. However, I was saddened to hear John Mueller is no longer the Police Commissioner. A good person who I knew growing up from North Yonkers(AKA THE HILL.) He was probably forced out from the Park Hill Clan who will themselves be replaced shortly. A republican will be elected the next election cycyle. Yonkers is a mess

    1. The Hill will be forced out of Yonkers. Tasha Diaz is coming for you. Merante and his band of malcontents are going down.

      1. Happy Birthday to a very dear friend and someone who i’ve known for over 30 years and like a “big brother” who always has a golden heart and a listening ear, The Boss Of all Bosses, The Best Of The Best, The King Of Operation Santa Claus and giving back just like his entire family, the man you want in the foxhole with you, and a great family man “Senator Nick Spano” many more happy healthy ones to you, enjoy your day, week, month and year with your Linda, Mom, brothers & sisters, kids and entire family, God Bless You always luv ya🎂💪♥️🇺🇸🇮🇹🕺🎬🎥🍾what amazing memories and so glad I was able to capture those precious moments for you all♥️

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