5 Pros and Cons of Mass Text Marketing

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER, NY — June 14, 2022 — They say work smarter, not harder, and that sentiment couldn’t be any more true in modern marketing. Every marketer wants to reach as many people as possible in the shortest time, which is essential with how rapidly things move today.

While cold calling and emailing existing and prospective audiences are becoming less effective, texting has become a preferred channel of communication by many. Getting your message out by text can be highly effective with the correct strategy, and many businesses use mass texting services regularly.

Mass texting is a marketing tool that sends promotions, alerts, or any other type of message to hundreds or thousands of recipients simultaneously. There are many benefits to sending out a mass text; thankfully, it doesn’t have to be challenging to run a campaign successfully.

This brief guide will help you learn the benefits of running a mass texting campaign and what to avoid.

Pro: Mass Texting Is Cost-Effective

One of the best benefits of using a mass texting service is its cost-effectiveness as a means of communication. By sending out a mass text, businesses, schools, and municipalities can reach many people in a concise amount of time.

Contact methods such as snail mail and emails require more time to compose and are less cost-effective than text messaging. The same can be said for cold calling, which requires a dedicated team of phone representatives if you’re not using an automated dialing system.

Con: Less Human Connection

There is something to be said about human connection when it comes to marketing; in many situations, it is still an essential asset. For example, sending out a mass text is a fantastic strategy to reach many people simultaneously, but it may come across as robotic if you’re not careful with how you craft your message.

An easy fix for this potential issue is taking time to develop your message and communicate to your audience with enthusiasm and tact. Use language that feels human, and give your recipient easy instructions to follow in your call to action.

Pro: Fast Form for a Wide Reach

Nothing beats mass texting when you need to reach many people fast. Sending out a mass text is easily one of the best methods of communication used in marketing campaigns today. Having the ability to have a fast and broad reach is incredibly important in situations in which you need to alert a large population as quickly as possible.

Municipalities will often use mass texting services to send out emergency broadcasts, as nearly everyone has a smartphone and immediately checks a text message. Similarly, if a school needs to reach the student population about closure, or an event, they can contact the entirety of their school in virtually no time.

Con: People Might Think It’s Spam

We’re no strangers to daily calls from “Scam Likely.” With how rampant spam has become, it’s easy to feel hesitant of alerts from unknown contacts. People tend to be more cautious toward content that could be interpreted as spam and are unlikely to interact with something they feel is unsafe.

There is an easy workaround and ways to avoid sending texts that look like spam. First, communicate who is sending the message and what purpose. If the recipient knows why they receive a message, they’ll respond more positively. Also, be conscious of how often you send out mass texts, as communication is off-putting and may drive away constituents.

Pro: Mass Texting Is Super Easy

Marketing is a demanding profession and requires being on top of trends and thinking outside the box. Therefore, finding any way to make your job easier is a must and pays off over time. The great thing about sending out a mass text is that it’s easier than you’d imagine and a reasonably streamlined process overall.

All you need to do is compose a well-thought-out message, select the contacts you want to receive the text, and select the best time and date to reach them. Mass texting services and software do the heavy lifting in creating the code, so it’s as simple as pressing send when everything is ready for marketers.

Set up a Mass Marketing Campaign Now

As you’ve read, setting up a mass marketing campaign has many benefits, and the cons are easily avoidable with little practice and know-how. At this point, any business with a vast audience to contact needs a mass texting service.

Learning how to run a mass texting campaign can significantly improve your outreach or assist with customer retention. Best of all, mass texting software is generally user-friendly, so you shouldn’t feel nervous about learning.

eHezi5 Pros and Cons of Mass Text Marketing

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