7 Trends in Statistics Learning in the USA
By James Collins

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — June 27, 2022 — The US federal government has prioritized education for many decades. The measures began at the time the country gained independence. Throughout the years, various initiatives have helped propel education in the right direction.

From kindergarten to university, stakeholders work for the success of every student. Technology has been evolving fast recently. It has significantly affected the way students learn. New trends in the education sector are emerging daily.

The number of students taking online courses is growing exponentially

Learning in the US has relied on traditional teaching for many decades. Although this trend is still prevalent today, more students are registering for online courses. Digital Learning Pulse Survey published a report in 2021. The report indicated that 73% of students prefer online courses. The research done by Bay View Analytics polled 1,469 students. This shows how fast online learning is growing in the US. It is good to note that millions of students search online to find math answers for problems that are harder to solve.

Ask for help with math 

Learning statistics in the USA show more students require homework assistance. There is more demand for education compared to a few decades ago. Students get more assignments in the process of education than it was before. One of the main challenges is solving math homework. It is more challenging when students are required to solve high school statistics and probability questions and that too, in a quick time. With online math assistance, students can solve any problem that comes their way. It is a good way to save time and get better grades.

The number of schools in the US is increasing

Compared to ten years ago, the number of schools in the US is increasing. This is according to statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics. As of 2018, there were 137,432 schools in the US. Currently, there are 138,632 schools. This is an increase of 1,200 schools within five years. This show the number of learners is growing.

More students tend to register in schools where at least half of the students belong to their ethnic group

Most students prefer schools where more students from their ethnicity are registered. The trend is more prevalent among white students. This was revealed from data published by Pew Research Center. It is available at the US Department of Education. Between 2018 and 2019, 79 percent of white students joined schools where at least a half of the student population is white. It was the same with black students, 42% and Hispanic, 56%.


The e-learning market in the US is growing fast

Globally, the e-learning market is valued at $457.8 billion. The US e-learning market takes a share of $90 billion. These statistics were obtained from Globe Newswire. The report attributes the growth to several factors. The main factor is the affordability of remote learning. E-learning is cheaper by more than 50%. The next factor is an increase in e-learning applications.

80% of employers enroll their workers on e-learning platforms

Companies work harder to ensure their workers are well educated. Traditionally, they enroll them in classrooms to learn courses. That means the company has to give the workers freedom to be in the classroom.

The emergence of e-learning has changed this trend. At least 80% of major companies are using e-learning platforms. Statistics from Statista show that 40% of Fortune 500 companies prefer e-learning. It helps the workers to remain productive while studying.

Non-traditional students form the new normal in the US colleges

For many years, many people thought education was for the younger generation. This trend is changing at a greater pace. A recent report by NASPA show colleges have more older students today. At least 40% of the current student population is non-traditional. These are students over 25 years old, and most are working. What has triggered this trend is the technology change. The need to advance in a career has also played a significant role.

More students are seeking online help for their academic assignments

Compared to the 1990s, more students are seeking online help today. According to Tutor Bin, most students seek online help for academic assignments. The main reason given is lack of time. Students can no longer meet assignment deadlines. At the same time, they still want to submit quality work for better grades.


The learning environment in the US is changing fast. Various statistics show newer trends are emerging. More students prefer online education today. The number of schools in the US is increasing. Most employers prefer to enroll their workers in online education. The population of students in schools is made up of older students today. Students seeking online academic help are growing at a higher rate.

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Tribune7 Trends in Statistics Learning in the USA
By James Collins

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