The Hezitorial Reality: Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada Said to Have Refused to Review the Security Capacity of the School District
By Hezi Aris

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s request of Dr. Quezada to Initiate a study in light of the massacre in Buffalo, NY and the murder of children in Uvalde, TX was met with a flat out refusal.

Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — June 5, 2022 — Insiders with knowledge inform the Yonkers Tribune that a Quezada – Spano interaction took place and the request was denied despite the fact that should an incident take place on Yonkers Public Schools grounds Yonkersites could not be faulted in blaming Mayor Spano and yes, Dr. Quezada.

One can only imagine that since Dr. Quezada is the Yonkers Public School (YPS) District Superintendent he is the logical go to guy. His outright dismissal of Mayor Mike Spano’s request for a security appraisal study of the YPS premises, vis-a-vis its students, faculty, principals, and ancillary staff is appalling for his evident lack of concern for a student population of over 27,000 students.

It also stands to reason that Dr. Quezada’s blatant disregard for the student population and staff, coupled by his  outright refusal to consider the validity of Mayor Spano’s empathic concern for the welfare and safety of all those who attend the YPS in their respective roles are diminished by Dr. Quezada’s vacuous, albeit monotonous  and boisterous assertions that he is a caring individual. Were he caring, he would have been expected to recognize that as Mayor Spano requested, this is an issue of utmost concern and requires study, and logical and expedient remedy to protect those who attend any Yonkers Public School building, as well as the grief parents, grandparents, among other caregivers will endure for the rest of their natural existence in loss, pain, and continuing anguish.

In light of the Almighty, Quezada’s outright dismissal of Mayor Spano’s concern for the life of those attending the YPS, it behooves Mayor Spano to address the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees who have each been appointed by Mayor Mike Spano. Dr. Quezada’s role as YPS Superintendent is subservient to the Yonkers BoE Board of Trustees. It is they who are the “boss”.

Should anything untoward happen to the life and/or limb of anyone on school property it stands to reason the Yonkers BoE Board of Trustees would be liable, as would Dr. Quezada, if he were instructed and refused to follow through on Mayor Spano’s request if he was so directed by the YBoE Board of Trustees.

The final and most relevant issue is that not engaging in a study of the YPS security capacity is an abrogation of the fiduciary responsibility of the YBoE Trustees, YPS Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada, and Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano if a study is not conducted and thereby becomes the template for necessary security installations and commensurate conduct.

While funds may not be presently evident, future allocations can and must be directed in order to avoid the potential loss of life and/or limb, especially since additional funding capacity seems likely to become a reality by Yonkers’ anticipated future prospects.


eHeziThe Hezitorial Reality: Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada Said to Have Refused to Review the Security Capacity of the School District
By Hezi Aris

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  1. I believe a couple of council members need a psychiatric evaluation!!!! Yonkers needs competent and honest elected officials The Yonkers City Council has become an extension of the Bronx Zoo
    We need a new slate of candidates to clean up the 4th Floor in City Hall

  2. Her true colors were on display at last weeks rules meeting!! Shame on Council President Collins who allows this behavior to continue.

  3. Gas Guzzling Diaz needs to stop fleecing taxpayers!!!! Pay raises to your staff
    Handing out taxpayer dollars to your donors must stop 🛑

  4. The title of Majority Leader got to her head , Lorraine please straighten out your niece the Latino community wants her out.

  5. Hezi
    A story needs to be written about the wild councilwoman who spends tax dollars promoting herself. She hands $2500 of taxpayers money to Yonkers Pride probably because of her 91k Secretary and she puts her campaign logo on the flyer. Tasha either needs to go back to high school or get a job.
    A real disaster for the Democrat Majority, I hope they remove her soon.

    1. Post

      Anyone and everyone can watch the City Council meetings and ascertain if they wish to re-elect her. At the end of the day, if you have issues with her conduct you have an opportunity to not re-elect her to another term as a City Councilperson. I need not proselytize about her. She is a known entity and the public will make their decision when she runs for office. Kindly, Hezi

    2. Nothing will happen to Tasha Diaz because the first thing out of her mouth will be your picking on me because “I am a woman of color”.

  6. I have knowledge that the head of security BS who follows Q around is carring a licensed hand gun….while this is not illegal b/c license, I do not believe he is NOT allowed to carry in ANY SCHOOL building. Is this legal?

    1. Post

      Even a licensed gun carrying individual is NOT permitted to enter a school with a gun, And that is why school entrances and exits must be secured. The Yonkers Board of Education Board of trustees must demand and conduct a security review. They are Q’s boss.

      God help this city if anyone on school property is not conducted and upgraded to secure its premises. Nothing has been done so far … I expect this too will be swept under the table. Kindly, Hezi

  7. Can we get the mileage and gas consumption used by the City Council
    It’s crazy how I have to pay $5 a gallon
    While the useless Council is driving City Vehicles

    1. Some council members pimp out rides like an Uber. drop kids off at school, shopping, Mickey does drive thru. They dont care who sees them; nothing will happen anyway.

      1. No more free rides for CIty Council or rest of Yonkers admin…not on the drowning taxpayer dime! Mayor Spano do something responsible for the taxpayer and make all of these ‘rides’ terminated.

    2. Take all the TAKE HOME cars and trucks away now including YPS cars going to NJ ,Rockland and Putnam counties if they should all drive to Yonkers in their private vehicle pick up the city owned vehicles and return home in there private vehicle also Dr Qs friend the maintenance asst. supervisor has a ex pass so he drives over the bridge on Yonkers taxpayer dime while living in Rockland next to his friend the fake dr.Q

  8. ide note what has the almighty Q done to enrich the school system ? I’ve heard he is building a solid political base within the Latino community by handing out jobs to unqualified individuals in promise for support. The students pay the price. I want to see stats of B.Q vs A.Q before Quezada and After Quezada. YPS B.Q had a much stronger foundation. I think he is unqualified a public study needs to be taken this isn’t a joke

  9. Quezada is a political operative for himself and in Yonkers , it’s never been about the children. Hey all the Spano’s children leave the district after the 8th grade. Fact check yourself or ask the double talking Mayor Spano.

  10. Security and the State of the Yonkers Public Schools are a complete mess from Mayor Spano on down. No one stays after the 8th grade. Yonkers is a failed City and will always be a dump.

  11. Mr Mayor,
    If you are serious about a security review, go to the Yonkers Board of Ed Trustees, instead of making it a hit job on Dr Q.
    Really, don’t appreciate the “political” motives here, seems to me it’s malicious intent, to discredit.

    All I know, is that taxpayers expect YOU, Mr Mayor, to keep our schools and streets safely!

    No bouncing that ball around!

  12. Security and the State of the Yonkers Public Schools are a complete mess from Mayor Spano on down. No one stays after the 8th grade. Yonkers is a failed City and will always be a dump.

  13. Yonkers refuses to provide a safety officer at prom either. Cheap bastards!!!

    Head of security should resign with Q.

  14. Where’s loud mouth Tasha Diaz when you need her. She’s handing out big raises to her chief of staff Brentin and wastefully spending tax payer dollars on cookies, shirts etc

    1. And Tasha’s the Head of the Education Committee!!! Where’s her press release on the outrage not to have a full security assessment of YPS? What a farce? Obviously only a figure head, name only, no substance or clue!

  15. We are sitting ducks at YMHS. 12 Security cameras which half don’t work. In the largest school in Yonkers with over 2,000 students. Dodson with less than half the students has 72 cameras. YMHS had 4 safety officers up until two weeks ago with 20 school days left they added a new one…YMHS out of control….Business as usual the Yonkers way.

  16. “HEAD” Safety Officer at YMA is never IN the building.
    Q rejected the plan because it would show the inadequateness of the schools. What does he care? He’s got a 5 year deal to ride out.

  17. Security if any at YPS is a joke.
    Doors proped open windows wide open entrance gates if any are wide open. Just drive by you will see for yourself. Parents are just to busy and stupid to ask staff about any at all safety drills .
    You would be lucky if your kids are shown how to pull fire alarms.

    1. Anyone can walk right in to CHA the garage door in the rear of the school is left open all day everyday and there is no one in sight. Time for fake dr. Q to resign and take Carr and the rest of the facilities dept with him . Facilities dept does not make door repairs a priority the supervisors are too busy having cookies and coffee with all their friends and family that are put in positions without taking a civil service test. Starting with the maintenance supervisor who never passed a test for that position as all the supervisors in the past had to. This person is the superintendent’s friend; they vacation together in DR. NYS civil service needs to step up and make these people pass the test to keep their competitive civil service job.

        1. because the people digging in the streets PAY YONKERS POLICE TO DIRECT TRAFFIC. if the cops are not getting paid they could care less. ypd does not even help the Yonkers dpw with traffic

      1. Dumb Q, tried to put all security of the schools on the entire staff of Yonkers in am email. What an incompetent fool you are Q
        Dumber than dog sh*t!

        1. Post
  18. Hezi, if you are anywhere near close to accurate on this one, Quezada should be fired this week. What is wrong with a study? What is wrong with reviewing where our buildings and personnel stand in relation to protecting children’s and teachers lives?

    I would like to see this issue considered in public ASAP.

    Even if the Mayor did not do what you assert he tried to do, he should. And so should the public!

    1. Post

      I am 100 percent accurate on this one, and previous ones, as well. It should not go unnoticed that the mayor approached Dr. Quezada as was and is appropriate. The next logical step is for Mayor Spano to address the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees. A review is more than pertinent. It is vital to do the utmost one can to protect the lives of the student population, the teaching and ancillary staff. It is pathetic that Dr. Quezada is impotent in more ways than one and it is overdue he be dismissed. This must be his epitaph. Let us not forget the deceitful graduation statistics that he has claimed via the communications officer Jerilyn Fierstein, who, if memory serves me, invoked an 87% graduation level; this while one need not even attend class to graduate to the next level. Deceitful to say the least. Don’t get me started! Kindly, Hezi

      1. Agreed…and please do get started.

        The Trustees should really step up here and I hope the Mayor pushes it.

        A study? He doesn’t want a study?

        Why? I don’t get it.

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