What to Do When Your Party Runs Out of Booze

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Young woman is choosing wine in the supermarket.

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — June 17, 2022 —Imagine you’re in the middle of hosting a fantastic party for you and all of your friends until you realize that the metaphorical tap has run dry. People keep going to the kitchen to see if beer is hidden in the fridge or a secret bottle of wine in your pantry.

You’re looking around the room desperately, and you swear you just saw someone look up “wine near me” on their phone so they could take matters into their own hands. And maybe you’re considering doing the same thing and searching for some more booze or “wine near me,” too. 

That’s not the greatest situation to be in. If you’re hosting a party and people are having difficulty getting as tipsy as they want, the entire event may end far sooner and way worse than you had initially planned. But other than looking up “wine near me,” what should you do?

Try Out a Wine Delivery Service

While there’s something useful about using your phone to find some “wine near me,” this may not always be the safest option to try out. That’s especially the case if you’re feeling a little tipsy or there’s no one you can trust to watch over the people tearing apart your home and trying to have a good time.

If you’re sober and there’s someone to watch over your guests and your stuff, maybe searching for “wine near me” and then heading out into the world to get a little more booze isn’t such a bad idea. But the likelihood of these things happening simultaneously, both your sobriety and your ability to trust another party guest, is pretty slim.

In these situations, it’d be best to try and see if there are services that will deliver the wine and other kinds of booze to your door. That would allow you to continue hosting your party while also ensuring that you would be as safe as possible.

Why is this the safer option? It’s illegal in many places to be under the influence of alcohol in public. But this is for both the safety of yourself and the people also out in the world and on the road.

It’s never a good idea to drive while you’re under the influence of a substance, especially those well-known for negatively affecting your focus and other factors necessary for operating a vehicle.

Even if you don’t need to take a car to get to the nearest liquor store, it’s illegal in many places to sell alcoholic beverages if you appear to be under the influence. But, again, that’s just how the law works.

All these things considered, it might be worth paying a little bit more for delivering your alcohol if it means keeping everyone safe. Additionally, these delivery services offer fast and efficient service, so choosing an alcohol delivery service will be convenient and support safety.

Find or Contact a Sober Person

If you cannot use an alcohol delivery service for whatever reason, contact a sober friend or other person you trust would be a good idea. 

The importance of this person being sober is pretty significant. You will either trust this person to watch over your party or get more alcoholic beverages to keep yourself and your guests entertained. However, whether they go outside or stay inside to watch the party is up to your personal preferences, at least if you’re also sober.

If necessary, it doesn’t hurt to call for help from someone who isn’t at the party. However, I wouldn’t recommend calling on someone you’re trying to hide the party from or said they would be too busy to attend because one might hurt their feelings and the other might not be able to help you.

However, if you can find someone in your contact list who can help you get alcohol back into the confines of your party walls, that would be significantly safer than going out while you’re intoxicated already.

Pool Your Money for More Booze

We’ve all been in situations where money is a little bit tight, so if you’re in a situation where the money ran out before you could purchase enough booze for you and your party guests, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a little bit of help.

It’s better if you decide to do this before the night of the party, but you can also ask people at the party to chip in if the desperation for alcohol catches you by surprise.

eHeziWhat to Do When Your Party Runs Out of Booze

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