BLUE TRUTH: Highly Paid YPD Imply Job Action If They Don’t Get A Raise in Salary!

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The Repetitious, Albeit Rotund Hezitorial

Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — July 15, 2022 — The Yonkers Police Benevolent Association are not happy campers. They feel under-appreciated. The reference that they have not garnered a pay increase for some 3-years. The subtle, albeit evident gathering at Rory Dolan’s watering hole on Tuesday let the cat out of the bag. YPD feel under appreciated; they want more money. It seems they are barely scrapping by. Oh my, my! How do they sustain themselves? Perhaps only PBA President Keith Olson knows; alas his eloquent, albeit groveling for more from Yonkers City Hall is an outright threat of a looming job action. The men/women in blue feel under appreciated asserts Olson. They expect Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano to capitulate to their taunts and implied threats. It won’t be their first time employing such tactics. One can only suppose that Mayor Mike Spano won’t cave to their nauseating routine, even though in worked for over 10 years already.

Will Mayor Spano give PBA President Keith Olson a retirement gift? Why? Even if Yonkers could afford it, what is the basis or rationale  by which any of the YPD deserve a raise?

Have they validated their conduct as forthright and respectful under the aegis of PBA President Keith Olson? Not quite! Olson’s conduct has been extortionist and Mayor Mike Spano must not acquiesce to the outracious tactics that have been embedded into Yonkers history for decades. Enough is enough!

If anyone disagrees, please advise how much more in taxes you are willing to fork over to satisfy the rotund PBA President Detective Keith Olson?

Lest too many forget, many members of the PBA live many miles north of Yonkers. They drive cars, some supplied by Yonkers City Hall.And they gas-up before the long journey home. Those who don’t drive may not realize that the cost of gasoline hovers near $6.00 a gallon, but many getting it at no cost at all. And they are not driving a Yaris, oh no, they like the gas guzzling Ford 4-wheel drive. At issue is what is in your driveway?


eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Highly Paid YPD Imply Job Action If They Don’t Get A Raise in Salary!

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  1. Can someone please answer this question (be it Hezi, or anyone else): What EXACTLY has to happen for Spano to run again? Does it have to be put to the voters? If not, how many on the City Council have to vote yes? Thank you.

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      A majority of the Yonkers City Council must vote permitting the major to run for another 4 year term. I do not believe there are any other restrictions at present! Kindly, Hezi

    2. The City Council must overturn the the three term limit like they did with the two term limit in October 2018. They only need 4 votes: Breen, Bellamy, Diaz and Rubbo ( The Spano Coalition).

  2. There are some comments about Merante running for office. He may have one the 6th District, but he has absolutely no way to win a citywide race. He is not even liked among Republicans. Midland avenue hates Merante. The Conservative Party hates Merante.
    The Republicans better kick Merante out of the party.

    1. Only about 35-40% of Merrante’s own district votes for him in a Republican area. That’s all you need to know about him entering a citywide race.
      Besides, he’s too busy doing taxes, I mean selling cabinets, I mean digging giant holes for UPS or blasting rock on Central Ave.

  3. Olson will be supporting Spano for his 4th term and then his 5th. It like an alcoholic who doesn’t know when to stop.

    1. If Spano runs for a 4th term Rubbo and Merante will be kicked to the curb. What will the Sopranos offer Rubbo and Merante?

      1. What does rubbo and merante bring to the table that spano has to offer them anything….

        Rubbo is a zero, his next election is his last. The fact that he was in a nail-bitter with a complete zero speaks volumes ….

        Merante is a republican who poses zero threat to spano.

        1. Without yes yes votes from Rubbo and Merante, there will be no Spano 4th term. He needs their council votes, so what does he offer them?

          1. He offers them no opposition for their council seats…. Rubbo will jump on it, seeing he knows he’s done politically.

            Merante may put a fight up and run, to which he will lose.

  4. Personally, I think this whole dramatic back-and-forth between the Mayor and Olson is one big act. The two of them will make a deal that will benefit each other, just like they always do. But they have to make it seem like they’re fighting it out to try and make Keith look good in front of his members. I don’t buy any of it.

    1. Wouldn’t accepting 11% raise make Kieth look go?

      Do The members know what Keith walked away from……. Would love to know

          1. Yea they’re pissed….

            Pissed that KO is trying to get another family member a job….

            Pissed that they aren’t getting their upfront retro…..

            Pissed that KO is fighting for his own gain of 2% …..

  5. When City Hall has to appeal to this rag, you know who’s in the right.
    Stick to your guns PBA. The unions who haven’t given up are counting on you!

        1. His wife is already a Judge, appointed. She’s intelligent and competent and is running for election.

          Hope Barry runs for something! No stronger man for what he believes in!

          Wish he was still in Yonkers, but he retired YFD and left this shitty-city because of the poor/substandard school system. Who could blame him with a young family??

          Education and resources matter. Other places have the resources, why not Yonkers, 3rd largest city in NYS ?? Who is to blame for Yonkers underperforming schools?

          Blame game keeps going up to Albany for not enough funding, for years and years … As bad as Albany is, they know Yonkers is mismanaged, corrupt and opaque. So no more money is coming to Yonkers, believe that!

          I’d like to know why investigations have not happened to inquire about Yonkers annual budget “ fiction-based” “plug” financial submissions to the NYS Comptroller after years of non-compliance. It is completely mind-boggling!!!

          What’s the point of the NYS Comptrollers review and oversight but to ensure compliance to recommendations and provide for enforcement?? So many significant areas of recurring financial mismanagement in Yonkers.

          What credible and verifiable results have been accomplish with over $600 million annually for Yonkers BOE? The graduation rate is a fraud! Comparative tests results state-wide rank Yonkers as abysmal, bottom of the barrel for 3rd largest city in NYS!

          Poor, very poor performance. Our elected, don’t share the truth, they are ALL to blame! Shameful and disgraceful representation by our City Council and Mayor.

          1. He is just another YFD out of towner leeching of Yonkers $$$$$.
            He is on team Spano now cant blame him.

      1. The electorate of the 6th District is definitely not the norm in Yonkers. A Dem hasn’t won that district in decades. That being said, Tim is a good guy, but you could put a ham sandwich with a (D) next it’s name and it’ll be the next mayor.

          1. The Mayor and the entire council was behind taking out the Khader’s …. Unfortunately for them, they picked Lakisha. Anyone on the ballot could’ve defeated khader, I’m sure there’s regrets there.

  6. I know one thing for sure, no one is illegally gassing up behind the 1st Precinct. You hear that, watchdog groups? Definitely nobody is doing that because it would be wrong.

  7. Keith Olsen is a big windbag that should not be on city payroll. Ask Detective Sullivan’s family if Olsen watches out for his members.

  8. Keith is one the smartest leaders
    He knows the Spano/Levy game that’s being played, Levy should pack it in
    Spano needs to retire Landi, Cavannaugh, Levy , Lizewaski and Meier. They are all washed up Republicans

      1. Meier is a Spano Democrat
        They planted him 35 years ago
        While Spano’s were Republican’s
        He chaired Democrats for Spano at that the time. He couldn’t get elected dog catcher.

  9. Hezi,

    I would love to see you, or the IG look into the ups overtime abuse.

    Selling overtime, kickbacks for overtime, no show overtime….

    Unfortunately we all know the IG won’t.

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        1. And the Fire commissioner can’t even write a letter, it’s a disgrace how he was made commissioner. Only in Yonkers can someone with a GED diploma get the job.

    2. The rank and file of the YPD, and every other police department for that matter, deserve far more than society could ever pay them. None of you have the first clue about the life they live on a daily basis.

      Sadly, they’re not likely to see any significant gains this time around. I predict that Keith will sell out on contract negotiations before putting in his papers, this time as he did last time, and his unholy alliance with the Flintstones will continue well after his retirement from the YPD. Don’t be fooled by any puff piece plea he writes in the Yonkers Times. That “editorial” was softer than a baby’s ass. He didn’t mention Mayor Flinststone by name (instead aiming his softball accusations at “City Hall”), nor did he vow to fight to the bitter end or threaten to force arbitration to get what he feels his membership deserves. Just smoke and mirrors so it looks like he’s doing his part. I’m sure that the terms of the next contract have already been agreed upon behind closed doors, probably long ago, and I’m willing to bet that when asked at a monthly meeting what they are, Keith will respond as he did to a female officer who asked that very question a decade ago… “We’re not gonna tell you. We don’t want an open debate about it.” I know, because I was at that meeting, laughing and shaking my head because I was CLSA-bound and couldn’t believe how much the PBA membership let the Olsonettes get away with. Only when I learned about how management targeted Ray Montero with both barrels for openly dissenting against Keith and challenging his presidency did I understand the incredibly unethical nature of the alliance between City Hall and the Olsonettes.

      Hezi, you have this one wrong. The PBA deserves an outstanding contract. They have the most difficult job on the planet. Sadly, I expect they don’t have the leadership to get them one.

      Anthony D, the unfit L.T.

        1. Always a good boy – a true civil servant. If you’ve heard that I’m getting that job back then you’re three months behind the 8-ball. The Flintstones reneged on terms that were agreed upon through backdoor channels, so now we have fun and as I told Hezi, I’m just warming up.

          Don’t be a good boy. Be a man. Leave your name when you comment or don’t comment at all.

      1. Pineda is going nowhere
        She’s a joke
        People are sick of her
        She’s another hack who robs the system
        Free car Free gas and a 100k no show job in the county

    1. Spano will get his 4th term, no one better suited or experienced, but please keep the legislation exclusive to Mayor. Let’s NOT keep the silly City Council and all it’s embarrassing members out of a 4th term. Not one of them deserves the seat, only owing to lack of voter interest and let’s not now give these incompetent incumbents another upper hand, rather than step down… to do otherwise is a disservice to Yonkers.

      I say we disband the City Council all together. What do they do?? Nothing. Let’s save the City many millions by eliminating this function and all the cronies and associated BS positions!

  10. Once again you write of which you do not know. Please tell me exactly how many members of the Yonkers PBA have take home cars. I know you will not and cannot answer. Also please tell me the definition of your word “ outracious ”. I’ll wait and I also know you will not post this. I will as always document this as with all the others you have not posted.

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  11. I don’t get it Hezi, you don’t think the cops deserve a contract? Three years is a long time for the City to hold out on them.

  12. The Yonkers cops do NOT get to use gasoline for their personal vehicles. Grammatical errors aren’t the only mistakes in this lazy, disgraceful, garbage article.

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    2. Most but not all cops in Yonkers can’t find their ass from their elbow-never see them come up ur block but they can all find their way to Stews for their free/discounted meals.

    1. He’s whole family works for City as well my favorite is his nephews foodie Friday His sister is head of office of the aging Keith son is now with DPW should we keep going keith does whats good for keith he’s a Fraud drinks in the Brewery in his city issued car drinks his pints and drives his city car home #FRAUD

    2. There’s no more room for anymore Olson’s or Chiarella’s on the Yonkers payroll….. at some point enough is enough….

      Don’t cave mayor. Stand up to this bully, hope his members know the truth.

      1. Wah Wah Keith its time for you to retire still are you still not over being picked for commissioner maybe if you leave because it’s obvious you can’t fit in uniform maybe McDonalds will bring back Grimace you can just paint yourself purple!!! How come Mueller didn’t bring you to the MTA with him?!?!?!? Your laughable

  13. Lets talk about the YPD….they work for 20 years and get a pension that none of us regular folks get….and they have a deal with the kids that are coming into the force…if there is overtime for the younger members….they throw it to the guys about to retire…So a police officer whose base salary is say 120,000 gets overtime in the last three years of service which makes his total salary say…180,000 and then gets to retire on 80%….IT’S LEGALIZED THEFT which is crippling our big cities

  14. They should cut all the spanos salary 2%. That should cover the rest of the city employees for a raise. Instead they continue to handout spano raises….

    Mike spano *
    Gerard spano ypd
    Vincent spano *
    Jamie McGill *
    Joseph spano
    Vinny spano ypd
    Leonard spano dpw
    Leonard spano ypd
    Nicholas spano ypd
    Steve wilgermein dpw
    Glen DAmbrosio dpw
    Anthony Caragine yfd
    Gerard Gannon yfd
    Joseph Gannon ypd

    *raises were approved

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    1. Carolyn go eat a sandwich and save some food for your trained monkey, Freddy. When do crack you get very skinny and have bad teeth.

    2. William Norman who is the Director of Yonkers Veteran Service is not in his current position because of merit but rather because of his skin color-he has made it known that he wants nothing to do with the white veterans of Yonkers.

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