Natural Ways To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — July 26, 2022 — Feeling tired day after day? Finding it hard to stay focused and on task? Tossing and turning at night, wishing you could get a good night’s sleep? You might be feeling desperate for remedies to alleviate your current sleeping struggles. Here are a few things to try if you’re longing for a restful night in your near future.

Sleep patch

Sleeping troubles can be challenging to navigate, but a Sleep patch might be able to help you rest up. Some contain oils and supplements that are absorbed slowly through your skin. Unlike sleeping pills, sleep patches will help you fall asleep naturally and give you the best shot at staying asleep through the night. 

Essential oils

Lavender is a classic essential oil that smells great and works wonders for people struggling with sleeping problems. Lavender oil has GABA receptors that jumpstart your brain’s production of melatonin which helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and get a better quality of sleep – talk about a triple threat! If you’re not a fan of how lavender oil smells, chamomile, peppermint, and ylang ylang oils are great alternatives. Many brick-and-mortar stores sell a variety of essential oils. If you’re sensitive to certain smells, it’s advised that you go in the store to test the oil first before you purchase. 

Tea time

Herbal teas with ingredients like peppermint, chamomile, and – surprise, surprise – lavender are excellent aids for people looking to improve their sleep naturally. The ingredients jumpstart the body’s natural sleeping processes, and the activity of drinking a cup of tea in bed is downright relaxing and calming. This is a significant final step in your nighttime routine, as you’ll just need to set your empty mug on your nightstand and drift calmly to sleep afterward. If hot tea isn’t something you enjoy, you can brew sleepytime tea blends earlier in the day, put the liquid in the fridge and pour it over ice for a refreshing bedtime drink. This works great for those who live in warmer climates as well.

Epsom salt bath

First made famous by athletes for its ability to alleviate sore muscles, Epsom salt baths are also a great way to improve your sleep quality naturally. Epsom salt works because magnesium is an “anti-stress mineral” that relaxes your muscles, improves your digestion, balances your blood pressure, and gives you more energy, according to a spokesperson for the Epsom Salt Council. It’s also nice to unwind in a warm bath, surrounded by the soft glow of candles, and indulge in some of your favorite music at the end of the day. If you don’t have a bathtub, consider trying shower steamers that release essential oils like lavender or chamomile that can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Meditation session

If you feel like your mind is going a mile a minute when your head hits the pillow, you might need to try your hand at meditation. If you’re new to the concept of meditation, consider trying a guided meditation found on a streaming service or YouTube. There are many to choose from, so pay close attention to the description and reviews to ensure you’ve chosen a meditation that works for your time constraint or preferred outcome. 

Stretch it out

Yoga-inspired stretches can do wonders for your quality of sleep. You can find guides to yoga stretches online or stretch your arms, legs, and back in ways that feel good to you. Don’t overdo anything and injure yourself. Flexibility takes time, but forcing your body into uncomfortable contortions on day one will exacerbate your sleeping issues, causing you persistent pain that could keep up at night.

Breathing exercises

If you’re not interested in meditation, take a step back and consider trying some deep breathing exercises first. These don’t require as much focus as meditation but can give you a similar result of improved sleep quality. Here is an exercise to try:

  • Lay on your back with one hand over your heart and the other over your stomach
  • Breathe in through your nose until your lungs are full, filling your belly with air
  • Breathe out through your mouth until your lungs are empty
  • Repeat this a few times immediately before trying to fall asleep


The mention of self-care here is broad, but for a good reason. This simply tells you to do whatever makes you happy before you hop into bed. Going to bed feeling like you’ve missed out on something will keep you up, so it’s a good idea to just indulge in whatever you feel you want to do. Think twice about scrolling social media for hours or watching a TV show before bedtime. Instead, consider this time to be spent taking care of yourself. Do your skincare routine. Put on lotion. Use a face mask. Paint your nails. Exfoliate. Anything you care to do – do it.

eHeziNatural Ways To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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