Yonkersites Choose Intended Subterfuge By Engaging In a False Narrative So As To Malign Factual Intergrity of Events, Circumstances, Those Involved, Reprecussions, and Intended Outcome
By Hezi Aris

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Yonkersites Choose “Fake” Drama to Cover-up Instigators and Initiators with False Facts

The Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris

YONKERS, NY — July 10, 2022 — A physical assault allegedly  took place last week between an elected Yonkers politician and their relative and the person to whom they are married. Allegations and assertions grew and grew to eclipse the initial telling. In fact, convoluted circumstances changed so rapidly, the story-lHezitorialine and “so-called” integrity of facts were changing every syllable and by every”witness”, even those who claimed to be witness yet corroborative proof was lacking. And that was the intent! Malign the so-called facts, confuse the police, refuse to press charges. And yet, still feed the “pontificators” their delight in concocting a deceitful tale of “he said, she said” to bolster their individual lack of factual integrity while inundating the gullible to believe the histrionics.

Their individual and collective  conduct is indicative of their plea for attention and relevance that continues to wane by their inability to comprehend what transpired.

While the altercation seeminging did take place, those who could or should have filed a complaint with the Yonkers Police Department have not.

Even so, YPD has chosen not to investigate despite the “fact” that some have claimed they were physically assaulted. Let’s face it, YPD is not the judge or jury; since an “assault”has been alleged, whether an elected official or not, why has the YPD chosen not to investigate? 

Yonkers may be best to remain deaf to the “false narrative” some will have you believe is “news”. Perhaps some was. It is now nothing more than a confusing attempt to cover-up the instigators, perpetrators, and bearers of false witness to muddy that which did take place. 

eHeziYonkersites Choose Intended Subterfuge By Engaging In a False Narrative So As To Malign Factual Intergrity of Events, Circumstances, Those Involved, Reprecussions, and Intended Outcome
By Hezi Aris

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    1. Tasha Diaz speaks volumes of what Yonkers has become -Mayor Spano does not have the balls he was born with if he was born with any any at all-he has become a pandering left woke coward.

  1. Tasha is out of control. She need to be knocked down a peg or two. Giving away another organization’s food doesn’t make you a winner. She is a nobody.

  2. Can everyone please stop speaking in riddles and just tell us who this is about and what exactly happened? Thank you.

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  3. So what is the educational and career backround of the involved elected official?
    And is there city car being claimed on their income tax as per IRS regulations?

  4. I saw the village idiot podcaster try to report on this incident.
    The secret to being a pod caster. Read the Yonkers Tribune and try to imitate.
    Yonkers Tribune, often imitated, but never duplicated.
    They all lack the capacity of Hezi Aris.

  5. Yonkers PD are notorious for corruption – I’ve said this over and over again and I say this w/ first hand knowledge. I am not sure who this post is about BUT I can tell you Yonkers PD does not care when it comes to defending one of their own. A friend of mine was harassed/stalked/bullied by a Spano in-law but nothing ever happened to her despite having much evidence. This was before she was a Spano (I believe her brothers were cops). She’s a true closet psycho and you’d never know it, but what’s that saying… Wolf in sheep’s clothing? Only in Yonkers!

    1. I can’t help but assume who that is….. numerous past and current stories on her…. They never seem to hit the press, surprisingly….

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  6. Even the association of such “alleged” ghetto behavior is below the standard of any elected official…the bar should be set higher, NOT lower! But substandard seems to be the rule of the day for Yonkers electeds.

    From the start, how was the most junior, most uneducated, most inexperienced one nominated to be Majority Leader of the 3rd largest City in NYS? And how is Tasha the lead of the Education Committee? Both positions that Tasha holds are an insult to Yonkers taxpayers. This woman has ZERO qualifications, never had a job in her life, besides her ‘community advocacy’ and her ghetto retaliation tactics. This had to be maneuvered by the Spano administration, no doubt about it!!

    BUT, you get what you get, when you don’t go out to vote!!!

    Both positions should have been have held by either Corazon or Williams for Majority and the other for Education lead. And while they are significantly better than Tasha, they are also skill and intellectually deficient for the 3rd largest City in NYS.

    Come on…

    All these City Council members need to be stripped of all their perks. For part-time jobs what else do they do but attend flag-raisings, political functions, campaign fund raisers and food donations?

    What benefits does this Council provide to YOU? And they all get pensions, cars, free gas, tolls and parking tickets and God knows what else on our taxes.

    Enough is Enough.. we need to demand them to turn in cars first and second actually DO some meaningful and impactful legislation that benefits the people of Yonkers! What have any of them done for us??? Democrat or Republican??? Nothing but enrich themselves and their associations. So sickening.

    I challenge anyone on the Council to name one legislative action that has helped the middle class in Yonkers?? Just one?

    1. You demand so much yet refuse to leave your name. How do you expect residents to follow your courageous lead and advice when no one has a clue as to your own resume or identity. Did the CouncilWomen on the City Council that you refer to offend you? Did one of them defeat you for elected office? There are so many questions I could ask you in regards to your continued diatribe. Why bother, it’s worth nobody’s time. Remember, POTUS Harry S. Truman had only a high school diploma and history has rewarded him with higher than average accolades. You should contact one of the Councilwoman you criticize and tell them of your sought after opinion. Lol. I’m sure they are waiting with great anticipation and wonder to have the likes of you to show them the way.

      1. It’s hypocritical that you call out another poster for not leaving their name yet you do not post your name-i guess your just another “woke” enabler of the incompetence displayed by the COY Council.

  7. We all know who committed the assault and hopefully people with finally see her for the classless gutter trash she is. She threatened her council colleagues in a public meeting. She was extremely disrespectful to Sam Borreli in another public meeting. Giving away someone else’s food does not improve your reputation.

    1. Well she can’t be all bad all the time for putting Sam”the Kankasore”Borelli aka “kanky” in his place.After all he is the biggest piece of shit in this shithole.

      1. Before anybody goes kissing “Kanky’s” ass make sure that the meat headed shit sack gets some of that poop dander off his ass.

    2. The conventional wisdom is that the Flintstone family spent all kinds of money and effort on getting rid of Mike Khader because he was the only council member who opined and voted with his own heart, making him the only one standing between Nicky Boy Flinststone and a total dictatorship. The rest of the council are rumored to be mindless local dopes supporting any policy that the Flintstones put forward in exchange for all kinds of perks that can only be doled out by the executive branch. While I don’t know any of the current council members personally and I don’t care enough to spend too much time considering how true all of this is, the fact that a psychotic Hitlerian sadist like John Mueller, long ago confirmed by state and federal courts to be a stone cold evidence fabricator, can coast past the legislative body with the power and responsibility to veto unfit mayoral cabinet nominees and into the police commissioner’s chair tells me just about everything I need to know.

      And now that Johnny Rubberface is gone, I’d love to know what his successor thinks about all of this – when he’s not thinking about killing his wife and eating boxed macaroni and cheese, of course.

      The answer to fixing all of this is the ballot. It ends when the voters end it, and it ends no sooner than that.

      -Ant DiMagg…

      …henceforth proudly known as “Anthony D, the unfit L.T.”

      1. John Rubbo appears to be such a nice guy, but behind his facade he’s a very insecure and defensive person, a coward and a fraud…easily bought and sold and without conviction!

    1. Did the victim of the former “Fire Commissioner”ever get to sue the “Democratic People’s Republic of Yonkers” or his attacker being that the actual assault was allegedly covered up ?

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