GOP Nominates Former Scarsdale Mayor Dr. Miriam Levitt-Flisser to Enter Race for the Newly Defined 16th Congressional District in November 2022

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SCARSDALE, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — August 16, 2022 — Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser, a well-known Westchester County pediatrician, Medical Director of the Bronxville Schools, and former Mayor of Scarsdale, has accepted the nomination of the Westchester Republican County Committee to run for Congress in New York’s 16th Congressional District.

“I am running because our great country is straying from the American Dream, which has offered so many hard-working people opportunities for success and achievement,” said Dr. Levitt Flisser.

“Current policies and legislation passed by Congress are making us poorer, due to inflation an higher taxes. Too many cities and states are forcing our public education systems into a race to the bottom, rather than valuing educational support, achievement, self-reliance and dedication,” she said.

These issues are deeply felt by Levitt Flisser due to her background. Born in Eastern Europe, she immigrated with her parents to the United States, where her family settled in The Bronx, and ran a local food market. She and her husband, Harvey Flisser, a retired science teacher, met in high school, and have lived in Westchester for over 40 years.

“As a long-time resident and dedicated civic volunteer in Westchester County; with my Bronx roots, and continuous voluntary Bronx pediatric service, I understand what is important to residents of District 16, and I will represent them.”

The recently redrawn 16th Congressional District includes all of Southern Westchester and parts of the North Bronx. In the November 8th election, Levitt Flisser will face the candidate picked in the Democratic primary on August 23rd.

eHeziGOP Nominates Former Scarsdale Mayor Dr. Miriam Levitt-Flisser to Enter Race for the Newly Defined 16th Congressional District in November 2022

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  1. Miriam Levitt Flisser is the right person for this job. She is a strong person with a wonderful background for Congress. I only wish we had more people like Levitt Flisser getting involved in government.

  2. it doesn’t make a difference which candidate the Democratic Party picks…and in doesn’t matter how qualified Dr. Flisser is…The registration is so lopsided in the Bronx portion of the district as well as the lower portion of Westchester that no democrat can win a congressional election period. Donald Trump has made Republicans in swing districts, radioactive. Trump has single handedly made sure that candidates who identify with him in suburban districts like Westchester County, are losers. It’s a fact of life in Politics today. And considering major Republican leaders are parroting the notion that IRS agents will be coming for you with AR 15’s and that the FBI is corrupt is all nonsense. But, the failure of Republican leadership to call out these lies should concern every citizen. And, the only way to disabuse these Republicans from buying into the nonsense that FOX news opinion hosts peddle every day is to send a message loud and clear that talk of violence, civil war and wrecking the Federal government is unacceptable. The United States is a grand experiment in Democracy. What we are seeing today from Trump and his Republican base, is without a doubt, the most serious threat that the Republic has faced since the 1860s. It is up to all of us to reject the extreme radicalism that has creeped into the Republican party

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