New York State Can Easily Decriminalize “Shrooms”
By Activist Max Micallef

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Pattern of psilocybin mushrooms on brown background. Psychedelic magic Golden Teacher mushrooms. Micro-dosing concept. Photo credit: WHYY | PBS-NPR.

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — August 21, 2022 — In relation to public policy and political activism, the difference between incrementalism and passing internal pieces of legislation, within the larger goal at hand, is that one approach is counterproductive, while the other uplifts and creates positive change.

Incrementalism is the false idea of a compromise that is not only counterproductive, but harmful to the original intent in serving the people directly impacted which needs to be addressed; less than the bare minimum needed. Passing legislation and fulfilling initiatives along the way toward the original goal, uncompromising in drive and passion, addresses and corrects the injustice that is within the original goal. New York State has the pending “A6065 Decriminalize Psilocybin Bill” that would be amazing if passed into law. This of its own standing, and is a great step toward New York State passing the also pending bill of decriminalizing drugs as a whole.

In relation to psilocybin mushrooms, socially known as “shrooms”, and less commonly “magic mushrooms”, microdosing is the practice of taking and/or being administered a very small amount of shrooms in order to benefit from the drug, or in this case, also a plant. The practice emphasizes the minimization of possible undesirable effects so the beneficial effects of shrooms can occur.

Summarized by Dr. Ryan Marino, MD, a medical toxicologist and addiction specialist as well as emergency physician, “Psilocybin has proven to be extremely safe when administered in controlled settings. The idea that psilocybin can’t have medical uses does not hold up to scientific scrutiny… there is good evidence to support psilocybin’s therapeutic value in the mental health field.” The extensive findings through multiple research studies have been confirmed by institutions including the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

In addition, schools including the University of California Berkely and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City have created entire centers devoted to further studying psychedelics including shrooms due to the research proven that the microdosing of shrooms can effectively treat psychological disorders and conditions including clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With this, those in recovery, or aim to be in recovery from substance abuse as well as those with other disabilities could benefit immensely from administered treatments of psilocybin.

Shrooms are also an option for individuals who have been determined that their antidepressant and anxiety medication has become less effective, needs an additional (along with therapy) and simultaneously occurring mental health treatment, and/or would like to see negatively impacting antidepressant symptoms not occur including unhealthy weight gain, decreased libido intimacy, and in some cases, increased suicidal ideation.

What is holding us back in New York State from being a leader in tapping into scientific research and treatments in greatly reducing the mental and emotional pain many New Yorkers face is simply stigma and lack of education on the topic of psilocybin; ignorance.

If this bill passes both NYS legislative chambers and receives the Governor’s signature, it will be a major part of the push forward in necessary harm reduction, and even preventable lives lost. New Yorkers, and all across the nation, deserve to live their lives with utmost quality and fullest bodily autonomy possible. I encourage everyone to look into the great work organizations like Drug Policy Alliance are doing on this topic and more, as well as myth-busting around the topic of drug decriminalization altogether.)

Max MicallefNew York State Can Easily Decriminalize “Shrooms”
By Activist Max Micallef

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  1. Where does legalizing end? Heroin, cocaine, meth and then fentanyl. That is where this is going. If these democrats think legalizing all these drugs makes sense ask yourself where this will take us. Moronic.

    1. Idk if I would be calling people moronic when the title says decriminalization, not legalization. Also the link at the end offers a resource to debunk the myths you are expressing.

  2. I looked into this bill some more and I would support anyone running for office who guarantees they would support this in action and not just words. I haven’t voted in a while.. I may now. This bill is in my top 5, maybe 3 that should be passed that would help other bills get passed to like the author says.

  3. I’m a Democrat and really don’t like the socialists in this state, but they got this one right! I’m glad a middle of the road Democrat made this bill. This is a multi-coalition and ideological subject of support. Let’s pass this bill!

  4. This is definitely an issue that liberals and leftists can get behind together. The Assembly sponsor is a moderate, and progressives definitely support what this bill does. I wouldn’t be surprised if some conservative legislators support this as well. Mental health is really a uniting topic, especially suicide prevention. I have hope we can move past the disinformation and dumb fear.

      1. Really, and How’s the legal medical and recreational marijuana working out? Maybe we can make “shrooms” recreational? Why not LSD again like the CIA did with MK Ultra? I was an NYPD narcotics detective and this is absolute lunacy. Maybe people need to deal with their problems without escaping from reality and actually work through them without a nation relying on meds. This is exactly what the communists did in Russia when they dumbed down their population with free vodka. Keep pulling the D lever because It’s a race to the bottom, hold onto your seats!

        1. Yikes, you got a lot of issues going on in your life. Maybe anger management will help. I feel bad for you (most likely Bob from Texas, not even New York, I’m assuming based on the confusing and scattered rhetoric). It’s also kind of scary to think you were “in” the NYPD believing all your ideas that have been proven false over and over again. Thank god you’re out.

          1. Yikes?” Don’t worry you’ve achieved your wishes the NYPD is completely neutered and violent criminals run the streets as they did decades ago with the difference being there’s absolutely no consequences for their antisocial behavior. Dear liberals please enjoy the fruits of your labor because you’ve certainly earned it and remember just because you don’t hate them it doesn’t mean that they don’t hate you! We can and will defend ourselves and our families but you can’t and won’t and neither will we, you’re on your own, good luck.

            1. This is delusional. You’re playing the victim because the NYPD is being uncovered for the violent people they are. Factual criticism and actual attacks on the police are different. If you’re so patriotic and a “public servant” wouldn’t you encourage public discourse? You’re a rambling fascist and a nuisance. People look over your articles Bob in a way how a fly accidentally got into the house. The NYPD is, unfortunately, stronger than ever right now, give me a break you whiner. Maybe cry me a river to fix the drought we’re experiencing. Do something productive.

              1. If we can’t protect ourselves, we can’t protect you. Realize how far down this article is in the NY post and daily news because this is the new “normal!” It just hasn’t happened to you or someone that you know…..yet!

        2. Long story short the reality behind this unstable person’s comment is that all of the myths they said have been proven incorrect and are based on fear and discrimination.

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