PELHAM ART CENTER: Ultralight Beam Curated by Rebecca Mills
By Barbara Barton Sloane

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On View at the Center September 15-October 30, 2022

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Ultralight Beam

PELHAM, NY — August 19, 2022 —  Pelham Art Center presents Ultralight Beam curated by Rebecca Mills, on view September 15-Octoberr 30, 2022.  Ultra light Beam features the work of Artists: Sunny Allis, Angelica Bergamini, Claire Buckley, Susan Carr, Joan DiLieto & Thunderfox (working collaboratively), Ala Ebtekar, Gabriel Mills, Sarah Renzi-Sanders, Christina Saj, and Chris Watts.  The exhibition, homonymous to the Kanye West song, explores transcendent themes of higher consciousness, enlightenment, and the Universe as a whole.  The selected group of artists use spirituality, visionary methods, religion, and/or concepts of the metaphysical, intangible, and transcendent.  This is addressed through surrealism, abstraction, religious iconography, meditative work, or art that is beyond categorization.

The artists in Ultra light Beam use visual and tangible modes of communicating the spiritual and metaphysical, tapping into the unknown, and perhaps frightening, parts of our human reality and imagination.  Ala Ebtekar translates the concepts and physical properties of light emanating from the stars into works of art.  Ebtekar leverages the potentials of the cosmos in his art to reflect and empower both outward contemplation and inward vision.

A part of artistic growth is testing, while also pushing the limits of what is readily available to our imaginations; this is how Gabriel Mills approaches the canvas, where he explores the complexities of experience and sensation through a combination of abstraction and figuration.  That space of imagination is where artists who are deep in their practice are constantly searching.  This is seen in Sarah Rienzi-Sander’s surrealist landscapes, as well as in Susan Carr’s sculptures that are created as a devotional act and method of shadow work.  Claire Buckley draws from the wellspring of her own emotional state to convey expressive colorful artistic abstraction.  SunnyAllis is a trans, non-binary individual whose work explores the human ability to transform and evolve, leading the viewer toward a state of transcendence beyond the physical bodily form.

The work of Angelica Bergamini, Chris Watts, Joan DiLieto & Thunderfox, and Christina Saj include elements of religious mysticism.  The higher dimension these artists depict and draw upon to complete their works is one that we search to understand as the basis for our reality and life on earth.  This search is treated as both an individual endeavor and a collective pursuit of the universal human consciousness.

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15, 2022, 6:00-8:00 pm. Attend the free public opening reception for Ultralight Beam.  Light refreshments will be served.

Pelham Art Center.155 Fifth Avenue.Pelham, NY 10803. Tel: 914.738.2525

Barbara Barton SloanePELHAM ART CENTER: Ultralight Beam Curated by Rebecca Mills
By Barbara Barton Sloane

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