The Blindness of the Radical Left
By Bob Weir

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.” Photo by and courtesy of Netsky Rodriguez.

FLOWER  MOUND, TEXAS — August 15, 2022 — Like many of you, I’ve seen Democrats posting on social media about the “great job” being done by the Biden Administration. When I respond with questions such as, “Please cite the accomplishments to which you refer,” I’m always bombarded with hateful rhetoric about President Trump. Example: “Trump tried to overthrow the government!” I come back with, “When Trump was in office, our country was energy independent, the economy was booming, no inflation, gas was less than $2 a gallon, a border wall was being built, and we were disengaging from foreign wars.” Their response is generally an assortment of bitterness that is totally unrelated to the issues mentioned. 

It’s no surprise that the left has become so radicalized that they seem to have lost all reason and all perspective on matters related to Trump. It certainly tends to validate the Trump Derangement Syndrome that was coined to describe those who have lost all connection to reality when it comes to the former President. Moreover, it proves the power that propaganda has on the mind. If the MSM runs an hourly drumbeat telling the public that Mr. X is a nogoodnik, the poison gets embedded into the psyche, which makes it nearly impossible to view him in any other way. 

There’s a name for this form of psychosis, it’s called mass formation. Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist, gained worldwide recognition toward the end of 2021 when he presented the concept of mass formation as an explanation for the absurd and irrational behavior with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures. “In the beginning of the Corona crisis, back in February 2020, I started to study the statistics on the mortality rates of the virus, the infection fatality rates, the case fatality rate and so on, and immediately, I got the impression that the statistics and mathematical models used had dramatically overrated the danger of the virus,” Desmet said.

The professor went on to say that he quickly noticed that people simply didn’t want to know about the inaccuracies being promoted. He said it was as if they refused to see even the most blatant errors in the statistics being used. He decided to focus on the psychological mechanisms at play in the mind, and he became convinced that most people were made radically blind to everything that goes against the narrative they now believed in. They basically became incapable of distancing themselves from their beliefs, and therefore couldn’t take in or evaluate new data. The axiom, “convince a man against his will, he’s of the same opinion still,” seems applicable. It explains why people criticize Trump, even with all the evidence of his successful first term, while they give kudos to Biden, who has, undoubtedly, the worst record of any President in recent history. 

A recognizable characteristic of mass formation is that once people are in the grip of it, they typically show a tendency of cruelty towards people who do not buy into the narrative, or, submit to it. They typically do so as if it is an ethical duty. Could this be why people not wearing masks were physically assaulted during the pandemic? Once “hypnotized” by a narrative, some will stigmatize non-believers, then attempt to destroy those who do not go along with the masses. People can be killed for not wearing a mask and the hypnotized won’t raise an eyebrow. Children can die from starvation and friends can commit suicide from financial desperation, yet, none of it will have a psychological impact on the hypnotized because, to them, the plight of others doesn’t register. 

A perfect example of this psychological blinding to reality is how COVID jab deaths and injuries are simply unrecognized and not even considered to be causal. People will get the vaccine, suffer massive injuries, and convince themselves how lucky they are because it could have been much worse if they hadn’t received the shot. They cannot conceive the possibility that they were injured by the shot. Some have expressed gratitude for the shot, even after someone they loved died within hours or days of getting it. Only the psychological dynamics of hypnosis can explain this irrational and otherwise incomprehensible behavior.

It seems surreal to think that people can be turned into mind-numbed robots with no will of their own. Nevertheless, it does explain why no amount of success by President Trump can be viewed fairly by those who have been mesmerized by powerful media organizations and leftwing Democrats. It also explains why people have been assaulted and even killed for the simple act of wearing a MAGA hat. Keep in mind that the left, in its continuous attempt to blame what they do on the right, still warns the public about white supremacists, who Biden says is the greatest threat to our country. Being blinded to the riots, looting, killing and arson committed across the country last year by BLM and Antifa, while calling for the harshest of punishment for the January 6th demonstrators is a perfect example of mass formation. 

Bob WeirThe Blindness of the Radical Left
By Bob Weir

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  1. I don’t watch FOX or NEWSMAX because I don’t need them to confirm my opinions about the facts the way you need to by watching CNN/MSNBC.

  2. This literally has no substance regardless of your politics. It’s yelling hallucinations into the wind. I can get having different opinions on here, but Bob just makes the tribune look not creditable.

        1. So are you just another liberal that lives in westchester that believes the current regime is doing a good job as long as Trump isn’t the president? When you hear something that you don’t like regarding the Biden administration, do you shift to old reliable? Insurrection talk and all things Trump like most liberals do….. Are you one of those people that pivot away from the BLM peaceful protests which included the destruction of government buildings? Do you avoid that issue and counter it by talking insurrection? Do you have a black lives matter sign on your lawn? Do you support giving billions away to ukraine? Do you support schools promoting freak transgender ideology to kids in first grade, and changing history with CRT nonsense? Do you pretend no illegals are flown into NY/westchester airport overnight, and believe that no human is illegal? Do you own a Toyota Prius and wear a mask when driving alone? Are you a cnn drone? Is this you?

    1. You’re probably too young to remember what NYC was like in the 70s-90’s or you simply don’t care because you think you’re safe in your little Lilly white Westchester Hamlet. Your college professor certainly won’t tell you or your kids what the “bad old days” were like! However “back in the day” when Bob and I were NYC cops we were generally able to do our jobs and perpetrators for the most part received fair sentences as their prior offenses and convictions actually mattered. These headlines are the results of failed liberal leftist policies once again! Dear liberals Please enjoy the fruits of your labor
      because you’ve certainly earned it and remember just because you don’t hate them it doesn’t mean that they don’t hate you. We can and will defend ourselves and our families but you can’t and won’t and you’ve created an environment where we can’t defend you anymore! Good luck🍀you’re on your own !

    1. If you want drama go to the theater. This is all unfactual rubbish meant to stir up feelings not critical thought. Why is this guy pretending to be an intellectual?

  3. The thing is you don’t ask “please cite your sources.” You just go on an unhinged rant in the comments untethered from reality hahaha. You aren’t the sophisticated person you want to be, and because of that, you hate yourself.

  4. I love that you will do everything to try and excuse the insurrection Trump caused. I don’t like Biden either but if you think you’re being intelligent by playing down fascism you’re incredibly uneducated and biased.

    1. An actual “insurrection” requires actual armed revolutionaries or terrorists depending on what “side” you’re on. Even leftist communist attorney Ron Kuby called the “insurrection” what it was basically a bunch of white trash who live in their parent’s basements acting out their online fantasies.

      Where’s the concern for the one actual fatality, unarmed white female veteran Ashleigh Babbitt who was gunned down by a troubled black Capitol “cop!” Can you imagine the results of this incident if it was a white male cop and black female?

      Too many unanswered questions especially since the Capital “cops” are little more than armed tour guides as the feds are notoriously incompetent. Why were the January 6th perps let inside and what about all the all but confirmed federal undercover agents and confidential informants in the crowd including the alleged mysterious bomber ? Why did the capital “cops” ignore multiple warnings from the FBI and NYPD intelligence division that there was going to be trouble? Why was Trump’s offer of the national guard ignored?

      Why weren’t the real Washington DC police involved? Trump’s behavior that day was reprehensible but not criminal and luckily Pence was the adult in the room. The same can’t be said for the majority of democrats who ignored or even enabled the “mostly peaceful”BLM/ANTIFA burning and looting during the summer of 2020 like “Vice President” Harris did when she bailed them out!

      Like Bob I have twenty years with the NYPD retiring as a detective and an additional 15 years in another urban law enforcement capacity and two masters degrees. We have been in incidents as serious or even far worse and have the background to call this what it is

        1. Once they were ALLOWED inside the capital by the CAPITAL “police” who was going to take over? Maybe the Qanon “Shaman?”

          I’m not a big Ron Kuby fan but I’ve actually met him and spoke to him numerous times and despite our radical political differences he’s an absolute gentleman and extremely intelligent, insightful and knowledgeable!

          I’m sorry if our facts don’t agree with your opinions because it doesn’t matter what you think about how you feel, only the facts matter. Alvin Bragg dropped his ridiculous criminal case against Trump and Leticia James’ case is equally ridiculous and going nowhere as it only serves to strengthen his base. Now the Famous But Incompetent FBI aka the Best Buy Geek Squad with guns and badges is trying their own fishing expedition.

          You watch this nonsense on TV I’ve lived it and was in a full scale riot from a stabbing my first day on patrol in Hunts Point July 4th 1985 as well as numerous other rioting!

          I’ve dealt extensively with the FBI and if they were any good the WTC would still be standing !

        2. It’s a race to the bottom as your leftist cognitive dissonance allows you to ignore the absolute devastation of your cities, states and nation. Keep pulling the D lever because your ideology and narrative are more important than reality. Please do yourself a favor and ask heartbroken Christian Arabs, Cuban immigrants as well as former Soviet Union residents what they think of today’s American “progressives!”

          1. Lol more attempts by yet another conservative to come off as smart when really just a empty shell savior complex. Get over yourself.

        3. Weir is right about people like you. You call Jan 6 an insurrection, but you totally support the real insurrection by Black Lives Matter and Antifa when they rioted across the country and burned police stations, looted thousands of stores and shot people in the streets. You are a victim of the leftwing media that uses you like a naive impressionable child. You are the perfect example of what Weir is talking about in his column.

          1. An insurrection is an insurrection. You’re proving my point that you know you’re wrong and just being a tribalistic neanderthal by going “Well, what about this other thing!?” You’re wrong. You’re simple minded. Get over it. Also go be a hypocrite and watch Fox News till you drool.

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