Too Many People Engaged in Political Subterfuge are Unrecognized by Yonkersites
By Hezi Aris

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Yonkers Acceptable Political Subterfuge Hezitorial

Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor and Westchester On the Level Radio Host Hezi Aris

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — August 20, 2022 — Yonkers City Court Judge Elena Goldberg Velazquez is expected to win and thereafter  departing the Yonkers City Court and will next become a New York State Supreme Court Justice thereby leaving in her wake an open position for Yonkers City Court Judge. When former disgraced Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq. lost his re-election bid to Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Esq. Khader renewed his focus on what many people termed his diminished law practice. It now seems that Mr. Khader has or will soon announce his intention and ruse to seek the office of Yonkers City Mayor. Without a resolution to the allegations against Mr. Khader it is improbable that he can win a city-wide election. More plausible is that Mr. Khader’s announced or soon to be announced intention to launch a campaign for Yonkers Mayor is intended to motivate Yonkers City Hall to appoint him to the Yonkers City Court bench. This prospective ploy by Mr. Khader is not rational because he is simply not a threat to Mayor Mike Spano who has no need to capitulate to Mr. Khader’s efforts. Mayor Mike Spano has filed his intent to run for Westchester County Executive. This reporter believes Mayor Mike Spano’s announcement is a deflective political move even though Westchester County Executive George Latimer is term limited from running for a third term. Present Deputy Westchester County Executive Ken Jenkins is expected to formally launch his effort to be elected the next Westchester County Executive with County Executive Latimer’s blessing.

Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson is advocating a pay increase for the Yonkers Police Department informing Yonkersites that YPD have not gotten a pay increase for the past three years. Media has informed Yonkersites that the average employed Yonkersite earns one-third the salary earned by the Yonkers Police. Press releases divulged by YPD assert that crime has been reduced 10 percent in the last year, but corroborating statistics have not been divulged, which relegates the assertion as unsubstantiated hearsay. Olson is expected to promote a strike in order to pressure Yonkers City Hall to offer him an early retirement buyout. 

The website notes that the City of Yonkers pays an average salary of $179,730 and salaries range from a low of $154,835 to a high of $208,247. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

An anomaly in the payment structure is that if a police officer is assigned to a particular detail the last three years of his/her employment they will be afforded a salary of $300,000 for each of the last 3 years and thereby be able to retire on a pension of $150,000 per year which is totally borne at the taxpayer’s expense.

Akeem H. Jamal, employed by the City of Yonkers as assistant to  Mayor Mike Spano’s Communications Director Christina Gilmartin will soon depart for a position in New York State Governor Kathy Hochul’s Administration at a sum purported to be valued at $200,000 per year. This is the same guy that upon departing the Duo Lounge on Yonkers Avenue drove drunk northbound on Central Avenue that is designated a southbound road. In so doing Mr. Jamal eventually crashed into a car being driven correctly southbound when Mr. Jamal drove northbound on the southbound road and thereby crashed into the victim, injuring the victim and himself in the process that required many months of rehabilitation for Mr. Jamal. The Yonkers Tribune was never apprised of the name of the victim.

Upon Mr. Jamal’s soon to be expected departure from Yonkers to his future employment in Albany, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano issued the following:

eHeziToo Many People Engaged in Political Subterfuge are Unrecognized by Yonkersites
By Hezi Aris

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  1. Doesn’t matter who wins, Mayor Spano got his entire family dug deep in City of Yonkers payroll. They are making big money, and barely show up for work! Every city worker is aware of this! They are all awarded management positions! The stupid family members are given special details to make 210k a year to pick up paper in Getty Square at 3am on Sunday’s ……the damage is done! Kudos to John Murtaugh for calling it about hiring family members during his mayoral run!

    1. Yep, so many former Mayors and other electeds, both current and former, are either working for Yonkers in ‘No-show’ jobs or their family and friends are in the seats! No qualifications, just connections that are bleeding this City dry. Corruption and Nepotism at it’s finest in Yonkers.

      No oversight, ethics or investigation as the IG is another admin old school “connected”boy, who has his wife and several brother working in COY, by appointment, no tests! Liam is not going to turn over any stones.

      When will this shake-down of the taxpayer end? Go vote, for who? Then the crooks extend term limits by a back door vote and are rumored to do it again!!! The NYS IG and AG need to come to Yonkers, no doubt about that!

  2. The only political line necessary to win a Supreme Court Judgeship in the 9th judicial district which includes Westchester Rockland Dutchess Putnam and Orange Counties is the Democratic line…Any person running who has that line does not need a second line to win….That is because the registration edge enjoyed by the Democrats in those five counties is overwhelming at this point in time. In the early 1980’s the Republican party enjoyed what might be called an equivalent advantage so that judicial races elected Republicans who had the conservative line as well back in the day. In fact the only time that Republicans had difficulty in their judicial races was during a presidential election year when Democrats, because of their growing majority, primarily in Westchester, could slip in. As Republican elected Supreme Court Justices get older and retire they are being replaced by Democrats. In fact it is fair to say that no Republican candidate for Judge in the 9th Judicial district has any chance of winning no matter how many lines he or she might have.

  3. Regarding John Spencer’s loss of home via foreclosure and eviction.

    This is not intended to be malicious rather to expose the gross misrepresentation of a person by the media as a financial expert and great administration ability who sadly resulted in miserable personal failures.

    I feel bad for him and his family. He was last seen on Midland Avenue in a very poor state . I hope for the best for him and his family.

    Nonetheless there is a story in how Journal News and News 12 portrayed him for many years. That was all “paid for” fake news. That’s the story.

    Praying for a good life for John and his family

    1. Spencer was the puppet of many who were enriched tremendously by his time in office.

      Too bad the Martinellis, Spanos, McLaughlins, etc. didn’t have the kindness and loss of greed to come forward and save him from total personal and financial disaster.

      1. Perhaps a gofundme page should be established for him and his family so that all of those who were made more financially enriched through his public service can help him and his family.

        What say you Martinellis, Spanos, Mclaughlins, Restiano, Burrows, Police and Fire Pensioners, Developers and Contractors who are taking more than they would have, without Spencer.

        Excuse the expression, but he’s on the balls of his ass. He enriched you. Help him and his family and his children if there is any decent, compassionate or charitable part of you.

  4. Loving the midterms with Dems buying votes left, right and center. The student loan forgiveness is buying votes, so is the illegal migrants being shipped all around the country, so they can be legalized and turned into Democratic voters. Pretty disgraceful.
    I wonder how much those migrants are costing the Yonkers taxpayer, not even our so called republicans will tackle this issue. Guaranteed property tax increases coming to pay for it all. Thanks to you SpaNO.

  5. John Khader will be running for County Executive, while his brother Mike BeBop” Khader will be running for mayor. Double the Khaders. Double the grease.

  6. Let me get this correct he ran for re-election against an unknown and lost every polling place in Yonkers. Now he wants to run for Mayor 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  7. Khader was a no show on Ru Ros
    What’s on display is the typical lying and faking that the Khader’s are masters at.
    The Voters gave you a chance and you blew it. The best thing for you to do is move to California. Save your family the embarrassment.

    1. She has the Republican line as well. While this was looking a being a bad year for Democrats the Supreme Court changed that when they overturned Roe v Wade. It is a good year for Democratic women. Look at what happens in the Democratic Congressional Primary on Tuesday.

      1. She does not have the Republican line. Maybe that drunk Hugh Fox gave her the Conservative line, but that worth nothing. Ask Tim Hodges what it got him.

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