Welcome to “News & Notes,” Where We look At the Happenings Here in Westchester County … August 2022”
By Mark Jeffers

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Mark Jeffers is a Bedford Hills resident.

BEDFORD HILLS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — August 1, 2022 — All of the sand is finally out of my shoes and my sunburn is fading, so I guess vacation is over, fortunately all of that rest and relaxation has given me some great new ideas for this edition of “News and Notes…”

These recent hot muggy nights certainly have brought out those pesky mosquitoes. Do me a favor, before you swat those pests with my column sit back and read it first…

With all this heat and humidity this summer, this sounds right up my alley … on Wednesdays in August at 10 a.m. our friends at the Katonah Library are hosting Chair Yoga with Gail Greenstein, a weekly, hour-long session, to help you stay limber, relaxed and improves flexibility, concentration and strength.  Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga, practiced while sitting on a chair, or standing using the chair for support.

Now here’s a “cool” idea…please don’t forget our friends at the Community Center of Northern Westchester as they could always use food donations to help out those less fortunate.  Please bring your donations to the Center during their regular hours.  There are bins set up for donations near the back gate.  Please do not leave donations when the Center is closed which is August 7 – 13.

My wonderful physical therapist Lize Lubbe has written on golf, tennis gardening, weekend warriors and now she found something I can do, her latest piece is on the health benefits of walking, now that is something I’m pretty good at, to learn more, call her studio at 914-875-9430.

Since my roots are from Upstate NY, this event caught my eye…On August 17 at 7 p.m. Caramoor presents a Concert on the Lawn with the musical group Upstate in collaboration with City Winery.  Following a rousing performance at their 2021 American Roots Music Festival, Upstate returns to take you on a textured musical journey as they weave traces of Americana, jazz, gospel, and R&B with their eyes towards music that tells the truth above all.  Please bring your own seating for this concert, as it takes place on the grassy Friends Field.  You can even bring or purchase a picnic dinner.

I can’t believe 2022 is already half over, it really is time to just sit back and enjoy all the wonderful things we have up here in Northern Westchester  and  with all the hustle and bustle we have going on, it’s always important to stop and remember all the great friends and family you have…see you soon. 

Mark JeffersWelcome to “News & Notes,” Where We look At the Happenings Here in Westchester County … August 2022”
By Mark Jeffers

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