Best Adhesives for Lash Extensions

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YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — September 14, 022 — Lash extensions are having a shining moment in the beauty industry right now, for a good reason! Women  are opting for the easy and doable DIY method within their beauty regimen rather than running to the nearest lash tech. 

It is easier than ever to get your hands on a quality eyelash extension kit that can enhance your natural beauty, last longer than drug store strip lashes, and look authentic all the while. Eyelash extension kits have put the power back into women’s hands and have allowed them not to rely on yet another beauty service.

By using a quality DIY natural lash extension kit, women can get ready for their big events or their daily errands and achieve the voluminous lash look that they beforehand could only achieve through the help of a professional.

It’s important to note that while not all eyelash extension kits are created equal, neither are the lash adhesives that go with them. Lash adhesive is the essential aspect of a quality eyelash extension kit, as it can make or break the longevity and effectiveness of your eyelash extensions. If you are not using a quality adhesive, your lashes might fall, shift, or break off. 

Additionally, a low-quality adhesive can cause many people’s eyes to be itchy or have an allergic reaction. Doing your research on the best eyelash extensions is essential to ensure you have the best adhesive for lashes in the game. Knowing the best qualities of lash adhesives will help you when doing your research to find the best products out there. We’ve compiled a short, comprehensive list that will help you to know what to look for when reading the labels of products that boast they are the best.

Find a lash adhesive that is a color but dries clear.

This can be extremely helpful in the application stage of the adhesive bonding process. By having an adhesive that shows up clearly in either a white or black color, you can ensure your measurement and angle are pristine. From there, the solution turns to clear and becomes invisible to the eye.

Find a lash adhesive that is good for sensitive eyes.

This goes without saying, but make sure you’re not just using any adhesive out there as they can irritate the eye and cause itchiness or, worse, an allergic reaction.

Find a lash adhesive that also comes with a sealant.

Adhesives work best when used with a sealant, which puts the finishing touches on your lash job once you have it in place. Once you’re happy with the position of your lashes, use a sealant to keep them there for good.

Find a lash adhesive that is flexible and nourishing.

You don’t want a lash adhesive that is crusty and dries hard. This is not comfortable for keeping long-term, and you might be at risk of irritating your eye if the adhesive comprises horrible non-nourishing solutions.

Find a lash adhesive that can withstand levels of heat and moisture.

Heat and moisture are adhesive’s worst enemies. While there are levels to which you should work to not over-expose the lash, you still might want to find an adhesive that is more tolerant to these conditions. 

Lash adhesives for lash extensions go far beyond simply using a quality adhesive. Don’t get us wrong, that’s important as not all adhesives are created equal, but it’s also essential to know how to maintain and care for your lashes so that whatever adhesive you use stays in place for as long as you need it to. Don’t forget that lash extension adhesive truly comes down to quality after-care. 

To ensure that adhesive stays in place, one must avoid showering for the first 48 hours after you’ve finished the application process for your eyelash extensions. After this 48-hour window, wash your extensions regularly and brush through them daily to avoid lash mites or debris of old leftover products that can cause infection. 

This also helps keep your adhesive glue clean and the bond strong. You may not know that most lash removal processes utilize oil-based solutions to break down the lash adhesive. Because of this, it’s important to avoid using any product, such as oil-based mascara or oil-based makeup remover that would put your adhesive at risk of breaking down prematurely. 

Rubbing your eyes and picking or pulling at your lashes can damage and pull on the adhesive, so make sure to try and avoid this habit. Most lash professionals will tell you not to lay on your side or your stomach as it can cause your lashes to get smashed against the pillow and crease in weird angles. This can weaken the extension and pull on the adhesive bond, causing the extensions to fall out or loosen prematurely. It is recommended to lay on your back so your lashes remain untouched.

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