City of Yonkers Underreports Income and Taxes to the IRS and NYS

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YONKERS, NY — September 10, 2022 — For years, the City of Yonkers has underreported income and taxes to the IRS and NYS. 

Regulations as defined by the IRS

According to the IRS Publication 15-B, employers providing company cars to employees are required to report personal mileage as taxable fringe benefits on W-2 issued to such employees. 

The City of Yonkers has failed to report such taxable fringe benefits on all employees with issued City cars cheating taxing authorities of tax dollars. 

Personal mileage means nonwork-related purposes such as: the commute between home and work, using it on the weekend or for a vacation, or someone other than your employee using it like a family member, friend, or neighbor.

The City of Yonkers Finance Department is required to annually request vehicle mileage from employees with City cars and report non-work related mileage on City cars as income on the W-2s. However, we learned the Finance Department has failed to make this computation to report the taxable fringe benefits. 

This failure subjects the City of the Yonkers and employees with City cars to civil penalties for all years in question. 

TribuneCity of Yonkers Underreports Income and Taxes to the IRS and NYS

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  1. I can attest that Mike Breen does not use his city vehicle outside of council business. He has the same car as his personal car. I know, that’s not too bright.
    Mike Khader and John Rubbo used their cars to run their campaign. I have filed formal charges with the New York State Board of Elections. I know disgraced Khader will never again hold office, so we must unite against John “the stooge” Rubbo.

    1. We all know Breen’s have been sucking the Spano tit for 30 years
      Breen’s get Ala Carte from the buildings dept to boast her real estate job
      Breen’s kids got special treatment in the YPD
      Breen’s had no democrat opponent thanks to Spano

  2. Stop complaining about city vehicles being used the wrong way, everyone carry’s a phone with a camera if you see a city vehicle being used or parked where it don`t belong take a picture of it and send it to the Yonkers tribune i see a lot of complaining about misuse NOW send in the proof.

    1. The problem is that people have been doing that forever and nothing happens. The Inspector General is the person who is supposed to ensure that city resources are being used appropriately, and report such misconduct to the appropriate agencies for discipline. However, the people who created such a system of checks and balances never counted on him being the Mayor’s best friend in a place where the Mayor has completely centralized control.

  3. You hit a raw nerve with this one Hezi, rightfully so because this disgusting abuse and waste of money must be stopped.

    City vehicles should be used for work purposes only. Period.

    Thanks for the exposure. Journal News and News 12 can’t seem to find the “news” unless it’s favorable to their favorite politicians.

  4. Occasionally I open Yonkers tribune website, to see what people are writing about. I just witnessed 31 gutless comments.Young people went thousands of miles away from home, to fight a war so you can sign your name to a comment. The greatest generation who were heroes. We went from heroes to zeros in 80 yrs.If you write it sign it if not don’t print it. Michael starro!

    1. No they did not. The constitution protects our free speech and certainly not the military that soak up 40% of the total global expenditure on military. The wars over seas have all been Whitehouse Welfare propping up the military contracter’s here and corrupt regimes overseas. Where did the 3 trillion go to in Afghanistan? Just wondering since your a wealth of knowledge.

  5. The Labor unions are not awarded vehicles anymore bc the City and Teamster Brass cut a deal to fu*k their own members. The City of Yonkers Mayoral Staff and Commissioner Staff need stand by vehicles bc they keep driving drunk and crashing them! Anybody looking for a case just hang out at a Tara’s or La Lamterna’s around 12p-1am and just wait!

  6. Mayor Spano took city vehicles away from emergencies department workers . These workers actually need them to respond to emergencies after hours. Part time employees , like City Council Members, are given vehicles. They use them to go on vacation and pick up their children from school. If you’re not part of the clique, you won’t get a vehicle. Some commissioners and mayoral staff have been seen after hours at bars getting hammered. They all are driving city vehicles bc police won’t pull them over and their too stupid to call an Uber. Way to knock down the working man! Thanks Spano and Meier.

  7. Last year, The people of Yonkers kicked khader out of office and next Year if these council members don’t get their act together they will get kicked out just like Khader.

  8. How about a FOIL request for information regarding the purchase or lease of this huge number of vehicles. Who were the deal, what prices were paid, were any commissions paid to lobbyists, etc.

    Maybe Ms. Rocah, the DA, should investigate.

  9. Yonkers is so corrupt from top to bottom. No wonder it looks like a $hithole. Illegal dumping, illegal parking, illegal apartments, the list goes on and on. Let’s not forget the illegal Mayor who was term limited and extended his stay at City Haul. The illegal council members also on extended illegal terms. All of this happens because the people vote for the same assholes year in year out, Plus there are no “real” elections in Yonkies, just the usual list of the friends and family club.

    This place makes the Sopranos look like kindergarten. What a joke.

  10. We have watched the current commissioner during council hearings. He is grossly unqualified for Finance.

    He has never given an answer about an amount or number without saying “in the neighborhood of…”

    A real finance person gives an exact number with confidence. No neighborhood needed!!!! We just crack up every time he says in the neighbor of $….

    So we are not surprised this is happening. We are just worried about what hasn’t come to light yet.

  11. The Yonkers City Council should lead by example. They should hold a public hearing and discuss the violation and how to avoid this in the future…..

    But maybe they are as crooked as the rest of them.

  12. Where is the Yonkers IG? Liam are you listening???
    Liam hasn’t done a thing since he was appointed.
    They just drink coffee and shred papers at the IG’s office .

    1. The IG? He used his city council car as his own personal Uber driving out to the Hamptons every weekend for years. Do you think he’s going to look into this? Or the other scams he participated in? Fat chance.

  13. How about the possibility of kick backs for the purchase of all of the thousands of vehicles especially the luxury vehicles that the City purchased or leased for those who otherwise could never afford them.

    1. What about Sgt.Shultz opps I mean Lt.Col. Tommy Boy who drives the gas guzzling brand new Chevy Tahoe to the asshole of Connecticut everyday?It was the IRS that took Capone down,imagine what it could do to this shit pile of rat loser has beens all stabbing each other in the back.LMASO.

      1. Yeah and his partner the human shit stain with the Kankymobile parked in Tara’s parking lot every night.(Sam Kanky Borelli black Explorer)

  14. Rewards are offered by the IRS and NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance to the first person to report this tax evasion. Use Google to find out how to report these crimes to the proper taxing authorities.

  15. Every person who takes home a city or school vehicle should stop as of today. If the vehicle is needed for city business It should be picked up at their job site and returned to that site at the end of the work day. No more free gas or ez passes. Part time City council members should not have access to city cars when they use their personal car they should track their mileage and get reimbursed.

  16. The books of CoY probably have plenty of other “errors and omissions” and questionable accounts. Where was the city’s “independent” accounting firm to acknowledge and advise on this? Another entitled firm/relationship that needs to go…

  17. Too many take home cars are used for personal use.
    Shanae’s boyfriend uses her City Car for personal use
    Corazon is on her 3rd vehicle , drives to white plains and queens every day
    Tasha is another who abuses the system
    She’s put more mileage on than the whole city fleet
    Rubbo’s city car is always parked at the brewery
    Breen is king of abuse , takes his car to the Jersey Shore for the last 12 years

    We NEED to Ban the use of take home cars. Yonkers is the only municipality in the State where Council Members get free cars free gas free insurance

  18. Unfortunately many of the car crook tax evader’s especially the elected officials and do nothing Commissioners and higher incompetent staff are protected by the statute of limitations. Too bad. The city could use all of that back tax money due

    1. The statute of limitations is 6 years but if it’s determined to be fraudulent avoidance of taxes then there is no statute of limitations. And the taxes are due and owning to the federal and state governments, not Yonkers. The value of the personal use of the employer provided car is taxable income and must be claimed each tax year.

  19. Biden new 87000 IRS agents will swoop down on the employees and elected officials who have been driving these high end SUVS and fancy cars for years since “Foreclosed and Evicted” John Spencer and his crew (Restiano, Burrows, Martinelli, Brandon) started these free tax giveaways.

    I don’t think that the city will face a tax liability on this but they may face a penalty but it’s those employees and elected officials who received the cars will probably be audited and taxed.

    Maybe all of those employees and elected officials who are in the boat right now should turn their cars in every night and drive home in their own car.

    In the old days in the city of Yonkers only building inspectors and engineering department inspectors had a car, usually a falcon Ford with a four-cylinder engine and they drove them to and from work and on their job.

    The financial genius, John Spencer, who was a make-believe @fake news” bank executive and is now living in the most dire conditions is the guy who pulled this off as a unofficial bribe to keep them self in power. And the program was continued and propagated under Amicone and now Spano

    Good luck to all of you from all of us who never excepted that city vehicle as the bribe for commitment to keeping our mouth shut

    1. The city council take home cars started when Martinelli returned as mayor in the early 80s.
      And don’t select members of the County Board of Legislators get these cars too???

  20. Let’s hope we get a City Council that follows the law.
    Last year the voters kicked khader out for his behavior and In 2023 , there will be others

  21. I could never understand how a garbage man like John Lisewski became a Finance Commissioner
    It’s a terrible appointment by this Mayor
    Let’s hope someone is held accountable for stealing tax dollars

    1. It was due to his employment of a staff member that the $50 million dollar error that was said to be funded for the Yonkers Board of Education but was ignorantly posted as received when it was not. Those are the facts. Now another blundering oversight. Kindly, Hezi

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