Redlich Proposes Privatization of MTA

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Albany, NY, September 28, 2010 — Gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich proposed that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority be privatized. The move would reduce operating costs dramatically, allowing for fare reductions and improved service. "The MTA chronically overspends and underperforms," Redlich said. "It's yet another example of government failure in New York State."

eHeziRedlich Proposes Privatization of MTA

Mayor Amicone Welcomes Paxos Grill & Café to Main Street Yonkers

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(L-R): Yonkers city Council President Chuck Lesnick, Yonkers City Democratic Committee Chairwoman Symra Brandon, Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Pat McDow, Yonkers Groundworks Executive Director Rick Magder, Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, Proprieters Lou & Rita Vlahopolous, Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Business Improvement District Executive Director Steve Sansone, NYS Senator Andrea Cousins, and V.Rev.Fr. Sylvester Berberis, from the Zoodohos Peghe Greek Orthodox …

eHeziMayor Amicone Welcomes Paxos Grill & Café to Main Street Yonkers