Operation Finale

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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — May 11, 2020 —  This week marks 60 years since the daring Mossad operation to arrest and ultimately bring to trial notorious Nazi leader, architect of the Holocaust, and mass murderer, Adolf Eichmann. Eichmann was captured in Argentina on May 11, 1960, brought to Israel where he was tried. The plan to find, arrest, and bring Eichmann to …

Jonathan FeldsteinOperation Finale

The Venomous Tongue of Anti-Semitism

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Weir Only Human When I hear words like “Jews are the anti-Christ, the Satanic Jews, Jews are chosen by Satan, Judaism is a gutter religion,” and many more virulent anti-Semitic comments, I know exactly who’s speaking. There’s only one person in this country evil enough to utter such hate-filled diatribe, while knowing full well that he has immunity from public …

eHeziThe Venomous Tongue of Anti-Semitism

A Century of Genocides: Next Trigger-Man, Iran By GUY MILLIÈRE

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  The first priority of most Western governments today seems to sign a deal with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, who openly calls for Israel’s and America’s destruction. The next priority of many European governments, and apparently the Pope, is to entrust a state to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, a movement that does not hide its genocidal intentions. Unless …

eHeziA Century of Genocides: Next Trigger-Man, Iran By GUY MILLIÈRE