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HeziThe Yonkers Tribune, designated the home of the acid-tongued bloggers by “The New York Times”, is home to a tribe of cranky political obsessives, and anonymous gadflies who have taken up camp to populate our Website: www.YonkersTribune.com.

There may never be a single locus of political engagement in Yonkers, where the “City of Gracious Living” is introspectively questioned as to whether it is more than “A City of Hills where Nothing is On the Level?” The tireless Publisher / Editor Hezi Aris, a bearded gnome clad with a digital camera at hand attends the meetings you would want to attend in order to capture the meetings for the virtual pages of the Yonkers Tribune. He does so in a baroque prose style that flows with an infusion of well-mannered outrage, like someone pounding on an off-key harpsichord. One may comfortably infer that sedate editorial pages are anathema to the Yonkers Tribune. Politics, in all its permutations and nuance are our forte.

Even so, the Yonkers Tribune is quick to celebrate people, their passionate for serving the public good, speaking to issues of technology, history and historical perspective, economic development issues, business, real estate, finances, education concerns, legislative agenda, planning and zoning concerns, science, mental health, medical issues, lifestyles, legal issues, law, domestic violence, labor, unions, energy matters, ethics, automotive review, book reviews, houses of worship, and op-ed from the left and right, and in between. Yonkers is our beat, Westchester County is our playground, Albany is connected to us at the hip, and Washington, D.C. influences over our demeanor. We also delve into issues that swirl about The Middle East. What we do best is give voice to those silenced by fear of loss of employment, retribution, or other legitimate concerns.

Our agenda is to serve our readers, listeners, and viewers to the best of our ability; always striving to reach an ever-higher level of excellence in presenting concepts, issues, and concerns in the most palatable manner.

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