The Nick Spano Shuffle By Hezi Aris

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Nick for Rent Accepting Nick Spano’s
Intrusion into the Political Process

The ideological passion that once drew people into politics
has been diluted locally by the constant intrusion of those whose authority within
the system has deflected public attention from duty and responsibility to
focusing their efforts for a prize or reward. The best example of such behavior
is embodied by former New York State Senator Nick Spano. Within years of
acceding to office, Mr Spano’s instinctive political cunning would be engaged to
dismember the entire Westchester County Republican Party hierarchy, from “The
Chairman,” Anthony Colavita on down. His prowess under the Republican
banner would eventually leach itself into the Democratic hierarchy with the
building of the non-aggression pact. The bridge between Republican and
Democratic agenda would become blurred, eclipsed by the long shadow of Nick
Spano’s dysfunction onto the system. Even so, it was tolerated. What happened
then is still spoken about in hushed terms. Today, Nick Spano’s conduct is
revealed under scrutiny of the moment; it is very intrusive, it is now.


The power that Nick Spano wielded then has multiplied many
times over. It continues only to serve and satisfy the employment needs of the
extended Spano family and not to build its decimated political foundation.

Spano wants his brother John to get the position available at the Yonkers
Parking Authority
, as noted in the
February 5, 2009 article entitled, Yonkers Parking Authority Employment Opportunity Denied By Hezi Aris. The so-called neophyte Yonkers
Mayor Phil Amicone has evolved into an astute politician, exacting a cost for
Mr Spano’s desire. In politics the currency is often not cash; it is currency
of a different hue. It is the currency of trading in kind. The trade demanded
by Mayor Amicone is with regard to the race for Yonkers City Council President.
It is an intricate backroom deal to which you are welcome and solicited to

most recent shenanigans revolve about the time when some of the term-limited Yonkers
City Councilmembers conceived of emulating New York City Mayor Michael
Bloomberg’s plan to run for a third term. Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone was on
board this concept at one time, but he would soon come to rescind his support
when he thought it prudent to replace the three term-limited City
Councilmembers with hand-picked candidates who would owe allegiance to him. In
time he would come to choose Anthony Merante for the 6th District,
despite advising John Larkin he was supportive of him. He would hand pick
Dennis Shepherd for the 4th District, dismissing Geri Esposito and
organization wunderkind, and taking an alleged noncommittal stance with regard
to his relative John Rubbo’s candidacy, and also using Dr. Volino, a personal
friend to further dilute the efforts of Ms Esposito. He would choose Wilson
Terrero, a Democrat, without ever suggesting a Republican challenger for the 2nd
District, payback to the Hispanic community with regard to Lorraine Lopez’s

Amicone’s retreat from rescinding term limits would be the catalyst that would
eventually find Councilmember Dee Barbato exploring the possibility of
challenging for the Yonkers City Council Presidency. Before Ms Barbato could
act, Mayor Amicone anointed Jim Castro-Blanco his choice to challenge incumbent
Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick, turning Ms Barbato into political
road kill in the process. Ms Barbato, smarting still from that encounter is
certain to obtain her pound of flesh for the assault.

Leader Liam McLaughlin would also feel the wrath of Mayor Amicone. The trust among
once tight colleagues has atrophied. Mr McLaughlin would come to announce his
candidacy for Yonkers City Council President.

the political landscape was taking shape, Nick Spano capitalized on the lack of
political decorum by sending a Trojan horse to infiltrate every conceivable
camp to watch over “his” booty.

Spano sent Lenny Spano to support Democrat Chuck Lesnick’s campaign. Assemblyman
Mike Spano would also be engaged in support of Mr. Lesnick reelection effort.
Nick Spano sent Deirdre Spano, Lenny’s wife to get involved in Westchester
County District Attorney Janet De
campaign. She is quietly employed by that campaign.  Yonkers Deputy Clerk Vincent Spano, a close friend and
supporter of  Liam McLaughlin is independently involved in McLaughlin's campaign. Nick Spano’s attempt at confusing the
masses is now being told before any harm can be done.

Amicone is supporting Jim Castro-Blanco.

Spano is showing support for Mayor Amicone by lobbying for funding for the
SFC Yonkers
Inc. Project which will cement Mayor Amicone’s legacy for posterity. Nick Spano
is also creating an environment he hopes will be welcoming of his brother
Assemblyman Mike Spano running for Mayor of Yonkers in two years time. The
possibility of Mayor Amicone asking the newly seated City Council in 2010 to
rescind term limits allowing Mayor Amicone to run a third term is avoided at
all costs though the probability is high. The prospect of Councilmember
running for Mayor of Yonkers is rife. Westchester
County Legislator and Yonkers Democratic City Committee Chair Ken Jenkins is
thought to also seriously contest for Mayor of Yonkers. With all of Nick
Spano’s planning, this may just blow up in his face.

political landmines are in place. Mayor Amicone wants Nick Spano’s proxies to
endorse Mr Castro-Blanco. Nick Spano, uncomfortable in operating in the light
of day has instead chosen to hand those proxies to Yonkers Republican Committee
Chairman John Jacono, de facto endorsing and underwriting Mr Castro-Blanco’s
candidacy without the foreknowledge of most of the Ward Leaders. Mr Jacono was
supported by Mayor Amicone in Mayor Amicone’s effort to dismiss Zehy Jereis,
the former Yonkers Republican City Committee Chair. Once the proxies are
submitted to Mr Jacono, as demanded by Mayor Amicone, John Spano will get his
job with the Yonkers Parking Authority. Giving John Spano a position with the
Yonkers Parking Authority years before Assemblyman Spano is supposed to accede
to Mayor of Yonkers will make it seem as though Mayor Mike Spano has inherited
his brother John Spano when in reality this was all conceived in advance.

Nick Spano’s conduct on the Westchester County landscape is also suspect.
It relates to his influence of Westchester County Conservative Chair Gail
Burns, who was once under the employ of Nick Spano when he was New York State
Senator. When Nick Spano recognized he had lost his nine term incumbency to now
incumbent NYS Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Nick Spano beseeched and received
accommodation of many in his staff and extended patronage mill by Mayor Amicone.
Then NYS Governor George Pataki lent his support to Nick Spano’s request of
Mayor Amicone.   

Yonkers Tribune has now learned through unimpeachable
sources that Nick Spano has allegedly concluded an agreement with Ms Burns that
would lend Westchester County Conservative Committee endorsement of Westchester
County Executive Andy Spano (Democrat) and Westchester County District Attorney
Janet DeFiore (Democrat). By cajoling Ms Burns
to allegedly conducting herself in this manner, Nick Spano would deny Rob
Astorino (Republican) any possibility of credibly challenging Mr Andy Spano
(Democrat), and likewise deny Dan Schorr (Republican) any chances of
challenging Ms DeFiore (Democrat).

Further still, Nick Spano’s comfortable relationship with
Westchester County Independence Party Chair Dr. Giulio Cavallo may be
influential along similar lines in denying endorsement of Mr Schorr, and Mr
Tony Castro (Democrat), also vying for Westchester County District
Attorney. {Readers and callers have advised I am dead wrong on this point. Final conduct will prove me right or wrong. I am ready to proclaim "mea culpa" when circumstances reveal themselves – Hezi – May 21, 2009}. 

Nick Spano has yet to recognize that the power of those in
authority is a duty and not a prize. It is also not a personal employment

Now that you know, will you still accept Nick Spano’s
intrusion into the political process?

The Yonkers Republican City Committee Convention is one week away.

eHeziThe Nick Spano Shuffle By Hezi Aris

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  1. He can deliver Liam’s mail to his home because he will be out of city hall at the end of the year. Sorry boys, the gravy train is over.

  2. Bernadette McLaughlin has sworn revenge on Bernadette Lawler and Carlo Calvi. She was overheard in conversation spitting fire at Esposito’s fundraiser last week. It looked like she meant business.

  3. Amicone marked the start of the end of the Spano Dynasty! Ironically Amicone is now the only reason why Spano still has some influence in the arena!

  4. Spano is trying to screw Amicone. But Amicone’s people are wise to him and are watching the convention very closely. They know who holds which proxies, who Nick’s people are who hold their votes, and any last minute chicanery like Levy suddenly voting for Volino with any of his proxies will be noted. Nick’s got a lot more to lose if he screws Amicone. It’s a long two and a half years without jobs for several of his family and friends, and that’s only IF Mike Spano is elected. And his contracts will dry up very quickly. I hear that a certain member of his staff will make sure of this.
    Be careful, Nicky Boy. You’re playing a dangerous game.

  5. The whole concept that Spano can “deliver” the republican nomination is a JOKE. His time is past. There are enough republicans who never got a job from him and who don’t owe him. Those folks are now in the majority. Wake up folks. There is a man behind the curtain. It is all illusion.

  6. it does not matter that difiore may
    have a conservative primary..what matters
    is whether a republican can win without
    the line…either way if difiore is alone
    on the dem line..and castro on the IND
    line and schorr on the republican line
    the election is over

  7. true, amicones financials show huge contributions to independence party (aka cavallo) and the employment of gail burns. More quid pro quo by amicone..

  8. this action by amicone to promise nick spano’s brother a job in the parking authority and in return nick spano delivers the republican endorsement to castro-blanco is a CRIME.. amicone has bought the endorsements of gail burns and cavallo in the past, this man should be removed from office.

  9. I understand that Janet DiFiore is going to have a Conservative primary. There is a grass roots movement to undo the crap that’s been going on in the County Conservative party.

  10. I have spoken out for many years about the
    bad public policy of allowing minor parties
    whether the IND or the CONS party to cross
    endorse..only five states allow it..and
    for good gives the leaders of
    these parties virtual control over local
    and state elections….they can extract whatever they want from the major party
    candidates in order to give them the line
    it destroys the two party makes
    republicans go hat in hand to people like
    cavalo..until the law is changed you cannot
    complain about it…it is what it is..

  11. If I had a dollar for every time Christine Sculti walked back and forth across the City Council floor, carrying that cell phone as if she had the DaVinci Code on it. Here she comes again, whisper whisper, nod, wink, you are in the know because SHE had information for you from that secret caller(s). Can we please stop this drama already?

  12. This story reads like a new version of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First?”
    Granted, Nick Spano is a self-interested and sneaky s.o.b. And I fully agree with “anon” at 1:09 that Spano, Angelo Martinelli and Al DelBello have done a load of damage over the years.
    I also think it’s time for Liam McLaughlin to join them on the scrap heap reserved for “bad influences on local politics.”

  13. I haves trings attached to no one. I am a guy who has is “fed up” with all of there bs, I have fought and spent my time money and energy, and saw what a bunch of lieing thieves are embeded into the fabric of this city. It is a discrace! Let the AG do his job let the council do there’s!! OOPS ….they can’t there all looking into our pockets to line there’s!!

  14. How about we get some candidates who are not affiliated or connected to anybody in the past/present administrations? Somebody who actually has the best interests of the city at heart.

  15. This reminds me of that old South Park episode where the Surgeon General advises everyone to eat by shoving food up their ass. I remember that at the end of her rant she yelled “And I base this on ABSOLUTELY nothing!”
    Kind of like the paranoid crap in this article, right Hezi?
    Or do you actually expect us to buy this whole Nick Spano as Karl Rove thing?
    What’s next- a shocking expose’ on Nick’s ties to Halliburton?

  16. Liam finally got it. Nick Spano put him in the race so that he could use him as a bargaining chip with Amicone, the same way he used Barbato as a bargaining chip. You would think that Liam and Dee would be smarter than this, but they fell victim to Nick Spano once again because he told them what they wanted to hear. And now they both blame Amicone. Just the way Nick planned it.
    You have to hand it to Spano. He knows how to appeal to people and play them. He’s the master. Liam and Dee are getting what they deserve for trusting Nick Spano. But they won’t admit this to themselves because they are embarrassed that they fell for Nick’s BS once again.
    Nick played Dee, then he played Liam, then Liam played Dee, now Nick’s playing Liam. We always come full circle in Yonkers.

  17. As usual, some truth and some fiction. The fiction part is Hezi’s own to effect outcomes and create conflict.
    First, it looks like Liam McLaughlin wrote this. This is evident in the fact that Hezi writes that Anthony Merente is the Mayor’s candidate, trying to drive a wedge between Amicone and John Larkin, and guarantee the Barbato proxies to Liam. Nothing could be further from the truth, but Liam wants conflict, and Hezi is more than willing to oblige.
    Second, anyone who is tuned into Westchester politics knows that Cavallo hates Nick Spano, Phil Amicone and Dee Barbato, not necessarily in that order. Hezi, either your political naivette is showing or your spinning a story for effect. I hope it’s the latter for your sake.
    Third, John Rubbo is not a relative of the Mayor. Just someone who the Mayor treated very well who didn’t appreciate it.
    I’m sure Liam will be looking to spin the next story about Rubbo with Hezi. And Hezi will oblige. Hezi should just make McLaughlin co-editor and get it over with.
    Truth, half truths and flat out lies. No reason to fact check. That’s the Yonkers Tribune.

  18. FED UP cant foil it…he doesn’t want to put in the forms to the state with his name & address on it. He’s gotta be someone turned on ammicone? Either way…NS run shit! However it gets sliced, diced or resliced..he has the strings or the barricades. Lesnick…was one of them.

  19. Spano, Martinelli, Delbello have done more harm to this place than people imagine.
    it’s time we rid this place of all of them.
    it’s an old system that does nothing for yonkers and needs to be put to pasture.
    Bye Bye NIck.
    go hangout with Bob and Carl and sell real estate somewhere else.
    New Mexico would be great!

  20. why do you keep asking everyone to foil things for you
    since you have such an interest you have every right to foil
    its not complicated and it is every taxpayers right

  21. when mike spano left the republican party, yonkers district leaders should of told nick spano to take a hike, mclaughlin will be a checks and balances in the city of hills.


  23. nick spano has his fat hand in
    every race, he has destroyed the
    GOP and want the county to be
    dominated by democrats, in return
    nick spano will continue to
    receive patronage..

  24. Many Errors in this analysis. –
    1. Spano’s comfortable relationship with Cavallo? Cavallo HATES Nick Spano. If NS is in your corner then you do not get the Ind line. –
    2. Amicone never trusted Lian and Liam never trusted Amicone. –
    3. Spano’s people have been beating the bushes for Liam all along. Spano got behind Liam’s candidacy to put the screws to Amicone.
    4. Amicone’s people are mad at Rubbo for entering the race. No support for John there.
    5. Castro-Blanco told Jacono and several others that he wanted to run for City Council Pres last year before Amicone ever “anointed” him.
    6. Burns has always been told what to do by NS. No surprise here.
    7. Zehy who has always gathered proxys for NS is gathering for Liam.
    Lets hope that when there are new people on the council they will not take orders from Nick Spano or Amicone

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