Breaking News: Egyptian President Mubarak Steps Down after 30 Years

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Mubarak_Hosni The BBC report “crowds erupted in cheers across the country after the president of 30 years made his statement after an 18-day-old revolt and mounting international pressure for him to step down.

Earlier, thousands had marched on the presidential palace in Cairo and surrounded the state television headquarters in a new push to force the president to step down immediately. In another blow to the president, Hossam Badrawi, the recently-appointed general secretary of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party quit, saying Egypt needed new parties.

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eHeziBreaking News: Egyptian President Mubarak Steps Down after 30 Years

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  1. The legal fees were cut substantially because you OVERCHARGED!!!!!!!!!! As for the PAC threat, GO AHEAD!!! I know your type Mike, this would actually cost you money and there ain’t no way a guy like you is going into his pocket when it doesn’t benefit him 120%. Grab this you midget!!!!!

  2. always a vicious personal comment when you can’t
    make a fact based one was overcharged fact the legal fees were cut substantially
    weren’t they..but no matter i will take some of the
    money and form a PAC to eliminate pension abuse in
    new york…how does that grab you

  3. Oh I’m so happy about the transition in Egypt. They were living under such a repressive regime that used fear and brutality. You couldn’t meet with freinds without risking some interrogation or you might disappear or get beaten – or all three. Sort of like the KGB in Russia, or Pinochet in South America. So, the “Arab Street” finaly erupted but good. And for those who think this is some kind of AlQueada thing, you’re wrong, and duped by igorant fear mongerers. Egyptians are so wonderful, with a deep sense of humor and they love to laugh and celebrate – they are like Italians among the Arab clans. They love the momment and are passionate. I’m so happy for them. They will protect this transition from extremism. These are very special people who are ready for their new chapter. I wish them well. Alhumdulillah!
    Margaret Setterholm (“American Fatimah”)

  4. Hey Mike, put “our” money where your mouth is!
    If you truly believe that this is going to be beneficial for Israel, take some of the millions you overcharged the 9/11 heroes (and taxpayers) and move to Israel! Stay there for a couple of years and let us know how you’re making out!

  5. Communist/Democrats support their dictators, Democratic/Capitalism support those dictators that oppose communism and Islamic terrorism.Communists throughout the world see Islamic terrorism as a useful tool to bring down western Democracies.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  6. Another win in Americas foreign policy. NOT. We allow these states to function because we are corrupt. Why do we always support the dictator, and not the huddled masses? Money. Look at Chile, Columbia, Iran, (the Shah), Iraq, (Hussein), Egypt (Mubarak), China….the list goes on and on. Our foreign policy is not about freedom or democracy, but the dollar. It’s also an Anglo Saxon view of the world that is irrelevant in the 21st Century.
    We use the IMF, IWB, arms of the treasury dept. to take over foreign countries and saddle them with debt. Then our economic hitmen and jackals do their dirty work. Pick a country in south America. Not one where we supported the people. Look what happened. They eventually saw we were stealing from them and supporting their oppression. Instead of giving them food, we were supplying their oppressors with arms. How many can you feed with an F-16? None. Then of course these deals, keep these corporate welfare businesses afloat here in the good ol’ USA.
    The mass media are responsible in the US for not correctly informing the public how this all works out. Then again they are bought and paid for, and in most cases are tannoys’ for the government. When you feed the public shit, they don’t know what fine cusine is.
    As for the commie hunter, well, that’s the reason for our shitty foreign policy, it’s from the 50’s and while the rest of the world has moved on, we cannot.
    One would have thought the Obuma administration would do better, but they haven’t. Still churning out the same old shit from avenue K and the Pentagon.

  7. feds please…your skepticism aside ..why don’t you
    give it some time before you judge the outcome…this
    certainly was unprecedented and although the military
    cannot be discounted there is a major difference between one man rule and free and fair elections even
    if they are under the wing of the military..and if you
    can’t see the difference then I suggest the title
    of idiot belongs to you for your cynicism and failure
    to realize that this revolution was real

  8. Ah, the chance for yet another so-called ‘democracy’ in the Arab world. Because the elections which gave power to Hamas, Hezbollah and the theocratic thugs in Iran just weren’t enough.
    Here’s to the next terrorist state in the middle east- hail Egypt!

  9. anon e moose
    your appear to be an idiot
    While the pundits (and you appear to be one of them) are touting this as an unprecedented revolution I see an Interesting zero sum game.
    Nothing gained – nothing lost. Nothing changes except the right to vote.
    The military controlled it from the beginning.
    And it was a wholly predictable outcome.
    Very interesting.
    And all Very Troubling.

  10. jack you are living in the past..still fighting
    the cold war..things have changed you haven’t
    you think you have the answers…but your simplistic
    view of the world is naive

  11. The blood of innocent Israeli and American civilians will be on Obama and his communist supporters in the Democratic Party by next year.Any Middle East country support in the fight against Islamic terrorism America is now gone.There will be no more cooperation between their intelligence and our CIA.Gaza and the Sinai borders with Egypt will be launching pads for attacks on Israel.This is the “Change” that Soros and Obama promised and innocent people will pay with their lives.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  12. when Hitler came to power it was 1938 or so…no
    facebook no twitter no internet and germans although they had a democracy were still smarting from the depression, paying reparations from world war I to
    the allies and hyperinflation…which Hitler blamed
    on the jews…you seem to think that an autocrat like
    Mubarak should be propped up by the US because its
    in our national interest…but in the long run its
    really not…we cannot control the outcome in egypt
    we can support freedom which is I thought what the
    heritage foundation was all about…Obama and the new
    york times are hardly on the same page as Hamas..and
    plenty of conservatives think the president did exactly
    the right thing..if you want to guarantee an anti
    american government just tell the masses demonstrating
    that you support the continuation of their oppression
    and then you play right into the hands of the muslim
    brotherhood…you apparently have no faith in democracy
    freedom and elections for anyone else but you..but
    the tide of history dictates that all men want to
    be free…if egypt were prone to supporting bin laden
    they would already have done so but in fact egypt
    is the largest of the arab nations and has recognized
    for over 30 years that peace is better than war..
    maybe the egyptian example will spur other nations like
    yemen, and libya, and saudi arabia to demand similar
    freedoms…but in any event you have no say in the matter one way or the other neither do I…and all you
    can do is stand aside and watch history unfold…
    you forget that our military and the egyptian military
    are very close and I am confident that whatever form
    of democratic institution emerges it will be guided
    by the military which is pro american regardless of
    their religion….that is a complicated part of the
    world and simplistic glenn beck answers don’t help.
    its why republicans won’t win in 2012..too many of
    you don’t use your own minds and allow rush hannity
    and glenn to set the agenda..once you buy their premise
    you are done…its why palin and huckabee are even
    remotely considered they are both losers…rand paul
    is a nutjob libertarian who wants to cut everything
    except what needs to be cut…the republican party
    is being hijacked in front of our eyes and you
    unfortunatly are going along for the ride

  13. Adolph Hitler came to power in a democracy.The present Iranian theocracy came to power from a democracy movement.The popular sentiment in Egypt is anti-American,anti-Israel and let me say this again, these same people danced in the streets when 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11.Right now the Obama leftists,the NYTimes,CNN and the Washington Post are all singing from the same page as the Hamas, Hezzbollah,Iranians and Bin Laden, supporting people who support our enemies.The only good democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  14. Jack, what you’re totally missing is that the Egyptian people have a right to what they want. Just like we do.
    You’re assuming that there will be a fundamentalist Islamic movement emerging…and there might be. But what was going on in Egypt over the past few weeks was far more dangerous to Israel and the US.
    The Muslim Brotherhood is trying, has been trying, and will be trying to make inroads in Egypt…and they might do so.
    But it’s up to the people. Those same people, Jack, that you want to keep in subjugation.
    Don’t you think we have a better chance if they are closer to true freedom?

  15. there is absolutely no evidence that the government
    which will emerge will be anything other than what
    the egyptian military wants it to be and that will
    absolutely not be a pro alqaeda anti Israel government
    the people will get some form of representative
    government..full democracy will take a while but
    it is certainly encouraging to see that even in the
    arab world people, because of things like facebook
    and twitter, understand that others are free…and
    they seek the same things we do…unfortunately for
    republicans like you, when Obama succeeds you become
    blinded to the fact that he might be doing something
    right…and your dislike of him politically colors your
    judgment…its the same disease that the tea party
    guys in the congress have…ideology before progress
    beating obama before cutting the deficit…and ripping
    apart the government, not because they want to cut
    spending but only because they want to destroy government…it won’t work because moderate republicans
    and independents won’t buy into it

  16. The wrong “Barack” resigned. We will see a anti-Israel,anti-Western and a pro-Al Qaeda government in Egypt.What will Israel have to do, when Egypt stops disrupting military supplies into Gaza? This revolution is being celebrated by all those who also celebrated the 9/11 attacks on America.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  17. it appears that those on the far right who attempted
    to second guess the desire of people all over the
    world to be free because it didn’t serve their
    political agenda’s or because they simply wanted to
    criticize the president who made it clear from the
    outset that he supported democratic institutions and
    free and fair elections were misguided at best..this
    may be one of the reasons that the republicans will
    have a problem winning the next presidential election
    they seem to gravitate toward ideals that are anti
    thetical to democratic traditions which as conservatives they should be encouraging

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