Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Seeks Public Comments on State Budget and Mandate Relief

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Asc_headshot-red Uses Website to Invite Feedback 

Yonkers, NYSenator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District- D/WF/I) launched two sections on her website this week, inviting public comments on two vital issues. One section seeks input on mandate relief, which the Senator will bring back to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Redesign Team, and the other asks for feedback on the 2011-2012 Executive Budget Proposal. 

“We are making these processes as inclusive as possible, so that taxpayers have an opportunity to let their elected officials know how the budget and State mandates affect them directly,” said Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. 

The sections on her website ask visitors to fill out a form, which includes an area for their comments. When users click “Submit,” their comments are sent directly to Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Senate e-mail address. 

“These are issues that affect every taxpayer in Westchester County and the State of New York, so business owners, organizations, or individuals deserve to have direct access to their Legislators as we move forward in these negotiations,” she said. 

Senator Stewart-Cousins was appointed to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Mandate Relief Redesign Team in January, and has already met with labor leaders, school board members, business officials and other stakeholders from Westchester County and the State to gather input on the issue. She says that the public comments that she receives will be brought back to the Mandate Relief Redesign Team for consideration in their report to Governor Andrew Cuomo, which is due on March 1st. 

The Senator has also been gathering input on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2011-2012 Executive Budget, since he released his proposal on February 1st. The comments that she receives will also be considered as the Legislature finalizes the budget. 

To submit your ideas about Mandate Relief, go to: 

To submit your comments about the 2011-2012 Executive Budget go to:

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eHeziSenator Andrea Stewart-Cousins Seeks Public Comments on State Budget and Mandate Relief

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  1. And you got yours Mike! You used the sick and injured police/firemen from 9/11 to score a major payday and then not only did you overcharge them, you are making them wait for their payouts while your boss vacations with his family. What was the comment he made Mike? “Spending time with my family is a priority”…. Doesn’t he sound just like the dolt from BP? If anyone wants to see what an upstanding “firm” he works for just go to the New York Post and enter Worby, Groner and Edelman and enjoy the read. If you can repost these articles it would be a plus (I don’t know how). You are a true piece of #### Edelman.

  2. Anon
    Cousins has done more for Yonkers in the last 4 years than Spano did in TWO DECADES. No matter how many times you rant, nothing you spin can erase Spano shortchanging Yonkers in order to advance himself in the GOP.

  3. Police get paid well and earn healthy pensions because we earn it. We risk our lives and all too often our brothers and sisters pay the ultimate sacrifice. 17 police officers have died in the line of duty already this year and a few weeks ago we had a 24 hour period in which we had 11 cops shot. Watch this video to see what are up against.
    You and your ambulance chasing friends would never do what we do? Grow some balls you little weasel and go after something worth while like the waste in Medicaid or welfare fraud or how about all of the frivolous lawsuits that so much taxpayer money is wasted on.
    We earn every penny we get, OT and all. Move on Mike, move on.

  4. you can enjoy whatever you want but change is coming
    and if you are in sunny florida what are you so concerned’ve got yours..and afterall that is
    really what this is all long as you have yours

  5. Your pension post is running
    real old. Every one of your posts
    is about changing the pension
    system. I will believe it when I
    see it, but in the meantime I will
    be enjoying my 100,000 +++++
    a year pension while sitting in sunny
    Florida, you BOOB, How about that!!

  6. how about andrea seeking comments on whether the legialature should change their own rule on allowing
    pensions to be determined by overtime in the last
    year of about that!

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