GREEN LIVING: The Grocer – A Solution to the Local Plastic Bag Ban By HEZI ARIS

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ADK PACKWORS-062013-grocer_features
In the
past few months alone, 16 cities will ban the use of plastic grocery bags in
the United States, following the lead of major cities like San Francisco,
Seattle and Portland. We've learned on June 18, 2013 that Chicago is considering banning the plastic bag likewise. Closer to home, Rye, 
the Village of Mamaroneck, and the Village of Larchmont  have taken the lead in Westchester County
upon their passing legislation banning the use of non bio-degradable bags. The
Town of Mamaroneck is still in discussion over the issue. While the reusable
grocery bag is not a new idea, The Grocer, a reusable, eco-friendly take
on the classic Adirondack pack basket, represents a complete reinvention
of the concept in a category that has seen little innovation.

Packworks has modernized its version to address the shortcoming of today’s
reusable grocery bag with a structure that stands up on its own and stays
open so it’s easily loaded and unloaded. While the bag has approximately the
same dimensions as a traditional paper grocery bag, it can carry as much as
three times the weight and quantity of groceries.


Grocer from ADK Packworks, features a semi-rigid internal frame and a
flat bottom for increased stability, independent of the load, to keep your
groceries standing upright.



  • Has a durable ripstop nylon
    bag that is removable to hand wash to avoid bacteria build up
  • Has an optional insulated liner
    to keep your groceries cold
  • Can be adjusted for three
    different carrying options
  • Is lightweight and takes up
    little space – stands tall and folds small


eHeziGREEN LIVING: The Grocer – A Solution to the Local Plastic Bag Ban By HEZI ARIS

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