Westchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. on Westchester On the Level – Wednesday, August 7, 2013 @ 10 a.m.

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YONKERS, NY — August 6, 2013 — The Wednesday, August 7, 2013 airing of Westchester On the Level will be host to Westchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. We will delve into The Middle East issues on Friday instead. Tune in exclusively on the Internet based BlogTalk Radio platform at 10 a.m. with Hezi Aris as your host. The show usually concludes at 12 Noon but this Wednesday we will conclude at 11 a.m. in order that the host may attend a lunch meeting. Share your perspective by calling the show at 347-205-9201 during the "live" broadcast, or listen on demand by way of the following hyperlink:

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NYS Assemblymember Shelley Mayer will be our guest in the opening hour and Conservative Party designee Grace Borrani at the 11 a.m. hour on Thursday, August 8th.
eHeziWestchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox, Jr. on Westchester On the Level – Wednesday, August 7, 2013 @ 10 a.m.

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  1. “People complained about spano. At least the spanos are up front on the way they operate.”
    No THAT has to be the funniest thing I have ever read on this site!
    Spano up front?
    Waaaa Haaaaaaa!

  2. Ok Liam,
    These tactics are not on par with the standards that my constituents and I have set for all these years.
    Let me advise you!!!
    When you stab a fellow constituent in the back, you must be trusted by him/her, and have used the person being stabbed repeatedly, to your hearts content. Otherwise where is the pleasure?
    You have to start surrounding yourself with people like the ones that hang around me.
    Trust, whatever….

  3. Fox? Is this the same Fox that made extremely corrupt headlines as a City of Yonkers Marshal some years ago?
    How did he pull off that caper?? All while he was also a “paid” Yonkers Fire Fighter.
    Damn Fox!!! You might be able to teach that a-hole Pigango a few lessons yet. Who wears the brass ring when you go out? In the circles you are in, no wonder you are loved.
    An honest day’s work ??? Haaaa Ho Haaaaa !!!!!!!
    There’s one born every minute. At least in the Conservative Party. Oh yeah not to mention Ass-torino. How’s the egg on your face Robby !!!!!

  4. How come all the officers on the YFD have the same last names ????
    Got old exam questions ??? I heard they are like NY Giant tickets, they get willed to people.
    In this electronics age there are craftier ways to steal the exam. Isn’t that right Dan Pi??o. You are proof that the scan pen is mightier than the sword.
    You are not alone my brother, you are not alone.

  5. Foxy, Pig-gano, Guyette, George, Fatzy, and their minions have made the Yonkers Fire Dept. a septic tank.
    The Conservative Party is a way to gain undo influence on the political system. LET’S VOTE FOR MORE FF’er WELFARE.
    Fox is a bono-fide shit bird. That makes him part and parcel with Pig-gano, George, and Fatzy.
    Didn’t Fatzy get his two bro’s and cry bobby’ the chief’s exam questions and more importantly the answers. A historical fact.
    What about it Fatzy ?? burp!!! urp!!! furp !!!!
    How’s your 40 pack going ? Body by White !!!

  6. Fox is about one thing and one thing only, himself. He’s sold the party out for a ridiculous personal vendetta and has done the party a disservice.

  7. Looks like all Liam is in overdrive with these anti Fox posts.
    I’ll take Fox over 100 red heads any day of the week.
    For those of you that hate Fox it is just because you tried to fuck him and lost!
    You cannot out fox the Fox bitches!!!!!

  8. “Foxy” Fox, “Piggy” Pagano, “Mister” McGoey, Flynn “Flam”, “Fatzy” Fitzpatrick,. The names and characters are right out of a Dick Tracy Comicbook. The inner-santum of the YFD has been a mystery for decades and its secrets will go to the grave with the chosen few.

  9. What a self serving ass. Just like the two month Commissioner and his clan. Yonkers is a cesspool of assholes. Please, don’t move to CT. Keep the cancer away.

  10. You should have asked him how he slashed Flynn’s car tires. A cowardly act by a weasel, and a coward.
    Four tires slashed and a cover up by his friend ”TONY BALONEY”
    What wussy slashes another man’s tires and then hides
    like a RAT in the laundry closet under the sheets ?
    Conservative Party has a real Weinner running it.

  11. Hezi,
    Please open the Yonkers Fire Department Can of Worms. You think Blue Truth was revealing ??????
    This guy Fox’s name should be ”Fix”
    The last Commissioner of Yonkers Fire Dept was in for eleven years !!!!!!
    His replacement lasted five months and was fired…..
    Now Yonkers has a New York City Commissioner. A Squeaky Clean ”OUTSIDER”
    What sins have been swept under the rug ?
    Fox,is a typical of the goings on, on the Yonkers Fire Dept…… He is best chums with the crooks on the Fire Dept.
    PLEASE OPEN UP THE GATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Fox is the King of the Opportunists. He will only act if it benefits him. There is a reason why 75% of the YFD hates his guts.

  13. Fox is such a blow hard. He accuses people of being political appointees however that’s EACTLY how he got his plum 100,000 a year job in Rob Astorino’s office. You failed to bring that up.

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