EXCLUSIVE: Water Leak Revealed Last Winter Continues Unabated to This Day By HEZI ARIS

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Water leak at Grand Central and Melrose Avenue in Yonkers, NY

Water leak revealed during the winter of 2013 at Central Park Avenue and  Melrose Avenue continues to pose a hazard almost one-year after initially recognized.


MEIER_City of Yonkers DPW Commissioner Thomas

YONKERS, NY – August 12, 2014 – Water continues to spill onto the sidewalk and street along Central Park Avenue and Melrose Avenues. When first discovered last winter, the water seen wetting the sidewalk and street herein is indicative of the enormity of space frozen over during the winter months on similar sized boundaries as  the water mark seen in August 2014. And winter 2015 is not too far off from today. The ice formed on the sidewalk and its proximity to the bus station exposed people to potential risk of slipping, falling, tripping, even losing control of driving a vehicle on the street because of the large ice sheets covering the area. The bus stop demands people get off and get on exactly at the area that puts people at greatest danger of injury.

Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep, located at 1839 Central Avenue, has been patiently awaiting Yonkers Department of Public Works and Con Edison crews to correct this crisis. The crisis is one of safety, also it is one of great cost in water wasted on a 24- hours basis, as well as the cost of the crews doing the best they can, yet evidently not equipped to locate and mitigate the leak.

The fact that almost a year has transpired since the leak was revealed suggests Yonkers DPW must locate the equipment required to locate the leak or leaks. A schematic of all water pipelines, electrical, and gas lines is in the possession of Yonkers City Hall in one of their departments. With that information, though not possessing the equipment for the job at hand, Yonkers DPW must learn or become familiar with the equipment required. The potential of purchasing such equipment may be too great. If so, we must look to rent such equipment that can locate the leak. Then again, the concern may be exacerbated by other issues related to water, perhaps ground water concerns. If so, a retaining wall must be built. lastly, if none of these forms of conduct work, Yonkers DPW must be authorized to hire crews who can mitigate this issue.

After almost a year on-site, one must recognize that this is the only way to get this issue mitigated. The fact that almost a year has transpired without remedy and at the enormous costs incurred by the city should give pause to taking a different tack.

eHeziEXCLUSIVE: Water Leak Revealed Last Winter Continues Unabated to This Day By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Took a long time but louie and his croonies are being exsposed for what they are careful Mike and Mooch you dont wanna fall with him your a hot topic in City Hall cut the strings

  2. Maybe the city is not fixing the leak because they are too preoccupied in moving. Seems they are moving everyone out of 87 Nepperhan ave and city hall to the N valley building and Larkin plaza. Then they plan on knocking down 87 nepperhan to improve the view. I guess the powers that be need to give some of their friends more rent money.

  3. Hay teamsters of the city of yonkers it`s time to smarten up.city hall got raises.your local 45sucks got there kids jobs and don`t give a crap about you.When the hell are you going to smarten up.Every day ck your trucks out either pick up`s, garbage trucks, salters,etc.Make sure every light is working,tires are safe,exhaust has no leaks etc.IF THE TRUCK IS NOT SAFE THEN DON`T DRIVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mayor Cuomo has given Katonah Sue Gerry a raise to 175k and his other deputy the same. Looks like he needs more deputies because he can’t do anything himself.

  4. And please keep your cellphone vidoes ready to roll outside of Tommy’s house, where many a DPW vehicle has been spotted doing personal work for him and the spouse.

    BTW, didn’t Dumbo appoint the spouse to the Board of Ed.

    Amazing how the Spanos surround themselves with the most incompetent people available. Then again, it’s easy to understand, since they couldn’t possibly understand discourse with any intelligent person.

  5. Nice guy – served his country and state in the military – working on his 2nd (or 3rd) pension – totally unqualified when appointed through club house politics to the important position that he holds. How difficult is it to fix an ongoing hazardous water leak? Guys like this aren’t the solution – they are the problem.

  6. You think someone in city hall would tell him not to buy his suits up the street at Salvation Army clothing dept. But its true there scared to lose jobs and can’t make it in the real world workforce.

  7. Hezi even with these pictures and story nothing will be done.
    You must have a lawyer and a survey that you pay for write letter.Must be certified registered signature confirmation even if they do except it to let them know there’s a leak. Then they try to put the blame on everyone but self.Then in 2 years work starts.

  8. Not only is the guy very unattractive, he doesnt know the difference between a pick and a shovel. Not very qualified for DPW Comm except to be Mikey’s hatchet man when necessary.

    Then again, Mikey wouldn’t know the difference either.

    When will the 456 rank and file realize that they are getting it in the backside, while their shop strunz sits around kissing Mikey’s butt.

    There used to be a City Charter requirement that the DPW Comm be an Engineer. Spencer did away with that as part of the beginning of the dumbing down of City Hall. Now it is complete and perfected.

    1. THE teamsters local 45sucks don`t give a s**t about the teamsters who work for yonkers they only care about laying down with the spanos to get there loser kids jobs .You know what they say all the eel`s are in the same bucket.

    1. Calvi? Peculiar. Where did you come up with this?

      If you check the Yonkers public employee database which is public info there isn’t a single Calvi employed by the city. Spano…that’s another story.

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