Yonkers City Council President Candidate Liam McLaughlin Takes Republican, Independence, and Conservative? Designations Into General Elections By HEZI ARIS

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McLaughlin_Liam HiResYONKERS, NY — September 19, 2013 — The McLaughlin for City Council President campaign sent out a press release asserting their holding three ballot lines with which candidate Liam McLaughlin, Esq., squares off against Democrat Michael Rotanelli. The assertion by the McLaughlin camp does not preclude a possible win by challenger Grace Borrani whose present effort is in the creation of the Every Vote County political party upon which she may hang her hat and challenge both McLaughlin and Rotanelli. Borrani's prospects with regard to the Conservative Party line designation has yet to be formally ascertained by the Westchester County Board of Elections despite Mr McLaughlin's assertions. The results regarding the Conservative Party designation and the Every Vote Counts Party are expected to be divulged next week, with Tuesday the expected day.

Learn more about the campaign at http://www.McLaughlin2013.com  

eHeziYonkers City Council President Candidate Liam McLaughlin Takes Republican, Independence, and Conservative? Designations Into General Elections By HEZI ARIS

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  1. Has anyone looked at Liam’s oponent? Rotanelli was on the front page of the newspaper for not paying his property taxes. He is on a payment plan for years dragging out the payment of taxes that the city could use tight now, only recently paid moneys (approx 16K)owed to the city for a 5 year old city towing contract and is dodging judgments for underpaying Workmans Compensation for off-the-books employess. Rotanelli is a business leader that can lead the city into unity? Vote for Liam. Its the only sane choice.

  2. If democrats continue their hold on the County Board, they should seek a “no cross endorsement” law such as Suffolk County. One candidate for each party.

  3. Why would vinny support liam? Will he be the 4th vote for the clerk position? I recall 10 yrs ago, while liam applauded vinny for purchasing his online high school diploma right before he was appointed to 2nd deputy.
    He still voted against him.

  4. Another HaCK out for himself All the years he was on the council he didn’t do a damn thing for the people of his dist. or for the city. He was up Spencer’s ass all but his feet and he couldn’t pull those in. Now he will be up Mickey’s ass.

  5. Ken and Symra,
    You must be SO proud…thanks to you, we now have Rotanelli as the Dem candidate for Yonkers City Council president. Morever, one of the few Yonkers candidates you DID endorse at your convention, got thrown off the ballot due to challenged signatures. I don’t hear you singing the praises of your Yonkers slate? Not much to sing about, is there? This is what happens when you have an elected official who is also the party chair. Jenkins, the county legislator, threw Perez under the bus at the Yonkers convention. Jenkins, the county legislator, continues to hold fundraisers for his perennial non-opponent races, continually depleting an ever-increasing dried up donation pool for his Yonkers Dem candidates who actually do have challengers. You suck, ken.

  6. There are no such parties called the independence or conservative parties. They don’t have candidates. It you don’t have candidates then you shouldn’t be allowed to be on the ballot.
    Furthermore no one running for office should be allowed to be on more that one line or party. It’s like voting for Stalin . This is how the system creates the types of turds we get ramming for office,
    It does not meter who runs for office in this country, it’s a rigged game from the president down to city hall. As for YO, it’s a shitty little town run by shitty wannabe gangsters .
    Can’t wait to see the laughs as they all pretend how great they are NOT,,,,,,
    Has Spencer still got those strings Lame???????

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